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Dack 'the Bulge' Rambo

Discussion in 'Dallas original TV Series official forum' started by capridream, Sep 30, 2008.

  1. capridream

    capridream New Member

    Hey all

    Just working my way through Dallas boxset season 9....sorry but have to say...having just watched episode 5 (Saving Grace),that is quite a bulge Dack Rambo is concealing in his shorts as he thrusts around in his sleep! wow! :eek:
  2. jej2252

    jej2252 Well-Known Member

    it has been said that he used to stuff socks down his pants....But then again it could be jealous people talking!!!

    I found Dack very hot too. I wouldn't have slept in the bath if he'd been in my bed!!!!!!!
  3. capridream

    capridream New Member

    Yes, never really noticed it before, but Dack was actually quite hot! He should make season 9's viewing quite pleasant! lol
  4. ArmCharm

    ArmCharm New Member

    :eek::eek::eek::eek::eek:My Goodness!
  5. Kimmekap

    Kimmekap Active Member

    Dack was hot looking but I always laugh when I watch him in the sleeping scene the way he is tossing and rolling on the bed. Thought he was going to roll right out those boxers for a minute. [​IMG]
  6. childofthe1980s

    childofthe1980s New Member

    Sorry everyone, I just don't see it. Not my type. But I'll have to get a closer look at the scene to see what stands out, LOL.
  7. Sid Fairgate

    Sid Fairgate Well-Known Member

    Unfortunately, his "junk" was exploited that season. I think he had to stand at least 3 feet away from all the actresses just to prevent them from accidentally getting pregnant. Two feet if he took a cold shower!:D
  8. capridream

    capridream New Member


    Trying to think of other fit guys in Dallas, but struggling, Bobby never did it for me im afraid.
  9. MickeyTrotter

    MickeyTrotter New Member

    Wow, there's a tough category! Peter Richards was fit, but awfully skinny. Possibly Matt Cantrell. Or the judge's son who J.R. gave a job to.
  10. nwlman

    nwlman New Member

    Thought Dack Rambo was excellent in Dallas and Jamie his sister, they should have stayed longer, they freshened up the show, Jack could have existed alongside bobby and had a story line, married Jenna, and Donna stay with Ray.

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