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Coronation Street's Helen Worth gets engaged at the age of 61

Discussion in 'UK Soaps & Drama' started by Barbara Fan, Apr 15, 2012.

  1. Barbara Fan

    Barbara Fan Super Moderator Soap Chat Staff

    Sep 29, 2001
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    Bonnie Scotland
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    Coronation Street's Helen Worth finds her happiness as she gets engaged at the age of 61

    Well done Helen - always remember hubby no 1 Lucian "me and my rabbits"

    She may not be so lucky in love as Gail Platt, but in real life Helen Worth is grinning from ear-to-ear.
    The 61-year-old actress has revealed that she is engaged to her school teacher boyfriend Trevor Dawson, 54.
    The Coronation Street star is apparently planning on having the big day by the end of Summer.
    Here comes the bride: Helen Worth is engaged to her school teacher boyfriend Trevor Dawson
    According to The People, Dawson proposed last month and Worth couldn't wait to tell her co-stars.
    'Everyone in the cast is thrilled for her - nobody deserves to find happiness more than Helen having endured so many years of heartache,' a Coronation Street source told the newspaper.
    'No character in the programme has been through the romance mill more often than Helen - emerging on-screen with a broken heart every time.
    'The scriptwriters realised early on in her career what a fantastic actress Helen was and they heaped heartache upon heartache onto her character.
    Found her happiness: The Coronation Street star has been dating the 54-year-old for over a year now
    'But now in real-life she's found happiness at last and everybody is truly happy for her.'
    But it's not just onscreen where Worth has had to deal with heartache as back in 2001 she was left devastated when her first marriage ended after 21 years together.
    Liverpudlian actor Michael Angelis admitted that he had cheated on Worth in 1995, but the British star forgave him.
    First time lucky: Gail married Brian Tilsley, played by Chris Quentin, twice but he was stabbed outside a nightclub leaving her devastated
    However, their split six years later came about because Angelis strayed again - this time with model Jennifer Khalastchi.
    Following her divorce, Worth had a brief relationship with London restaurant owner Simon Hopkinson, but clearly it is Dawson who makes her truly happy.
    'The one thing missing from her life for many years was a loving *partner to share in her success,' a friend of Worth's told the newspaper.
    'She has found that in Trevor and everybody is overjoyed for the pair of them.
    Almost happy: Gail marriage to male nurse Martin Platt also ended in emotional turmoil
    'It’s a long-distance love affair that has gone the extra mile and they’re so good for each other.'
    However, there's plenty of men that haven't been so good for the actress, her onscreen husbands.
    Fans of the soap have watched Gail get married five times to four different husbands - the first being Brian Tilsey, played by Chris Quinten - who she married twice.

    Their relationship ended in tears after Brian was was stabbed outside a nightclub.
    Wrong move: The famous character wed serial killer Richard Hillman, played by Brian Capron, who tried to kill Gail and her family
    But it wasn't long until Gail was walking down the aisle again, and this time it was to male nurse Martin Platt.
    Played by actor Sean Wilson, Martin's union with Gail also ended in emotional turmoil.
    As if that wasn't enough, Gail then went on to wed Coronation Street's first serial killer Richard Hillman, played by actor Brian Capron.
    Fifth time lucky: Gail more recently married Joe McIntyre, played by Reece Dinsale, but was accused of his murder after he drowned
    The crazy character crashed the family car into the Weatherfield canal in an attempt to take the family with him to a watery grave, but luckily they survived.
    But incredibly, Gail's on-screen angst never ended there as more recently Gail tied the knot with Joe McIntyre, actor Reece Dinsdale, whose murder she was accused of after he fell out of a boat and drowned.
    Luckily, Worth's real-life is nowhere near as dramatic and it was also revealed that her Dawson are the perfect match as he shares her passion for wildlife conservation.

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbi...piness-gets-engaged-age-61.html#ixzz1s7gw5y4Y
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  2. Maria - Noele Gordon Fan

    Maria - Noele Gordon Fan Soap Chat Warrior

    May 28, 2011
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    I'm pleased for Helen, I hope she has found true happiness.

    I had the pleasure of meeting her back in 1987 and she seemed such a nice lady.
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  3. Swami

    Swami Soap Chat's Finest 10 Years on Soap Chat

    Apr 2, 2006
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    Civil Servant
    Ballymoney, Co Antrim
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    Hearty congratulations from the Swami!

  4. Joanna~H

    Joanna~H New Member

    Jun 28, 2006
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    NHS SRN State registered Nurse, working in the A&a
    Life without knowledge is death in disguise.....
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    That's really nice :)
    Congratulations to them both.

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