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Dallas cast deaths

Discussion in 'Dallas original TV Series official forum' started by Seth_Stone, Apr 6, 2005.

  1. Seth_Stone

    Seth_Stone New Member

    After a long haitus, I am back! :)

    Here is the updated list of Dallas cast and crew deaths, in approximate order of importance:

    Jim Davis, Jock, died in April 1981 at the age of 65 at his home in Northridge, CA while napping, following surgery for a perforated ulcer. It has also been reported that Davis was suffering from cancer and that for most of his last season he wore a wig because of radiation treatments.

    Howard Keel, Nov. 7, 2004 from colon cancer at 85. As Clayton Farlow, husband of Miss Ellie, Keel starred on Dallas from 1981 until the end of the series in 1991. He appeared in more Dallas episodes than anyone except Hagman, Duffy, Bel Geddes, Kerchaval, and Gray.

    George O. Petrie, Harv Smithfield from 1979-1991 and "JR Returns", died at an Actor's Nursing Home after a brief illness. He was born Nov. 16, 1912, and died in 1997 on his birthday, having just turned 85.

    David Wayne, who played Digger Barnes in the five-part pilot and the first season, died in 1995 in LA at age 81 of lung cancer.

    Keenan Wynn, the second Digger Barnes, died in 1986 at age 70 of cancer.

    Donna Reed, the "fake" Miss Ellie in 1984-85, died in early 1986 after a bout with cancer at her home in Beverly Hills. She was 64.

    Dack Rambo, Jack Ewing, died of AIDS in 1994 at his home in Delano, CA at age 53.

    Tom Fucello (Dave Culver) died in 1993 at age 55 in Van Nuys, CA. His cause of death was also AIDS.

    Kate Reid (Ray's aunt Lil Trotter) died at age 62 in Ontario, Canada after a battle with cancer in 1993.

    Sherril Lynn Rettino, (Leonard Katzman's daughter) who played Jackie, died at 39 following a battle with breast cancer at her home in Los Angeles. She lived from 1956-1995. Before becoming Cliff and Pam's secretary, Jackie worked with Pam at "The Store" in the early seasons of Dallas. She appeared in every season the show was on the air.

    Leonard Katzman, long-time executive producer (was associated with the show every season except for the 1985-86 'dream' season), died at age 62 in Los Angeles of cancer in 1996.

    Timothy Patrick Murphy (Mickey Trotter), died of AIDS in 1988 at age 29. [Just in case anyone's not depressed enough, Murphy's brother died during the attack on the World Trade Center on 9/11.]

    James L. Brown (Harry McSween) died in 1988 a couple months after his last appearance on Dallas, following a long illness.

    Don Starr, who played cartel member Jordan Lee, died in 1995 at 77.

    E.J. Andre (Eugene Bullock, '81-83, aka "Mr. Eugene"), died in 1984 at age 76 of cancer.

    Ben Piazza, who played Walt Driscoll, died in 1991 at age 58 of cancer.

    Don Porter (1912-1997) played Matt Devlin in four episodes in 1980. He was a land developer who had an ever-so-brief fling (non-sexual) with Ellie, when she and Jock were at odds following Jock's revelation of his previous marriage.

    William Watson played "Hutch" McKinney (Pam's biological father) in Digger's flashback. He died at 59 in Hawaii in 1997.

    Gunnar Hellström directed many episodes of Dallas, and also played Austrian oil baron Rolf Brundin in 1989. Hellström died in Stockhom in 2001, a week shy of his 73rd birthday.

    William Prince played attorney Alex Garrett, who worked for Dimitri Marinos. Prince left us at age 83 in 1996.

    Howard Duff (Senator O'Dell in the 1988-89 season) passed away following a massive heart attack at age 72 in 1990.

    John McIntire (Senator Sam Culver, Donna's much-older husband) died in 1991 at age 83 of cancer and emphysema.

    John Anderson... Dr. Herbert Styles, died in 1992 following a heart attack at age 69 in LA.

    Martha Scott who played Patricia Sheperd (Sue Ellen's mother) died in 2003.

    Christopher Stone, who played Cliff's friend Dave Stratton, died in 1995 at age 53 of a heart attack.

    Gene Evans, who played Garrison Southworth, Miss Ellie's brother for one episode, died in 1998 at age 76.

    Dennis Patrick (Vaughn Leland) died in 2002. He was 84. {His death was perhaps most objectionable and torturous of all, perishing in a house fire..}

    Barbara Cason played Iris Porter (she collected payment from Cliff for Gold Canyon 340.) In real life, Barbara was married to Dennis Patrick (Vaughn Leland). She succumbed to a heart attack in 1990 at age 61.

    Alexis Smith... Clayton's sister, Lady Jessica Montford, died following a battle with cancer at age 72 at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in LA in 1993. Alexis was married to Craig Stevens, who played Craig Stewart {see below}.

    Craig Stevens played Leslie Stewart's husband in 1981. He died in 2000 at age 82. Interestingly, he was 25 years older than his on-screen wife, Leslie.

    Glenn Corbitt, who played Donna's lawyer friend Paul Morgan, died in 1993 of lung cancer. He was 62.

    Bert Ramsen, who starred as "Dandy" Dandridge during the 1987 season, died of heart failure in 1999. He was 74.

    Charles Hallahan played Harry Ritlin, the Hall of Records clerk who conspired with Ed Haynes to blackmail Pam over her previous marriage. Hallahan (1943-1997) died of a heart attack.

    Alberto Morin died in 1989 of a stroke. He was 86. Morin played Armando Sidoni, the Italian administrator who got a copy of Charlie's birth certificate for Katherine.

    Ted Gehring played Bobby's friend Brady York in the 1980-81 season. He died in 2000 at age 61.

    Richard Kelton, the actor who played Bobby's friend 'Guzzler' in season one, died before the episode even aired. The episode aired Dec. 3, 1978, and Kelton died of a heart attack the week before, Nov. 27. He was just 35.

    John Zaremba played Dr. Harlen Danvers on Dallas from 1978-86. He died of a heart attack in Dec. 1986 at age 78. His final appearance on Dallas was the first episode of the dream season, when he gave Jenna a seditive, after Bobby's death.

    Alejandro Rey, who played Luis Rueda (chief of police in Colombia during Pam's emerald obsession) died in 1987 at age 57 of lung cancer.

    David White played Cliff's divorce attorney Marvin (also starred as Larry Tate on 'Bewitched'). He died in 1990 at age 74 of a heart attack.

    Albert Salmi (1928-1990). He played Gil Thurmond {who Afton slept with so he'd sell the refinery to Cliff instead of JR}. Known as "Finland's favorite son", he and his wife died in a bizarre murder-suicide at their home.

    Denver Pyle played wildcatter Blackie Callahan. He's best known as Uncle Jessie on the "Dukes of Hazard". He was born May 11, 1920, and died Christmas day 1997 of lung cancer.

    Desmond Dhooge, 1924-1999. Fittingly, he passed away in Dallas. Dhooge made four separate appearances on Dallas, all in different seasons and each in just one scene. He appeared in the seasons one & two as "Harvey", Digger's drinking buddy. He reprised the role of Harvey in the dream-season, telling Sue Ellen to take the bag lady's drink... Finally, Harvey showed up in 1987, this time as Dandy Dandridge's drinking buddy, in the same bar that Digger used to frequent.

    Lesley Woods, 1910-2003. She played Amanda Ewing, Jock's first wife, for one episode in 1980.

    Susan French, 1912-2003. She was the second actress to play Amanda, appearing in 1985 for one episode. (Interesting that both actresses that played Amanda died in the same year.)

    Marshall Thompson (1925-1992) played the doctor who attended to the injured Digger at the beginning of "Dallas, the Early Years". Thompson died of heart failure.

    Parley Baer, who played the minister who married JR and Sue Ellen in 1982 (their second wedding), died in 2002 at age 88. He was the voice of the Keebler elf on tv commercials.

    Hoyt Axton (1938-1999) played Ellie's father Aaron Southworth in "Dallas, the Early Years". Cause of death was a heart attack.

    William Frankfather, who played Newman, the racist landowner in "Dallas, the Early Years", died young... He was just 54 when he passed away in 1998 of internal bleeding.

    Davis Roberts (1917-1993) was the preacher in "Dallas, the Early Years", who married Jason and his wife. He also played the maitre'd who seated Sue Ellen and Alisha Ogden when they met for lunch. Roberts died of emphysema.

    Lee Gideon (1938-2003) played John Kate (Nicholas Pierce's boss) in three episodes in 1987. He was also Judge Hooker in "J.R. Returns", and played Haskins in "Dallas, the Early Years".

    The year before his death, Fred Beir (1927-1980) played Ben Maxwell, who put Cliff into power at the OLM. JR tried to set up Pamela by publishing a photo of her in bed with Maxwell and another woman. Beir died of cancer at just 52.

    Matt Jeffries was the art director on "Dallas" for seasons 8 and 9. He is best known for creating the original "Star Trek" starship Enterprise. Jeffries died of a heart attack at age 82 in 2003.

    Len Wayland (1920-2001) played Lefty Simmons in 1990, as part of the "Murder She Wrote" storyline involving Ellie, Clayton, and Jessica.

    Buck Young (1920-2000) played Seth Stone -- Marilee's late husband -- in the 1978-79 season. He returned as a different character ten years later, playing Senator Cawley in 1989, who was involved in the investigation on the Ewing-Westar tanker collision.

    John Larch (1914-1994) played Wallace Windom in 1985 (he was the one that told them to go to Amanda for the Ewing Oil documents), and also played twins Arlen & Atticut Ward in the much-maligned murder storyline in 1990.

    Terry Lester who played Rudy Millington, Kristen's young boyfriend (who was spurned by her in favor of JR) in one episode during the 1979-80 season; he died in 2003.

    Irving J. Moore directed many episodes of "Dallas". He died in 1993 at age 74. (He also directed episodes of Dynasty, The Colbys, The Brady Bunch, Gunsmoke, and numerous other shows.)

    David Healy (1929-1995) died in London of a heart ailment. He played two characters on "Dallas". First, he was Senator Harbin in 1981, who chaired the committee determining the fate of Takapa. Second, he played Chick Harvard (the American tourist in Vienna, who was secretly working for McKay).

    Robert Caramico (1932-1997), director of photography from 1984?-1988, died at 64 of prostate cancer. He also filmed episodes of "The Waltons" and right before his death, the David Spade sitcom "Just Shoot Me".

    Woodrow Parfrey died at 61 of a heart attack in Los Angeles. He played the doctor who examined Julie Grey's dead body in 1979.

    Richard Fontana wrote two episodes in 1978 and 1979: Survival (in which the chopper carrying JR and Bobby crashed) and The Dove Hunt (in which Jock was shot and confided to JR about his first marriage). Fontana died in 1992. He is credited with writing the famous line for Miss Ellie: "Ray, get me the shotgun" when JR and Bobby's chopper couldn't be located.

    Sam Melville (Dr. Kenfield) treated Jamie during the "dream season" when she needed a blood transfusion. Sam died in 1989 at age 53 of heart failure.

    Harvey Vernon (1927-96) died of heart failure in southern California. He was the judge presiding over the Ewing v. Barnes "fight for control of Ewing Oil" in 1985.

    John Harkins (1932-1999) played Judge Potter, who presided over Cliff's trial for the murder of Julie Grey in 1979. He also played the "Control" officer who interacted with Liz in the final season of Dallas. Harkins was 66 when he passed away in 1999.

    Raymond St. Jacques (1930-90) played Inspector Remy in the dream season... He investigated what happened after the ball in Martinique, when Angelica tried to kill Jack and JR.

    Royce D. Applegate died on new year's eve 2003, in a house fire (the second castmember to die in a fire). Applegate was 60. He played Detective Crabbe, who investigated the "who shot JR" mystery.

    Bert Kramer (1934-2001) played Peter Richards' lawyer, when he was arrested for drug possession in 1984. His name was never mentioned.

    Barry Crane (1927-1985) directed the episodes "Runaway" and "Election" in 1978. Crane was the victim of homocide, and his murder remains unsolved.

    Travilla was the costume designer on Dallas. (He sometimes went by Billy Travilla or William Travilla.) He passed away in 1990 at the age of seventy.

    William F. Claxton died in 1996 at age 81. Claxton directed "Where is Poppa?" in 1984, in which Sue Ellen was hit by a car leaving Jenna's boutique.

    Dean Santoro (1938-1987) played Raymond Ferguson, the lawyer who represented Cliff and Jamie in their lawsuit for Ewing Oil, for six episodes in 1985.

    Here's a fourth Dallas castmember to succumb to AIDS: Teddy Wilson died at age 47 in 1991... He played Clem, the friendly gasoline attendant when Ellie and Clayton were going to Pride, Texas.

    Abel Franco (1922-2000) suffered a fatal stroke at age 77. Franco played Alego Casul, one of Lee Ann de la Vega's attorneys who negotiated the sale of Ewing Oil.

    Tony Miller (1927-1999) succumed to cancer and Parkinson's disease in California. Miller played Dr. Kessler, who warned J.R. to stop drinking, shortly before "Dallas" ended in 1991.
    Bill Quinn (1912-1994) died of natural causes. He appeared in one Dallas episode as Percival... When Ray & Donna were in Washington to unravel the Edgar Randolph mystery, Percival was the butler who directed them to the Mulgravy residence. Quinn is best known for playing the elderly blind patron, Mr. Van R., on "Archie Bunker's Place".

    Larry Elikan (1923-2004) directed "Dallas, the Early Years".

    Bob Hannah played the corrupt sheriff on "Dallas, the Early Years". Hannah died in 1996 of a heart attack at age 57.

    Paul Pender played JR's body guard in "War of the Ewings". Pender died in 2003, at age 73, as a result of complications from Alzheimer's disease.

    Robert Becker (1946-1993) died at 47 in a road accident in Santa Clarita, California. Becker directed three Dallas episodes during the dream season: "Legacy of Hate", "Twenty-Four Hours", and "Blame it on Bogata".

    Fred Holliday (1936-1995) died of a heart attack at just 49. Holliday played John Atherton for four episodes in season 12.
    Stanley Grover (1929-1997) died of leukemia. Grover played Dr. Miles, who took blood samples from Cliff and J.R. to determine the true father of John Ross.

    Frederick Coffin (1943-2003) died of lung cancer in Los Angeles. Coffin played Alfred, wo snuck out the CIA files on JR and Calhoun, allowing his sister Mrs. Scottfield to bring down Ewing Oil.

    Fred W. Berger (1908-2003) died of natural causes short of his 95th birthday. Berger was a longtime editor of "Dallas" and "J.R. Returns". He received an Emmy nomination for "Reunion, Part 2" in 1978. (Ironically, that was Dallas' worst-ranked episode ever.)

    Alex March (1921-1989) directed the episode "Old Acquaintance" in 1978, in which Jenna made her first appearance, coming back into Bobby's life.

    Lawrence Dobkin (1919-2002) died of heart failure in Los Angeles. He directed two episodes: "Black Market Baby" and "Kidnapped" in 1978.

    Robert J. Shaw (1917-1996) died of heart failure. Shaw wrote three episodes during the 1980-81 season.

    Richard Jaeckel (1926-1997) succumbed to cancer at age 70. Jaeckel was the assistant District Attorney prosecuting Ray for Mickey's death.

    Felice Orlandi (1925-2003) played one of the mafia hoods who beat up Nicholas Pearce. The Italian-born Orlandi died of lung cancer in Burbank, California, at age 77.

    Walter Brooke (1914-1986) died of emphysema in Los Angeles. Brooke, a veteran of hundreds of television and movie roles, played Cole Young, Cliff's attorney in the Julie Grey murder in 1979.

    Gerald Gordon (1934-2001) was Dr. Carter, one of the doctors who attended to Bobby after he was shot. Gordon died of emphysema.

    Michael Alldredge (1940-1997) appeared in eight episodes of Dallas. He played Detective Don Horton (three episodes in 1980, following JR's shooting), Steve Jackson (three episodes in 1984), and Ray King (two episodes in 1991).

    Ernest Pintoff (1931-2002) directed the episode "Hell Hath No Fury" in 1983, in which JR got ready for his Cuba trip. Pintoff died of a stroke.

    Ed Gilbert played Paul Winslow, the NY stockbroker that JR met with when he thought of taking the company public in 1981. Gilbert died in 1999 at age 68 of lung cancer.

    Will Lorin died at 83 in 2002. Lorin wrote eight Dallas episodes in 1982-1983, and one episode in 1985.

    Robert Sherman (1926-1997) directed the episode "Legacy" in 1983, in which Pam left Southfork after learning of her mother's death.

    Victor French was just 54 when he died of lung cancer in 1989. He was best known as the beloved Isaiah Edwards on "Little House on the Prairie". French directed one episode of Dallas in 1982: "Denial", which aired immediately after the search for Jock in South America.

    Ray Danton left us in 1992. Kidney disease took him at age 60. Danton directed the episode "Offshore Crude" in January, 1984.

    Paul Krasny died in 2001, at age 66 of natural causes. Krasny directed the episode "True Confessions" in February 1984.

    Stacy Keach Sr. (1914-2003) died of heart failure in Burbank. He played Mr. Waldron in the episode "Terms of Estrangement" in 1985. He also had a bit-part at Lucy and Mitch's wedding in 1981.
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  2. Christo

    Christo New Member

    Welcome back Seth :hello:
  3. Mike

    Mike Well-Known Member

    Good to see you back Seth :hello:

    DALLASFAN_72 New Member

    Hey Seth, welcome back. Gosh that was a shock on some of the Dallas Death List. Names like Terry Lester and Charles Hallahan.
  5. cbettini

    cbettini New Member

    Where did you get your information? do you know the name of Timothy Murphys brother who died in the 9/11 attack
  6. Kate Ewing

    Kate Ewing Active Member

    Terry Lester would have been so young. Do you know the cause of his death, was it an accident?
  7. Seth_Stone

    Seth_Stone New Member

    Terry Lester died Nov. 28, 2003, age 53. Official cause of death was heart attack, though further details are unknown. Terry appeared in one episode of Dallas as Rudy Millington, Kristin's old boyfriend, in late 1979. (This was also the episode in which Gary and Valene were married on Dallas.)

    He was a Vietnam war veteran. According to his biography:

    A very good singer on the side, he was also a closeted gay actor during his career.

    Terry began his acting career while in the Army, and upon completing his service, decided to move to Hollywood to pursue acting. A multi-talented star, he had no problem finding work with his acting, singing and piano playing. After a few bit parts, he found a starring role on Ark II, and was soon courted by Young & The Restless to fill in for departing stars, but insisted he would only take a new role, which was finally offered to him as Jack Abbott, the character that would make him world famous and garner him a long string of Daytime Emmy nominations. Though a perennial nominee, he was outspoken against the Academy and as a result never won the Best Actor award that always seemed like a lock. After years on Y&R, he left for the Santa Barbara, to replace his friend Lane Davies as Mason Capwell. With that show in its twilight, Terry took some time off before moving to New York to take a role on As The World Turns, where he was close with the head writers. As that show's writing team changed, his role decreased, and Terry left in frustration in 1994. Moving back to Hollywood, he made a few appearances on television, but spent most of his time either acting on stage or composing music for various media. In late 2003, Terry died at home from a pair of heart attacks.
  8. soonernorm

    soonernorm New Member

    Thanks for the update, although I think you have Leonard Katzman a little low on the list.
  9. Seth_Stone

    Seth_Stone New Member

    Yes, Leonard should probably be higher... I was going based on approximate order of importance.
  10. Betty

    Betty New Member

    I know Timothy Murphy died of AIDS,but was he in the closet also ? I liked him amd Lucy toghther...
  11. Seth_Stone

    Seth_Stone New Member

    Information on Timothy Patrick Murphy is fairly scant. Here's what I found:

    American actor Timothy Patrick Murphy appeared in several feature films during the 1980s. He started out working in television commercials as an adolescent and from there appeared on a few series including the soap operas "Search for Tomorrow" and "Dallas", where he played Ray Krebbs' cousin, Mickey Trotter. Sometimes Ray incorrectly referred to Mickey as his nephew, but they were in fact cousins. Their mothers, Margaret and Lil, were sisters.

    Murphy was on Dallas as a regular in 1982-83, and appeared in flashback scenes in 1986 (in Pam's dream), 1989 (Sue Ellen's flashback), and 2004 (in "Return to Southfork"). Murphy died of AIDS in 1988, 1 month after his 29th birthday.

    Birthday: November 3, 1959
    Birth Place: Hartford Connecticut
    Date of death: December 6, 1988
    Place of death: Sherman Oaks, California

    Here's a link to his gravesite: Timothy Patrick Murphy gravesite
  12. miss laura

    miss laura New Member

    That's a really detailed compilation, Seth. I can only imagine how much time you must have put into it. Thanks for sharing it with us.
  13. Seth_Stone

    Seth_Stone New Member

    Thanks Laura. I wasn't the only one who researched the list, though. I think it's important to remember these people. Maybe one day this updated list will have a link in the forum (I believe an older list is already linked).
  14. MavisAnderson

    MavisAnderson New Member

    Seth, I like the information you gave on Timothy patrick Murphy and the other guy. Can you do that for more of the people on this list?
  15. Seth_Stone

    Seth_Stone New Member

    Ok, hmmm, where to begin? How about:

    Charles Hallahan: In 1978, he appeared on Dallas as Harry Ritlin, the corrupt Hall of Records clerk who conspired with Ed Haynes, Pam's first husband, to destroy copies of their annulment papers. The episode was "Double Wedding".

    Born July 29, 1943 in Philadelphia.
    Died November 25, 1997 in Los Angeles.
    Cause of death: Heart attack.

    Supporting actor Charles Hallahan, who played character roles on stage, television and in feature films, died of an apparent heart attack while driving in L.A. He was 54. Married in 1983, he left his widow Barbara and two children. He has a brother, Kenneth Hallahan, who is a Roman Catholic Priest in southern New Jersey.

    Fans of the police drama Hunter will know Hallahan for playing Captain Charlie Devane between 1986 and 1991. A Philadelphia native, Hallahan earned an undergraduate degree at Rutgers and a master's from Temple University six years before heading to Los Angeles in 1977. Hallahan had little trouble finding acting jobs. His stage credits include playing the lead in a long-running San Francisco production of One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest during the '90s. Hallahan also toured the Soviet Union in two classic plays. On television, he guest-starred on over 200 episodes of shows, including one episode of "Dallas".
  16. cbettini

    cbettini New Member

    thanks for the information on timothy patrick muryphy. Can you get some information on his brother who was killed in 9/11 attack I have searched the web and can't find anything. also did you ever find out if he was a closeted gay or bisexual.
  17. NCDallas

    NCDallas New Member

    This is not the only place I have seen noted that Jim Davis was 65 at the time of his death. But I don't believe this is correct. The birth and death years that displayed at the end of the tribute episode indicated he was in his early 70's.
  18. NCDallas

    NCDallas New Member

    This is not the only place I have seen noted that Jim Davis was 65 at the time of his death. But I don't believe this is correct. The birth and death years that displayed at the end of the tribute episode indicated he was in his early 70's.
  19. Seth_Stone

    Seth_Stone New Member

    Here's what I found:

    Jim Davis

    Born: 26 August 1909, Edgerton, Missouri
    Died: 26 April 1981, Northridge, California
    Age: 71
    Cause of death: Brain cancer
    Birth name: Marlin Davis
    Height: 6' 2½" (1.89 m)
    Spouse: Blanche Davis, married 1945 through his death

    Bio: Tall, rangy character actor in many westerns and outdoor dramas. Born and raised in Missouri, Jim Davis' relaxed, easygoing manner and Southern drawl typified the image of the cowboy, and he spent many years at Republic doing just that. Beginning in 1942, he alternated between good-guy and villain roles, one of his better roles being that of the devious, murderous fur trapper working for Kirk Douglas' competition in The Big Sky (1952). He is best known, however, for his role as the Ewing familly patriarch Jock in the long-running TV series "Dallas".

    In the early 1970s, he appeared in a widely aired television commercial for Carnation non-dairy coffee creamer. He played a man who found and used it in an apartment that friends lent him.

    Only child Tara Diane (1953-1970) died in a car crash at age 16.

    He was very close to "Dallas" co-star Victoria Principal, who bore a strong resemblance to his late daughter, and he had Principal's picture along with his daughter's in his pocket when he was buried.

    Davis had suffered migraine headaches for years before undergoing aggressive - but unsuccessful - chemotherapy treatment. In April 1981 the writers of "Dallas" decided not to write his death into the storyline right away. They initially thought about replacing him with another actor, but out of respect decided that only Davis should play Jock Ewing. Jock was kept alive on the show (he was down in South America drilling for oil) until early 1982 when it was learned that he died in a plane crash. (That episode actually aired Jan. 1, 1982, and his sons searched for him the following week.)
  20. MavisAnderson

    MavisAnderson New Member

    I so wish we'd gotten to see more of Jim Davis as Jock... The scenes with him are the ones I enjoy most now, knowing he soon will be gone.

    I remember flipping channels and seeing an episode of Gunsmoke, and there was Jim Davis, playing some cowboy.

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