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Do you ever?.....

Discussion in 'Music' started by alexis, Mar 3, 2012.

  1. alexis

    alexis Well-Known Member

    Sing the wrong lyrics to songs that you you know off by heart in the company of others?
    Recently I have been doing this. And its songs that I have known for like 20 years and could probably recite backwards. Its very annoying. I guess It means im preoccupied or... Im losing my mind.
  2. Emmerdalefan

    Emmerdalefan Well-Known Member

    I have done this a few times and made up words to them. A lot of songs being played have words you cannot fully make out so sometimes I make up really bizarre words for the ones I cannot make out as lots of songs have parts where words can be hard to decipher.
  3. Ome

    Ome Moderator Staff Member

    All the time....

    It annoys Little Ome, but I think it's more my singing than saying the wrong lyrics.
  4. Rogello

    Rogello New Member

    Ofcourse, everyone does that... Lol
  5. Hardraw Force

    Hardraw Force New Member

    Mondegreens, they are called...and of course they are very funny too.

    You mis-hear the words to a song and then you insist on singing them wrong forever.

    Like that Police one "A Year has passed since I broke my nose!"

    And the one by Shalamar: "Ferret Ears! Ferret Ears...what took us so long, to find each other, baby!"
  6. alexis

    alexis Well-Known Member

    Itchy fanny why we don't talk anymore?
  7. Hardraw Force

    Hardraw Force New Member

    Bill Oddie Bill Oddie, Put your hands all over my body!
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  8. Emmerdalefan

    Emmerdalefan Well-Known Member

    London Calling Le Poppet You Were. lol.
  9. Hardraw Force

    Hardraw Force New Member

    "Bobby I'm A Scrubber!!!- Yaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh"

    (as heard halfway through the brilliant "Mountains" by Prince & The Revolution.)
  10. Ome

    Ome Moderator Staff Member

    As a child I thought Michael Jackson was singing about DJ Mike Read

    'Mike Read is calling, the dead start to walk in their masquerade' Instead of 'Night creatures calling, the dead start to walk in their masquerade '

    I also thought these were the wrong lyrics to The Tamperer, but I hey I guess I was wrong.

    'What's she gonna look like with a chimney on her'
  11. Hardraw Force

    Hardraw Force New Member

    "We'll be together......with a roof rack over our heads"..... as sung by Bob Marley.

  12. Emmerdalefan

    Emmerdalefan Well-Known Member

    You Get A Roll With It, you gotta take your time.
  13. Hardraw Force

    Hardraw Force New Member

    ha ha - that reminds me of when I popped into the local buttie shop on my lunch break many years back, I would order a soup, say, and the lady behind the counter serving me always used to ask me "d'you wanna roll with it?".... so naturally, I used to answer back, sharp as a needle, "no thanks, I'm gonna take my time..."


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