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dancing on thin ice and is Andy Whyment arrogant ?

Discussion in 'Reality Television' started by freekin, Feb 27, 2012.

  1. freekin

    freekin New Member

    Feb 18, 2012
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    message board user
    untied kingdom
    dancing on thin ice and is Andy Whyment arrogant ?

    i am hearing stuff that is disturbing,
    and i want it to end, that's why i am curbing.
    dancing on ice is a great show,
    and i admire anyone who can stand up on frozen snow.
    yes there has been a controversial leave,
    it was hair today and then gone, and i don't want to retrieve.
    a nasty spiteful ugly goof,
    and just like his hair and teeth, his words are proof.
    there is more that is nudging,
    i loved "kirk" in "corri" and i did not think i would be budging.
    but he has got a head that is humongous,
    and the way he is portraying himself is like a fungus.
    he is out of his comfort zone,
    but my god can Andy moan.
    you are wrong to argue with the judges,
    and that's why over your name is smudges.
    a happy go lucky trier would get you to the winning post,
    and looking back you would have raised a toast.
    do me a favour Andy Whyment , leave as this is not your cuisine,
    just go and for heaven sakes take with you that awful Christine.

    (started off loving this guy - gone right off him )

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