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Did Andy Gibb die because Victoria Principal broke his heart?

Discussion in 'Dallas original TV Series official forum' started by Sarah, May 14, 2011.

  1. Sarah

    Sarah Moderator Staff Member


    I read under this video that he tried to commit suicide after she ended their relationship?
  2. Jaldridge86

    Jaldridge86 Member

    No, not exclusively. There were a lot of things going on in his life aside from Victoria that contributed.
  3. James from London

    James from London Well-Known Member

    No he did not die because she "broke his heart" - as ten minutes' life experience or research on the internet could tell you.
  4. Tundra Torque

    Tundra Torque New Member

    slightly off topic, but does anyone know if that is Victoria really singing? it doesn't really sound like her voice. Was she only lip syncing for someone else? I never knew she had a singing career
  5. Sarah

    Sarah Moderator Staff Member

    Here's a word you should look up in the dictionary - Patronising. My ten minutes 'life experience' has taught me what it means.

    I wasn't actually speaking literally,the topic was started more about this video and for a bit of interest. :( I just thought that the comments that one of the other posters made was interesting but sorry if the title is misleading to some. I'm very aware of Andy Gibb's story, being old enough to remember. You really don't have to be so rude. Ugh :(
  6. James from London

    James from London Well-Known Member

    OK well, you thought my post patronising; I thought yours was crass - reducing someone's horrible death to a kind of tabloidy/teen mag headline in order to have a disingenuous dig at VP. But since you say the topic isn't about his death, but about a video of them singing, I'm just confused (as well as patronising, obviously).
  7. Pam BE

    Pam BE Administrator Staff Member

    Maurice Gibb: I think the relationship with Victoria Principal was absolutely beautiful. It was everything he had dreamed of and that’s the important thing, not what I think or everybody else thinks. Andy thought the world of her.
    Andy’s career seemed to be back on track. But Victoria would soon discover that success was dangerous territory for Andy. She began
    to see the changes in his personality that his family had been witnessing for years.

    Victoria Principal: It became very apparent to me that his behaviour was becoming erratic and that he was very very thin. And Andy was a very kind person, and a very gentle person and some of his behaviour seemed so the antithesis of what he used to be and I finally realized that it had to be drugs.
    The drug abuse sparked arguments. The arguments filled more drug abuse. Andy stopped showing up for tapings of "Solid Gold" and the producers were finally forced to
    fire him. It was the same story at "The Pirates…": night after night Andy just wouldn’t show up, and when the production hit the road they left Andy behind. [...]

    Victoria Principal: I asked either to choose me or to choose drugs, and I know that with all his heart he wanted to choose me… he chose drugs.

    Barbara Gibb: For abouth twelve months he was devastated.
    Nearly 6 months we go by before Andy found the strength to face his fans. In July of 82 he
    appeared on "Good Morning America" to confess his drug and alcohol abuse. It was
    his first public appearance since the split with Victoria. Andy blamed the break-up for
    his decline.

    Victoria Principal: It put me on an incredible position, a terrible dilemma: To speak out on my own behalf, to reveal the fact that the problem had been ongoing and that was the reason for the break-up would have been to add to the tremendous burden Andy was carrying, and so I chose to remain silent.
  8. Pam BE

    Pam BE Administrator Staff Member

    If I recall the tabloids really laid into Victoria, as did his fans. It was a really insenstive time really, I know we have it now but it was worse back then.

    I also recall a Wogan interview with Priscialla Presley where he really tore into her. I felt his stance was rather aggressive as if he and the fans blamed her for Elvis's death and how outragous it was she had decdied to write a book. I cringe when I watch that intervew. It felt like a world dominated by men and women get blamed.

    Andy Gibb died because he had his own demons, Victoria did what many women should do and don't. Leave.

    The same with Priscilla. How good of her to put her happiness ahead of Elvis and his kingdom. Both these men was screwed up, partly due to character traits and partly due to the people around them in the show biz machine.
  9. SnarkyOracle!

    SnarkyOracle! Well-Known Member

    They really did.

    And Andy shamelessly took advantage of that. After VP gave an interview to, I think, PEOPLE Magazine in 1983 and stated that no one she'd ever dated "has ever said anything bad about me publicly" Andy clearly read that and decided to correct that by going on THE TONIGHT SHOW with Joan Rivers and making fun of Victoria in a very small and petty way. Oh, people laughed, but he came off very badly. (Yes, he outed her true age "Victoria was 33 when we stated dating and I think she still is," which Rivers loved, but Rivers was shaving off three years from her own age at the time she was going after VP for the same offense).
  10. Sarah

    Sarah Moderator Staff Member

    Is this when Joan gave out Victoria's number as well?
  11. SnarkyOracle!

    SnarkyOracle! Well-Known Member

    No, the phone number didn't involve as many digits.
  12. Tundra Torque

    Tundra Torque New Member

    Again, this is slightly off topic, but how ironic is it to hear Victoria singing a song about dreams! "Whenever I want you, all I have to do is dream..." Hmm, maybe that's how Pam intended to revive Mark Graison?? ;) just kidding around
  13. ronald mascot

    ronald mascot Well-Known Member

    This is interesting, the first time they met:


    Can't find part 3

    This is also interesting-has VP in it



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