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Carla Gugino would have returned if a 10th season had happened.

Discussion in 'Falcon Crest' started by Chloe-Fusco, Apr 16, 2017.

  1. Chloe-Fusco

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    http://www.falconcrest.org/ says that a different ending to the ninth season was planned, prior to everyone knowing CBS had cancelled the series. Sydney (Carla Gugino) was to come back and help Angela get FC off Sharpe, who had plans for an industrial site. A wedding for Sydney and Danny was to happen but Sharpe was to create havoc “Godfather” style, setting the format for a 1990 – 91 tenth season.

    You can read some of the ideas at the bottom of the page, from the following link:

  2. StrangerDynastyTreeNat89

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    I'm glad this didn't happen, Falcon Crest of 1991 would've virtually have been a different show to what it was back in 1981.

    Also I read somewhere that David Selby was unhappy with Susan Sullivan being pushed out and he wasn't going to return for a tenth season.
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  3. Jock Og

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    Carla could well have been an asset in FC10. She was good looking and IMHO integrated nicely into the overhauled show, which was FC season 9. Sydney bonding with Emma over the two guys (Charley and Ian) who were instrumental in FC’s rapid downward spiral was somehow a bitter sweet revolution of season 1, when emotions were hilter skilter.

    Sydney, Pilar, Danny and Lance are in the mansion sunroom, tasting recently produced cabernet. Time has lapsed since the contaminated wine publicity stunt Michael Sharpe concocted, to buy the Falcon Crest business cheaper, (a scene from season 9, 1989 – ‘90):

    Lance pours the cabernet into four glasses and says, “I think this is what is known as the moment of truth guys.”

    Danny: “Yeah!”

    Danny then proceeds to gulp the glass of wine.

    Lance: “Oh take it easy. You gotta slow down. Savour it!”

    Danny: “Well I admit I’m not a connoisseur but ya know this is pretty good.”

    Lance tops the glasses up again and remarks, “This is about the finest cabernet we ever produced.”

    Lance: “To Falcon Crest!”

    Syndey, Pilar and Danny also toast to Falcon Crest.

    Danny: “I’ll have this place back on its feet yet.”

    Lance clears his throat.

    Danny: “Okay we’ll have this place back on its feet but I have helped haven’t I.”

    Lance: “Yes you’ve helped.”

    Pilar: “Not as much as you think but yes you’ve helped.”

    Danny: “Look I know I have a lot to learn but in a couple of years I’ll be a wine making ninja.”

    Sydney laughs.

    Lance: “You think your father will allow that to happen?”

    Danny: “He has to.”

    Pilar: “I don’t think Michael Sharpe has to do anything.”

    Danny: “Look we’ve come this far I mean if we stick together he has to come around.”

    Lance looks over at Pilar. Sydney glances at Lance.

    Danny: “I admit my fathers’ not perfect but he cares about me. We were eyeball to eyeball this morning and he blinked.

    Lance replies, “I hope that’s true Danny. I really do!” He then gives Danny a pat on the back.

    Lance: “Meantime Pilar and I have to hit the road.”

    Danny looks a bit agitated.

    Lance: “A little thing called marketing.”

    Danny: “A ha!”

    Lance: “Now that we have a good product we have to convince people to buy it.”

    Pilar: “Which may not be all that easy but we are going to give it our best shot.”

    Lance: “We will make it happen. Congratulations!”

    Lance shakes hands with Danny and points to Sydney, saying, “Be good!”

    Pilar: “Congratulations!”

    Danny: “You too!”

    Pilar: “See ya later honey.”

    Sydney: “Bye bye!”

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