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do we need primeminister like Janet Street Porter

Discussion in 'Politics, philosophy and religion' started by freekin, Mar 7, 2012.

  1. freekin

    freekin New Member

    Feb 18, 2012
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    untied kingdom
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    Janet street porter should be our prime minister and would she marry me ?i am just getting in,i have never been into lady's that are loose,with all due respect none are young birds,more like, each one a elegant, graceful , stunning goose.but down on one knee i am,quick call the press reporter,OK i am a little younger,and i am sure for breakfast would eat me Janet Street Porter.Janet's views are down to earth,i remember her speaking in the rainforest fungal,that's when i fell in love,it was in Ant and Dec's jungle.so what are mine and Janet's plans,am i sick and plotting something sinister,my love is pure and genuine,and that's why i am putting her forward as prime-minister.get this country in shape,hospitals, care, tax, housing, crime and stop us sitting on the fence,that's why i love you Janet Street Porter,you are so down to earth and riddled with common sense.( i saw this show today and i am amazed by janet - i think we need her as PM - dose anyone else ?)

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