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Emmerdale Farm 1982.

Discussion in 'UK Soaps & Drama' started by Emmerdalefan, Mar 4, 2012.

  1. Emmerdalefan

    Emmerdalefan Well-Known Member

    Quite an eventful year for the show. I have been watching my 1982 Emmie Farm DVD collection and seeing the emphasis drifting a bit away from the Farm and focusing more on Jackie and Sandie at the caravan and NY Estates and Alan Turner. 1982 we first saw Turner and the show celebrated 10 years on screens in October.

    Also in 1982 there was Jackie's rebellious antics such as drinking with Andy and Sandie at the vicarage and almost trashing the place, having to move back to Emmerdale after setting the caravan alight and his huge fight near the bridge with Teddy Hooson. Teddy insulted Pat and I thought Jackie would just push or hit him but no we saw a full blown punch up with teddy and Jackie murdering each other. With Tom Merrick and Jack all we saw was the end bit with Amos and Henry breaking it up.

    And Turner kept blaming Joe Sugden for his wrongdoings. The end of the year saw Dolly give birth to Sam Skilbeck.

    Plus chart songs were being heard in the background in some scenes such as when the barn conversion was being done and Jackie playing Madness at the vicarage when Donald was not there.
  2. bhvictory

    bhvictory Active Member

    Another excellent year in Emmerdale history. Richard Thorp as Alan Turner was at his brilliant best that year. :)
  3. Emmerdalefan

    Emmerdalefan Well-Known Member

    I think in 1983 he got worse as he resorted to blackmail and tried it on with a secretary.

    1982 saw the marriage of Jack to Pat.

    I just wish Jackie was not killed off in 1989. He could have returned at a later date.

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