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First time watching The Colbys.

Discussion in 'The Colbys' started by alexis, Jul 27, 2011.

  1. alexis

    alexis Well-Known Member

    I have just started watching The Colbys and not to sound like a bitch. I do hope its gets better soon. I have only watched the first two episodes, and i have to keep reminding myself that its happening during the middle years of Dynasty. It has been more than a little stupid in its writing so far. But then again the mother show was not so great with that usually itself.

    The actor who plays Miles is awful. I thought this when seeing him in Dynasty I think it more so after seeing The Colbys. But the writing and him are not the main reason I am not loving The Colbys so much.

    It is way too much a copy of DYNASTY. Jason is just Blake, Sable is just Krystle with Balls and I get the impression although Frankie is nothing like Alexis in character she was introduced in the same way that Alexis was in season 2 of DYNASTY. The long lost mother returns.
    I can see why It never stayed on. Its way, way too similar. And it was launched way too late in DYNASTY'S run... By this time the writing was beyond pants!

    Even the house, Although apparently The Colbys was filmed at a real LA mansion. Well apart from the entrance hall with staircase you would just think they were at the mansion in Denver after Krystle rearranged the furniture. There is not as yet anything about the show that sets it apart from Dynasty.
    A spin off should have a personality all of its own. Not just aspire to be what the mother show is.

    Back to the bad writing, Miles Colby is related to Jeff, his cousin (as we know at this point) and he marries Jeffs ex wife without knowing this. He has never saw the wife of his cousin? ever? She is a millionaire socialite-business woman. She has been on TV oodles of times. During those Carrington "give me back my baby" plees. And im sure her "Death" would have been publicised. Im sure the Colbys would have seen a picture of their cousins wife. Or even met her. I mean they are related on both sides. Sable is Alexis' cousin. So She must have known Fallon.
    It is complete bullshit.
    Anyone else agree? With anything I have said?
  2. Jason!

    Jason! Well-Known Member

    The Colbys starts out slow but picks up, especially in season two. Still, it’s far better than Dynasty was at the time. Even critics agreed on that.

    Maxwell Caulfield, in my opinion, is not fully to blame. True, he’s only eye candy, but the writers destroyed the Miles character. Miles is actually a pretty decent guy on Dynasty until The Colbys. As I’ve said before, on Dynasty, or at least the Pamela Sue Martin years, it was Fallon and Jeff. On The Colbys and the Emma Samms years (excepting Dynasty’s 9th season), it was Jeff and Fallon. So there’s this huge attempt to make Jeff and Miles these extremes. It’s as if Fallon has a little devil on one shoulder and a little angel on the other.
    But that was planned. The Colbys was supposed to be more of a companion piece than a spinoff. ABC wanted a spinoff but the Shapiros wanted more Dynasty. Everything was to be bigger and supposedly beter. If the Blake/Krystle/Alexis triangle was successful, do it bigger by making the women sisters.
    True, it was introduced too late in Dynasty’s run. The Shapiros wanted Dynasty to air 2-3 nights a week like Peyton Place and – lol – Batman! Way too similar? You’re not giving it a chance after just two episodes.

    The foyer may be similar but the Colby mansion was more complete, and even seemed more spacious as compared to Dynasty’s dwindling mansion. And making use of the Hilton house made The Colbys look more opulent to Dynasty which had to resort to a fake house and later use a closed set. The Colbys made use of the house, the grounds, the pool, the pool house, and LA as a backdrop. Dynasty had a fake house and fake Denver.

    Again, you’re looking at it in hindsight. Esther Shapiro was not attempting to create a spinoff; she was attempting to add to the canvas. However, it was Joan Collins who destroyed that aspiration. Maybe it was for the good, because by season two, The Colbys was very good – until Richard Shapiro came in with a ridiculous cliffhanger that destroyed the series.
    I will agree with you on that point, but then again, what about Fallon and Steven not knowing about Adam and his kidnapping?
    Seriously, you should watch the entire series, and then make a judgment. That’s like watching the first five minutes of a movie and then walking out of the theater.
  3. alexis

    alexis Well-Known Member

    No I will watch it all. I mean if I could watch the really bad bits of DYNASTY I can watch 2 seasons of The Colbys.
    I have to watch it as a fan. I hope what you say is true and it does pick up abit. Its recording now as I type.
    Also Sable seems more of a bitch on The Colbys than on DYNASTY or is it just me?
  4. Jason!

    Jason! Well-Known Member

    Sable's a complex character. She's motivated. Unlike Alexis who used that tired "you banned me from my children" line as motivation, Sable was driven. Sable was all out to protect her "chicks" from anyone who got in her way ... whether it was Jason, Frankie, Jeff, or Connie. Whereas Alexis used her children for her own wants. Sable was less of a cartoon. She's more of Alexis in season 2 of Dynasty. Also, The Colbys learned from Dynasty's mistakes. Dynasty killed off Cecil way too early and had Alexis abandon the estate and take on empire building. Sable manages to keep the mansion and forces Jason and Frankie out, while Zach trains her in vengeance. So there's a development in Sable's character. Alexis inherits ColbyCo and then it's empty threats, cigarettes, food, bed hopping: a pattern. She's transformed overnight. But Sable is probably the most developed character in the Dynasty universe. Not only that, but Stephanie Beacham is fabulous.

    Another thing about Sable v. Alexis is everyone loved to hate Alexis as the bitch and felt sympathetic toward Krystle. However, it's different on The Colbys. Sable is the resident bitch but comes across as more sympathetic. Again, I think it comes down to motivation. JR had it. He always saw Ewing Oil as shrine to Jock Ewing to be passed down from one generation to the next -- preferably his son. It was a legacy. While JR was hated, we knew why he did the things he did. Most of the time. Still, I think the queen of primetime's bad girls was Abby Ewing. Too bad Abby never showed up on Dallas.
  5. alexis

    alexis Well-Known Member

    Yes thats it with Sable. I was going to say she was more conniving or cunning than Alexis. But thats not it. Its the fact that all of her actions seem to be rooted in protecting her children and their futures. but I have only seen a little of her in The Colbys. I love Stephanie Beacham. And she really made season 9 of DYNASTY for me. I didnt even miss Alexis. And I loved that when Alexis would return she actually had someone to go head to head with.
    Probaby one of my favourite scenes in DYNASTY was the cat fight between Sable and Alexis at the Carlton. It wasnt just silly mud slinging. Alexis went too far and Sable pounced on her like A lioness! Brilliant.

    I think though that in DYNASTY Paulsen may have been trying to make Sable a romantic match for Blake. So she was somehow made a little "Holier than thow" as Alexis used to say of krystle. Maybe trying to make Sable the new mrs Carrington? So softening her bitchiness except as far as Alexis was concerned.
  6. Jason!

    Jason! Well-Known Member

    As with the first fight between Alexis and Krystle, there was actually something to spur on a confrontation. It had been leading to this. But, the fights became a gimmick.

    That’ convoluted and depends on who you ask. One report said Forsythe had another year on his contract, others say his time was up. Don’t know if he’d renew or not since he missed Linda Evans. Paulsen did say if there had been a 10th season he would have used Krystle. But the rumor mill certainly made it out that Blake and Sable would get together, and that Lauren Hutton (sometimes she confirms this, other times she doesn’t) would play the new bitch, an old flame of Blake’s.
  7. SnarkyOracle!

    SnarkyOracle! Well-Known Member

    I think Paulsen said that Forsythe and Collins had to sign extensions just to finish Season 9.

    That would make sense, since they and Linda signed a two year contract together in late 1986.
  8. alexis

    alexis Well-Known Member

    After some bad internet problems I am finally back online. Sky Plus great for watching 80s soaps, bad for wireless internet conection! But thats another story. I have been watching away at The Colbys, I am now mid way through season 2. And what Jason! said is true, it really does get better. I really have loved watching the show. Its far superior to what was happening on Dynasty at the time.

    It is much better written and acted on the most part. Charlton Heston, Stephanie Beacham and Barbara Stanwyck give some amazing performances. But Stephanie as Sable steals the show. She really is the most delicious character on tv I have ever seen. Why isnt she in anything now! She is fantastic.
    I love Monica aswell shes a great Character and i like her as an actress. Bliss Colby I dont really care for and i think she is maybe one daughter too much. Not really needed at all. Was she an already in place Amanda? A stand by daughter incase Monica bolted? lol

    There are ofcourse a few things I do not like about the show. One is Katherine Ross, I dont love her as an actress. She plays everything as vulnerable and victim like, even when shes trying to be bitchy. I dont like the character of Frankie. I do however like the complexity of the storyline of the the love triangle. Far more layered than anything on Dynasty.

    I still dont love the house. I would still take the Carrington mansion set over The Hilton house. Its all bad 80s tackiness to me. lol It wasnt a period house was it? It seems like a bland new build. Too magnolia and whitewashed.
    I also hate how all three parties decide its best to all live in the same house. When Jason and Frankie clearly should have left and stayed someplace else. Even in a grand hotel suite. Even the children sided with Sable and she should have been the one to stay at the house from the begining. Jason was the one who acted badly. He should have left and left the Colby mansion to Sable.

    Im a bit sad that I only have around 10 episodes left to watch. But I will be able to say at the end of it that I have truely enjoyed watching The Colbys. I really want it on Dvd.
  9. alexis colby carrington

    alexis colby carrington Active Member

    I've just finished watching The Colbys for the first time on CBS Drama, I watched the last episode just now and I have to say that I would have liked a season 3, I thought the final episodes of season one and the whole of season two were brilliant. Stephanie Beacham stole every scene she was in.
  10. alexis

    alexis Well-Known Member

    I couldnt agree more! So much better than the seasons of Dynasty going out at the same time. :)
  11. Don Howard

    Don Howard Member

    It's the Pamela Sue Martin as Fallon they probably knew. Word hadn't reached L.A. about the Emma Samms recast. Miles wanted to get some way with Randall Adams because of her resemblance to Holly Scorpio.
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  12. Soap beach

    Soap beach Active Member

    My Opinion about the Colbys

    I've heard a lot about the Colbys and decided to give the series a try on Youtube but unfortunately i lost my interest already after 13 episodes, the series is not entirely bad, but I think it has to do with a few things.

    - To begin with, the intro, why in the hell the same credits as Dynasty?.
    - Jeff seems very lonely without Fallon and Blake. I just feel sorry for Jeff.
    - I think they wrote Constance to soon out of the series.
    - Miles behaves like a small child, he began to irritate me.
    - Sable is just a bitter woman, she gives Frankie to blamed of Sables failed marriage with Jason, I thinks Sable did it to herself.
    - And I think that Frankie is not so bad, she is more the Kryslte of the Colby's, they should had done more with her character.

    Pity, that they don't have done more to the series to get loose of Dynasty, it had so many possibilities. ;)
  13. MSW

    MSW Well-Known Member

    The Colbys was basically supposed to be another hour in the week of Dynasty (hence the same credits and even the "Dynasty II" title for the first 4 episodes).

    They didn't have much of a choice on that one. Barbara Stanwyck wanted out.

    Sable was the one fighting to keep that marriage together. She's hardly to blame for her unappreciative louse of a husband sniffing after her drippy flake of a sister.

    Oh, Frankie was awful. She made the lobotomized Krystle of Seasons 3-8 of Dynasty look like a real personality in comparison, thanks largely to Katharine Ross's monotone and emotionless acting.
  14. Soap beach

    Soap beach Active Member

    Can't blame her for leaving the series, from what i saw the show was terrible.
  15. alexis

    alexis Well-Known Member

    No... The Colbys was not terrible. If you only watched 13 episodes you never gave the show time to find itself. Actually the show becomes much beeter leading to the first season cliff hanger. And season 2 is fantastic, largely due to the fantastic Stephanie Beecham.
    And the comments about Sable destroying her own marriage? I dont believe you were following the plot very well. Sables marriage was ruined by her selfish spiteful and spineless sister and her cruel selfish and cowardly husband. Really you should watch it all.
  16. Pam's Twin Sister

    Pam's Twin Sister Well-Known Member

    I wish I had liked the show as you did. I watched both seasons recently and was very disappointed about them.

    Not being a Dienasty die-hard fan may have helped but I did want to enjoy a super soap no matter how OTT it was, and found instead a pretentious saga about unlikable people and miscasted characters. IMO, Mr. Heston was too old for playing Jason convincingly and Ms. Stanwyck too classy to star in a soap produced by Spelling! I only enjoyed her scenes and some of Season 2 with Kenny Ward, I mean, James Houghton, and Philip Colby´s return.

    Lucky all of you who think that Stephanie Beacham is a good actress because I couldn´t buy that Sable was Miles and Monica´s mother from Hell. Monica was old enough to be Sable´s sister (not to mention her sluttiness) and Miles and Monica didn´t look like twins at all. Bliss was like Lucy Ewing but in an "expanded" (taller) version. The mansion was a good background and also shooting on-location in L.A. I liked the episode cliffhangers that were literally that: cliff-hangers (those with Jeff-Miles and the one with Kolya jumping from the window outside).

    On the other side, I do think that Katharine Ross was a good choice to play Frankie but her storylines and dialogues were so lame that it was uneasy to like the woman. I also believe that some of the subplots are strictly stolen from the "Hotel" files, like the blind musician falling for Monica. Channing was one character that I deeply hated from minute one: she looked like a she-vampire and her personality is so psychotic that you want to slap the girl! Kevin McCarthy seems to have taken the Colbys´ set for the Flamingo Road´s one and his performance is his usual annoying.

    I really would like to say something else good about The Colbys but I can´t. I wasn´t expecting a Dienasty version of Knots but they missed the chance to use the nearby beautiful locations and make a solid soap about a rich family from L.A. And about James and Samms, I think they were simply insignificant: just another rehash of Bobby and Pam instead of the convoluted relationship they used to have on Dienasty´s first 2 or 3 years. Not gonna talk about the UFO story...
  17. alexis

    alexis Well-Known Member

    Perhaps not being a "Dienasty die-hard fan" effected how you viewed The Colbys. Monica to me seemed early 20s and Sable is ment to be i'd say mid 40s. So its entirely possible that they are mother and daughter.
    I'll agree that Fallon and Jeff just don't work on The Colbys and they being the reason to spin the show off is hard to swallow, since they become even more banal.
    But the rest of the cast are great for the most part. My only other dislike acting wise is Miles.
    Stephanie Beacham is fantastic, I do think had another actress have played Sable I wouldn't have botherd watching.
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  18. brooked

    brooked Member

    The Colby's just isn't a show I could ever get excited about, or feel any strong opinion about really. It lacked that certain something.

    Yes I know what you mean. Inspired casting was a strength of Dynasty (up to Gordon Thomson anyway) but I found most of the casting choices on The Colby's to range between not-quite-right to inexplicable. Whilst I wouldn't necessarily call the characters unlikeable, I do feel they had a very soulless, superficial, empty headed-rich-californians vibe to them. Not to everybody's taste certainly.

    I think this is the biggest reason you couldn't get anything out of The Colby's. If you don't enjoy Stephanie Beacham's performance as Sable, then I wouldn't say there's anything else to enjoy. She's the reason to watch.

    I agree Monica looked more early 30's than early 20's but an actress the calibre of Beacham can convince me she's pushing 50, however young she may look.

    Miles and Bliss probably should have been the twins instead. Two pretty, dumb blondes who looked more similar in age.

    Beacham aside, the location filming and some better sets than Dynasty were the only real positives

    I thought Katherine Ross was awful. It just occured to me Kate O'Mara could have been a good Frankie.

    Almost forgot to add, I did like Zack Powers and would have happily had him on Dynasty when The Colby's folded
  19. Pam's Twin Sister

    Pam's Twin Sister Well-Known Member

    Reading your other (insightful, clever) posts in these Forums, Alexis and Brooked, I really might give another chance at TC this time in English instead of the very watered down Spanish dubbed version.

    Sable´s voice here was very soft and "nice" instead of Steph´s husky, deep voice. On the other side, Monica´s voice sounded like something out of the crypt, so to say...Only Connie and Jason were dubbed by very similar-sounding voices. Francesca´s sounded even older than dear Connie, go figure! Anyone knows other countries´ dubbing for TC?

    If Sable had been portrayed by someone like Faye Dunaway, I´d possibly be TC´s first fan!! Anyway, Charlton and Barbara really looked boring and tired in their roles. They actually had to fight for them, and I have the feeling that Missy did fight physically due to her health problems.

    The dumbest thing about Sable IMO is how they try to make her look like a blushing bride when she is wooed (and seduced) by Zach. Instead of looking like a strong, self-assured lady with big principles, she seems to be a woman obsessed by her husband and incredibly attached to her children (who, for Spelling´s sake, are almost in their 30´s or so they look!). We´re talking about rich people in the 80´s: Sable is portrayed as a woman from the 50´s decade, even Connie is much more modern than her! Any opinion is welcomed!
  20. alexis

    alexis Well-Known Member

    To a degree you right, but you have to remember that Sable has been married to Jason for a very long time. And although a very beautiful woman has not been persued by another man. It is a shock to her to have Zach go after her in such a strong fashion. And she is still totally in love with Jason. She can not understand why he is doing what he his doing. Yes she is sort of the 50s housewife mindset. Some women were then and still are. But she gave 100% to Jason during their marriage. She was the perfect mother, the loving attentive wife, the glamorous trophy, and the social butterfly that he needed and seemed to want. She did everything for him that he wanted. Lived to make him happy and then she finds out that that is something she just can not do. And her sister can! Her own sister, is what her husband wants. And he is willing to throw his family to the wind to please his own selfish needs.

    So yes she was obsessed by her husband. She was totally and unquestionably faithfull and devoted to him, and all she wanted was that in return.

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