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Dynasty referencing Dallas

Discussion in 'Dynasty Official Forum' started by sixela, Apr 15, 2012.

  1. sixela

    sixela Member

    I noticed this little nod towards Dallas during the season 3 episode "The Downstairs Bride" when Sammy Jo first reads that Steven is still alive.

    (Link to large version here)

    Below the headline is a cast photo from Dallas with the tagline "What You'll Be Seeing On Dallas". It looks like the producers took a real copy of the National Enquirer (August 24th 1982, I think it says) and glued over parts of it with their fake Steven headline.

    Are there other times when Dynasty directly references Dallas?
  2. bybr

    bybr Active Member

    I thought it was more or less "We are getting you, bitches"

    I think it was the only time. I like this little thing.
    Dallas did not made such thing:(
  3. Colbyco

    Colbyco Well-Known Member

    I understand it this way: Dallas is only a tv show, while Dynasty is the real life ;)
  4. alexis

    alexis Well-Known Member

    Only if you dabble in acid...
  5. Colbyco

    Colbyco Well-Known Member

    NO! .... but my walls are painted by evil Adam :p
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  6. Matty

    Matty New Member

    I saw a Dynasty reference in Melrose Place. In one episode Heather Locklear walks into the St. Denis Club. In the show it was a mens only members club. But that doesnt stop Heather! She just goes in and does what she wants! I thought maybe St Denis Club was a real place, but apparently its not, so somehow they booked the same place and added in the St Denis Club sign. Crazy

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