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Car Seat Belts.

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by joan w, Apr 21, 2012.

  1. joan w

    joan w New Member

    This Morning we decided to have a trip to Formby Beach.

    My Daughter was driving, Mr Joanie was in the front seat and I was in the back.

    At a roundabout, an elderley man driving a large Audi Estate, decided to come from the inside of the Roundabout, and take the same exit as my Daughter - at the same time.

    This resulted in him, shunting my daughters Megane off the road .

    When the Police (and Ambulance) arrived, we found out he was 80 years old, and was quite confused about which way he should be going - he looked like Monty Burns.

    But for my Seat Belt I am quite sure I'd have been in Hospital now - so for goodness sake Buckle up when you go out.

    I rose from the back seat, and headbutted the back of Mr Joanies head with my teeth.........my nice striaght white teeth are my pride and joy.:sosad:

    Mr Joanie has a cricked neck and my Daughters shoulder hurts......but all in all it was a narrow escape.

    This guy should not have been on the road for sure.

    After Insurance details had been swopped - he was still with the Police, we were allowed to go.

    I will have a Black Eye tomorrow, my Nose looks like Jimmy Durante's and I have bitten the inside of my own cheek.....marvellous!!

    Belt up guys.

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  2. Scarlett

    Scarlett Well-Known Member

    Always buckle up.

    May you and your family have a speedy recovery. :peace:
  3. joan w

    joan w New Member

    Thanks Scarlett.

    We have just realised - the Police didnt do Breathalizer tests.....maybe he was drunk not confused.
  4. Swami

    Swami Well-Known Member

    Sorry to hear about your misfortune. Unfortunately we all encounter idiots on the road like that guy in the Audi.

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  5. joan w

    joan w New Member

    I thought I was made of sterner stuff Swami, but he's actually upset me.

    When we all got out of the Car, he just pointed to some trees and said "I'm just going for a P*ss" and did exactly that.

    Never bothered asking if we were ok, despite the fact my Daughter had to get out the passenger door, as he'd crushed hers in.

  6. RedBeetEggs

    RedBeetEggs Well-Known Member

    Sorry to hear that Joan, glad you're okay. When a man rear ended me on the highway and sent me spinning, his first question was if I was okay and then if I had insurance. Although I'm glad he asked in that order, it was still upsetting considering he was completely at fault. It took me 4 months to get everything squared away.
  7. Swami

    Swami Well-Known Member

    Couldn't you get him done for exposure as well as reckless/dangerous driving?

    The whole issue of driving at roundabouts needs to be addressed ASAP. A lot of people haven't a clue how to use a roundabout.

  8. joan w

    joan w New Member

    That is true Swami, Roundabout's are simple if you do them correctly, this guy thought he could just pull out at will, it was ridiculous.
    He was very old and shakey, I'm wondering if he's had the required Doctors check-up for ageing Drivers....I doubt it, he was really bad.

    He's wrecked the car, and my husband is none too pleased at the teethmarks in the back of his head. lol

    As for the "getting him done for exposure" thing - he'd get off through lack of evidence. lol lol

    She is Fully Comp Insured RedBeetEggs, but I'm sure they'll drag her claim out as long as poss.

    I love the way you put things - rear ended me on the Highway......my term to the man was "Why were you so far up our arse, on the roundabout"?

    lol He was so weird and confused though, I didnt get hysterical, but I was mega annoyed with him.
  9. RedBeetEggs

    RedBeetEggs Well-Known Member

    We have some local roundabouts here, but we call them rotaries. Generally they are fairly uncomplicated to navigate but there is one in particular with 7 adjacent roads. It's been featured on Ripley's Believe it or Not. I try to avoid it at all cost.


    I got the deductible back that I had to pay to get my car fixed because the other driver was at fault, do you have the same rule over there?
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  10. Swami

    Swami Well-Known Member

    You should visit some of the roundabouts here - they'd make that one look like a piece of cake.

  11. Mickey Fairgate

    Mickey Fairgate New Member

    joan, I'm surprised you didn't cuss that old fooker out!!!!....glad you and the mr and daughter are ok.

    We've had seat belt laws here in Texas since 1985, in fact, in later seasons of Dallas, they show the characters
    buckling up, whereas the early seasons don't.
    But if it wasn't for seat belts, I wouldn't be here, as I've had two bad wrecks, that weren't my fault, and I would
    have gone through windsheld on both if not for seat belts.

    Don't have roundabouts, here in TX, but that one that RBE posted looks very frightening, I can only imagine them in
    the UK, when you're driving on the wrong side of the road to begin with, :eek:

    I hope they revoke that old fooker's license, he's definately past it, :D
  12. joan w

    joan w New Member

    By Deductable, I think you mean Excess.
    Yes when she has sorted her Claim, her Excess will be returned.

    That Roundabout is a Doozey..........................lol
  13. joan w

    joan w New Member

    I think he will be checked out Mickey.
    They exchanged details, but took each others Licence Plate Numbers.
    What he wrote down was 3 letters different, from what my Daughters actual Licence Plate is??

    And he was right in front of the car??

    I dont think his eyesight is 100% to be honest......................lol

    This is what he looked like...

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  14. Swami

    Swami Well-Known Member

    At the same time, we must remember not all older drivers are like this. Idiotic driving can be produced by any age group.

  15. joan w

    joan w New Member

    Anybody of any age that exits a Roundabout from the inside at speed, when someone else is already turning should be re-tested.
    Theory, Practcal, Show me Tell Me, eyesight - the lot.

    He exited as an afterthought, because he possibly didnt want to go round again, and get in the correct lane.

    I actually dreamt about it again last night, I must still be in shock.
    This time, he ran over my Cat aswell.
    Making me bang my teeth, so they look like Stonehenge I can take......flattening my Cat is not on.
  16. Swami

    Swami Well-Known Member

    I had three new arrivals today if that's any help!

  17. MrsSuperman93

    MrsSuperman93 Well-Known Member

    This same situation has happened to me countless situation! Okay, maybe not the SAME but it's all similar.

    An elderly person doesn't have a clue where they're going or what they're doing and almost crash into you. I don't understand why the younger generation have such high insurance rates - because of STEREOTYPES which are not true for all teenage drivers and only the odd few - but older people are allowed to roam the roads the way they do.

    I don't want to discriminate because I understand that being able to drive yourself when you're old is an independence thing but there's a time when you have to realise that it's time to stop.
  18. joan w

    joan w New Member

    Thats cute.
  19. Swami

    Swami Well-Known Member

    As I said before, not all young drivers are hoons and not all older drivers are irresponsible - one of the main problems is that the driving test is in major need of overhaul.

  20. joan w

    joan w New Member

    My Daughters Courtesy Car till her Insurance Claim is settled, is one of those Eco-Friendly Vauxhall Cars.
    It turns itself off to save petrol at Traffic Lights and when you press the Clutch, it comes on again.

    The Dashboard looks like the Cockpit of a Jet Engine.....how is that Eco Freindly?
    It lights up like Blackpool Illuminations.

    I cant believe its nearly a week since we were shunted in the rear end.

    Hope you all have a nice weekend with no accidents.


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