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Farscape: A journey into the unknown.

Discussion in 'Cult, Fantasy and Sci Fi TV' started by Ome, Feb 21, 2012.

  1. Ome

    Ome Moderator Staff Member

    My journey begins as I follow John Crichton and a host of oddly looking characters in to the unknown.

    Three episodes in and I’m enjoying all the characters, I hope these are together throughout the series, they already feel like a good working unit. In a similar way Blake and his crew would bond and fight together for justice in the Liberator.

    I’ve had to Google the characters, if only to understand their names. It seems the heroes are the prisoners and the Peacekeepers are the bad guys. I hope we learn why these are all deemed a prisoners/criminals.

    As it is now Ka reminds me of a Klingon, he even carries a weapon with him.

    Aeryn lacks any compassion and I’m guessing John will eventually teach her how to find her own compassion, if she’s capable of feeling this emotion.

    I got a sense of Dorothy Gale when the leader of the Peacekeepers accused John of killing his brother. You’re not in Kansas now John.

    The second instalment was great as John and the others search a planet to find a way of easing Moya’s pain, and where does he find the cure, in the food of all places.

    The farming family John befriended were lovely, the mother willing to throw away her credibility to save John and his ship was a nice touch. It felt strange how the mother and son would look at John like he’s a green alien from outer space. John Crichton an E.T…. I like how the story had John as the alien and the mother & son were afraid of him, in a way he was afraid when he first arrived on Moya.

    On to the third episode and I hate bugs! Even more if they are space bugs. The sound of them scuttering along inside the walls of Moya was enough to make me wince like a girl. John wants to gain the respect of his fellow crew and here he gets the opportunity in this episode. Having just finished Galactica it was uncanny how these bugs transformed into the ship’s crew in a Cylon kinda way.

    First impressions...? I'm really excited about what is in store for the characters on Moya.
  2. Ome

    Ome Moderator Staff Member

    Well I did wonder if anyone from Cell Bock H would pop up and no sooner am I into this fantasy and we see the elegant Leigh Templar

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Looking quite hot in blue....

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  3. Ome

    Ome Moderator Staff Member

    Just the thought of sticking that in my mouth is sick, never mind actually using it to clean your teeth.


    I won't lie, I was expecting to see Steve Austin here...

  4. sunshineboyuk

    sunshineboyuk Well-Known Member


    How much do you LOVE RYGEL? the Dominar of over 6 billion subjects and the size of a toothbrush. And Pilot, poor lovely pilot , Ome this show will delight you, surprise you and break your heart.

    pls post about where you're up to. the first 5 or 6 eps are good but then when you get to DNA SCIENTIST they kinda realise how to do it and the show just soars.
  5. zephiey

    zephiey Well-Known Member

    Oh you will love the Uncharted Territories! The writing and the acting were fantastic!

    I have a soft spot for D'Argo and Pilot. Oh and the DRD's!
  6. sunshineboyuk

    sunshineboyuk Well-Known Member

    1812 is my favouriite DRD...
  7. Ome

    Ome Moderator Staff Member

    I've watched 4 episodes so far and yes I do think Rygel is a great character, did I hear right, does he fart helium? I hope so, the scenes that follow that are going to be hilarious.
  8. sunshineboyuk

    sunshineboyuk Well-Known Member

    he sure does, and always when you least expect it. much later on there is an emotionally rewarding moment when he farts after a particularly shocking exit and in that one fart you suddenly understand all the things he's never said.

    i think whats so interesting about Scape is how the show takes a very dark turn and its suddenly a different kind of show. fascinating.

    My favourite Rygel lines

    " I am a Dominar of action"

    " He owes me money, I'm delighted he's dead"

    delighted!!! what a wonderfully perverse word to use, god i adore that line.
  9. Ome

    Ome Moderator Staff Member

    Episode 5 was great, very Memento I really enjoy stories that mess about with the mind.

    I love how matter of fact Aeryn is. Crichton said he was off to get some air and she replied with "We have air in here" asking "What is wrong with him" I love their interactions and how she looks down on him as a lower being.

    Telepathic powers of seduction, how great would that be?

    I didn't know what you guys meant by the DRDs but in this episode Aeryn mentioned them, so I'm guessing these are the little robots that are either powered or part of the ship Moya.

    Ha ha!!
  10. sunshineboyuk

    sunshineboyuk Well-Known Member

    Thrilled your getting into SCAPE , you have no idea how exciting it will get!

    The DRD's have a few moments in season 1 yeah but in season 4 one of the DRD's becomes..... very special and it may not be one of Moya's DRD's! But NO SPOILERS!

    Yeah the Aeryn John relationship will take a very very interesting turn, its very well done, don't think you know where this is heading. You dont lol
    Claudia Black is superb as Aeryn because she doesnt play for sympathy and she doesnt play for the 'female lead' role, Aeryn's superiority complex is played with relish and to the hilt and she never lets go of that.
  11. Ome

    Ome Moderator Staff Member

    Finished episode 8 and I think it's my favourite episode so far. I loved the sadistic character Maldis, hope we see more from him in the future. Rygel was brilliant, declaring Crichton dead then taking all he can from Crichton as his own possessions.

    Crais is great, hell bent on seeking out Crichton to destroy him, not letting anything get in his way.
  12. sunshineboyuk

    sunshineboyuk Well-Known Member

    Oh ! Maldis.... stay tuned. You're enjoying Crais? Well, Crais's storyline will take the most astonishing turn ... you havent even met the main protaganist yet , keep watching its about to go mental !
  13. Ome

    Ome Moderator Staff Member

    It's still early days with Crais, but what I've seen so far I like.


    I'm going to watch 'DNA Mad Scientist' later this afternoon.
  14. sunshineboyuk

    sunshineboyuk Well-Known Member

    oH WOW, thats the beginning of the show really. Brace yourself for what they do to poor lovely *****
  15. Ome

    Ome Moderator Staff Member

    I can't believe they cut off Pilot's arm!

    They didn't even take time to think about it, it was coming off no matter!

    I really enjoyed this one, it's all starting to come together. I'm sure Aeryn is falling in love with Crichton, though I don't think she knows this yet. Her comment about living with a billions of people like on on earth was fab!

    Rygel conning Zhaan and D'Argo was brilliant, I can't believe D'Argo fell for it.
  16. sunshineboyuk

    sunshineboyuk Well-Known Member

    Rygel is hilarious and consistently selfish throughout the entire run. Oh poor lovely Pilot, sadly this is only the first of many horrendous things that Pilot will suffer for the sake of the crew !
    I loved how they didn't give it a second thought , just Oh come on Pilot give us your arm, we're gonna cut it off anyway so make it easy on yourself our besty mate!

    Aeryn's comment about billions of people on earth will play a major part in season 3 and 4 , the show really does explore everything in a very big way, its a great run of 4 very different season's.

    Yeah D'Argo is very young and i think his make up confuses that character point a lot, but it helps to remember how young he is supposed to be.
  17. Ome

    Ome Moderator Staff Member

    I would be more like Rygel than any other character on the show right now. I love being all selfish. Ha ha!

    I'm really excited about this show, more than I was with Battlestar and Dollhouse. Actually the last time I was this excited was at the beginning of Angel.
  18. sunshineboyuk

    sunshineboyuk Well-Known Member

    Well Ome it has lots of parallels with ANGEL including the final season and the way it ends. Both shows develop in much the same way and both shows were re tooled for their final season ( be interesting to see what you think about that, I actually think their attempts to make it more accessible made it more complicated with both shows)and then axed despite performing really well. FARSCAPE was just too expensive. It was down to a few thousand dollars as to whether or not it would be picked up but the producers always said it was a miracle any season got made because - despite people thinking its puppets- the creature work cost a fortune and thy use animatronics, so Pilot and Rygel cost more than the actors and they are not actually puppets lol

    season 1 is great , season 2 is very good and the second half is so exciting and heartbreaking , season 3 will literally change your world and season 4 is just gorgeous, I dont think i've ever seen a better looking show on tv.

    Also , make sure you watch the eps in order lol Because there is a long running story that kicks in round about SHE'S GOT A SECRET that you will need to understand as it unfolds... same with season 2 there's a very complicated long running plot that must be seen in order. So dont folow my example and watch in timey wimey styleee.
  19. Ome

    Ome Moderator Staff Member

    They've Got a Secret

    So Moya is having a baby…. Interesting.

    Plenty of laughter regarding Rygel.
    D’Argo thinking Rygel was his son has to be the funniest thing I’ve seen on Farscape. When asking where Rygel was, he was having a piggy back ride or D’Argo was taking his son on an excursion.

    Rygel are you sleeping…? No! I am not sleeping D’Argo tucked me in and went for a walk. Brilliant!

    Till The Blood Runs Clear

    Bounty hunters chasing our beloved characters and a greedy mechanic wanting the world for fixing their ship. I did think at one point that she wanted sex with Crichton as payment.

    Crichton telling the wolf like characters that he and Aeryn are Butch & Sundance, hilarious. I love all these names he keeps slipping in, John Wayne Clint Eastwood, another reminder that Crichton is human.

    Rhapsody In Blue

    Sex Dreams? We love those.

    10 years of great sex all in one moment..... Don’t you just love sci-fi?

    Another mind game story, I just can’t get enough of these. Nice to see Crichton’s love, if only through his own memory, never forgetting that he’s so far away from home.

    If I said you had a beautiful body, would you hold it against me?


    Zhaan is one stunning lady, if only I was a Smurf....
  20. Ome

    Ome Moderator Staff Member

    You can tell they're not puppets and anyone who fails to see that is simply in denial.
    Ha ha! I have no idea why you (or anyone) would watch them out of sync lol

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