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Discussion in 'Movie discussion forum' started by alexis, Mar 19, 2012.

  1. alexis

    alexis Well-Known Member

    I watched EVITA last night for the first time all the way through. Now I am a pretty big Madonna fan. It's just that many things always got in the way of me seeing the whole film. I think Madonna is a terrible actress but a great pop star, but recently on the Graham Norton show he said Madonna deserved an Oscar for the film. Now I know hes a fan of hers but it made me want to see see the film to know for myself. I knew there had been a thing at its release time about the score of the film having to be lowerd to suit Madonnas voice. This is very true as I have a cast recording of EVITA and its different, although I don't think that it detracts from the film. I think Madonna does a great job with her vocal in the film. However the acting is as usual woeful. No she does not deserve an Oscar for EVITA.

    I know that Michelle Pheiffer was in the running for the role but lost out to Madonna, I actually think Michelle would have been better cast. I am not sure about her singing voice though. I know she can sing, Grease 2 and The Fabulous Baker Boys prove that. But would she have had the range for even the lowerd score that Madonna sang? I am not sure. I heard Michelle's demo of the song "I could be surprisingly good for you" on youtube and it starts quite well and quickly goes very bad.. awful really. Though it was a very rough demo.

    Madonna just has no range as an actress, everything is the same. Every role is the same child playing dress up. Michelle Pheiffer is one of my favourite actresses. She is great as sweet and loving and fabulous as cold and morose. Her best "cold" role is in WHITE ORLEANDER. I think she had the right qualities to play Peron. She in my opinion would have been much more believable. She would have suit the manipulitive and power hungry side of EVITA more than Madonna. For me all Madonna does acting wise is give lots of coy and insinsere fleeting glances at her co stars.

    Despite Madonna's acting I enjoyed the film. It looks beautiful and I love the songs. Antonio Banderas and Johnothan Pryce were very good in their roles.
    I just couldn't stop thinking how much better it would have been with Michelle Pheiffer in the role.
    Any thoughts on EVITA?
  2. vaughnleland

    vaughnleland Well-Known Member

    I felt Madonna was way too sympathetic in the role. Eva is not a heroine she is a facist and a woman bent on revenging her lot.
  3. alexis

    alexis Well-Known Member

    It's Michelle Pfeiffer not Michelle Pheiffer... I realised this last night when looking at a DVD I was bringing to a friends. oops! Can that be corrected? I guess not.

    And yes I also thought Madonna played it too soft and girly and playfull. Not how I imagined Eva to be, and Pfeiffer could have played the harder edged side well. But maybe I'm just biased.
  4. Karin Schill

    Karin Schill Moderator Staff Member

    I love Evita. I watched it at the cinema in the 1990s when it first came out. :D
    I can't imagine anyone but Madonna in that role. I think she did a great job with it.

    I do know that the people of Argentina didn't like the choice of Madonna to portray their Saint Eva.
    Over there she is very highly thought of.
  5. Pam's Twin Sister

    Pam's Twin Sister Well-Known Member

    Me too. After watching it I thought it was just the part of Madonna´s life: now she could return to music! No matter how many parts she plays, she will never get a better role than this one. And worse performances have gotten an Oscar...Any opinion about Antonio Banderas and Jonathan Pryce?
  6. alexis

    alexis Well-Known Member

    But thats my point too. It is the best role she ever played. But that is because the dialogue and actual acting is minimal. The film is mostly sang all the way through which partly disguises her bad acting. I love madonna but an actress she is not.
    I think she worked her butt off and really stretched herself vocally, as she really did not have a musical theatre style voice. But acting wise she was nothing special she seemed to have a silly grin on her face too much. And its evident because she has never had any role after it where she has been nearly as successful.

    I Thought both Banderas and Pryce were very good in their roles. I was very surprised by Banderas' singing which was quite good. He is starting to become one of my favourite actors.
  7. Pam's Twin Sister

    Pam's Twin Sister Well-Known Member

    If you want to start a thread about him, I have watched a lot of his movies being Spanish, and he´s got a very good reputation personally here, he´s very down-to-earth. We also learnt a lot of things of Melanie since they got married...

    His latest Spanish movie, "The Skin I live in", is a big letdown though, and the saving grace is probably his performance. Do you know that Antonio doesn´t want to dub himself in the movies he shoots out of Spain?

    About "Evita", I adore the soundtrack...and Banderas confessed that he used to sing it when the musical was being performed on stage here in Spain at the 70´s. The line I lol at more frequently is when Madonna/Evita says: "A whore...they called me a whore"...You can call me bitch if you want to, but I can´t imagine Madonna being surprised by someone calling her that...
  8. vaughnleland

    vaughnleland Well-Known Member

    Madonna wasnt right for the role..like i said earlier she was too sympathetic..plus musically they had to adjust the score so she could sing it. taking down notes..reworking phrases..etc.. that didnt bother me asm uch as her take on the role did however. Banderas and Pryce were quite good.. but none of the 3 equalled Patti LuPone,Mandy Patinkin and Bob Gunton on broadway

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