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Bernice returns to Emmerdale

Discussion in 'UK Soaps & Drama' started by Canon, Sep 9, 2012.

  1. Canon

    Canon Well-Known Member


    Brilliant! Loved Bernice and her little book of life plans. Perfect timing for a return and it's a return that should have some meaning and not just being done for the sake of it.

    And Bernice's onscreen family have evolved so much since she was last in the show, it's going to be great. Give Laurel HELL!
  2. Englishboy

    Englishboy World Cup Champion

    It wouldn't surprise me if they were bringing her back to kill her off in the live ep! :wiggle:
  3. Canon

    Canon Well-Known Member

    She's not back until November.

    I think they've learnt their lesson after the backlash from Viv & Terry - killing off popular characters for pure shock value. Well you'd hope so anyway.
  4. Emmerdalefan

    Emmerdalefan Well-Known Member

    I quite liked Bernice Blackstock. Lets hope she kicks Laurel into touch.

    She first appeared on 25th November 1998 so will be back around the 14th anniversary of her first appearance. I hope she stays for a while.
  5. Maria - Noele Gordon Fan

    Maria - Noele Gordon Fan Active Member

    With Bernice returning, I'm wondering if the death is either Ashley or Laurel ? if either of those were to go then she would have a definite, valid reason to return.
  6. Emmerdalefan

    Emmerdalefan Well-Known Member

    I hope the shock death is not Turner or Betty.

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