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Chip/Ciji, Peter/Jill

Discussion in 'Knots Landing Official Discussion Forum' started by abbylexis, Jun 6, 2012.

  1. abbylexis

    abbylexis Soap Chat Ultimate

    Jan 30, 2002
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    Do you guys see a connection with the Ciji/Chip pairing and Jill/Peter Pairing. Both sets of characters arrived trying to get a piece of the action, they were treated as outsiders trying to get in and ended up getting involved in personal details of the ongoing characters' lives especially Gary and Val's. They all ended up dead in the end dying horrible deaths.

    Knots Landing over the years had a way of recyclying early storylines/characters as the show went on.
  2. Daniel Avery

    Daniel Avery Super Moderator Soap Chat Staff

    Jun 10, 2000
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    Sunny South Florida
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    There are a lot of similarities, though Ciji was not harboring resentment or secrets the way the other three were. Of the four, she was the only one who wasn't a villain. But having Chip and Peter both end up on the business end of s sharp object was a nice symmetry. Chip's death was much more emotionally satisfying, though. There wasn't much build-up to Peter's death, though it was darkly humorous watching Abby dragging that body around.

    I probably should not even mention them, but Amanda and Danny also seem to fit that "couple who comes in to cause drama" mold, and Amanda fits the Ciji role on paper at least (innocent would-be singer victimized by her psycho boyfriend/ex-husband). The male character gets involved weith Val, and the female is involved with Gary, and of course Val ends up in jeopardy. Unfortunately Amanda was mostly "charisma-free" (especially compared to the magnetic, sympathetic and energetic Ciji) so I am reluctant to even make the comparison.
  3. Seaviewer

    Seaviewer Soap Chat Superhuman 10 Years on Soap Chat

    Sep 14, 2001
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    Believe it or not, that never crossed my mind. Nicely spotted.

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