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Braquo cop show excitingness

Discussion in 'TV Shows Central' started by sunshineboyuk, May 2, 2012.

  1. sunshineboyuk

    sunshineboyuk Soap Chat Superhuman 10 Years on Soap Chat

    Oct 15, 2001
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    Forget what you think you know about tv cop shows. Forget it. You know nothing. Absolutely nothing. Accept that. Then order BRAQUO on dvd.
    Then take a day off work. Call in and tell them you are working from home. Take a sick day. Take some personal time. Don't worry about it just do it.
    Then turn the phone off. Do not accept any calls or any distraction of any kind. Even if your apartment block catches fire, don't worry about it , let the fire brigade do their work. Just keep watching. Because this show is tv cop heaven. You will not want to stop watching it. You will not be able to stop watching it. If you thought SPIRAL had taken tv cop shows to the next level and beyond THE KILLING AND THE WIRE then you would be right, because BRAQUO looks SPIRAL in the face and vomits all over it, it pukes up on THE KILLING and flushes it down the toilet. It takes THE SHIELD and shoves 10 grammes of cocaine up it's nose and then has rough sex with it before lighting a cigarette and shoving it up it's ass. This show rocks. It's so audacious and bold it doesn't even bother with a crime story of the week. There is no police work. There will be no case of the episode or even of the series like SPIRALL. What there is in BRAQUO is more coke than you could sprinkle over Columbia, more violence than you could swing at Vic Mackay and Dexter put together, cops investigating cops who are are criminals you could say but that wouldn't really paint the whole excitingness of this outrageous piece of brilliant tv cop show.
    If THE WIRE created a tv cop show so huge and definitive as a piece of social commentary that no tv producers have dared to touch that kind of scope again , which they haven't the cowards, then this French tv production deserves a medal for going so insular, so deep down into it's own corruption and internal angst that it virtually implodes.
    SPIRAL has given us an astonishing new window to look through, BRAQUO has just smashed it with an ungloved fist.
    The French are revolting. And I love it.
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