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Friendly Chat/Banter with the Knots Fans

Discussion in 'Fantasy Knots Landing' started by Ome, Dec 15, 2007.

  1. Ome

    Ome Moderator Staff Member

    OK, I liked the idea of the last post thread, finding new friends in this forum.

    So hopefully we can continue to get to know each other better here.

    To start with, how are you and assuming Knots is your favourite soap, did you enjoy any others as much. Was it watching Dallas that led you to follow Knots Landing ?
  2. DonMatheson

    DonMatheson New Member

    Great idea Onebull. I loved the last thread and i hope this one is as successful.

    To answer your question. I started watching Knots landing all on it's own. I got into Knots landing in my final year at school as it was a daytime show in this country so in school holidays and free periods got to follow the show. By then it was Season 12 but luckily it was shown in full a year later on UK gold. Although i still missed parts of it then but got to watch it all from the start about 5 years ago the last time it was run in England. I have only watched Dallas in parts but never in full and I was to young to follow Dynasty at the time when it was first on and Dynasty hasnt been shown as much as Knots landing in England. Maybe if Dynasty gets shown again I will get into that.
  3. Romain

    Romain Active Member

    I first stumbled on KNOTS LANDING in April of 1994, in the middle of an afternoon, when I came back home from school and turned the TV on. There was a red-haired woman, wearing a red dress, getting assaulted by a guy with a beard who was supposed to paint her portrait in a messy apartment. My interest was immediately piqued but having missed the beginning of the episode, I didn't have the slightest idea of what I was watching. It turned out to be the fourth episode of KNOTS LANDING, "The Lie" in which Laura gets raped. It happens to be one of the best episodes of the first season, and I find myself extremely lucky that it was my introduction to KNOTS LANDING. If I had seen episode 1.07 "Land of the Free" instead, I probably wouldn't have continued watching and would have missed a great show. In France, the show aired daily (Monday through Friday) from 2:30 to 4:30PM, right after THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS, which is why most French people who have never seen it assume it was a daytime soap (this not being helped by the fact that it has a silly French theme song, just like SANTA BARBARA did).

    Anyway, once I found out which show it was, I made sure to watch it whenever I could, when I finished school early and during school holidays. For a while, I didn't even know it was related to DALLAS. I only found out when my sister and I talked about the Ewings, thinking of Gary and Val, during dinner and my parents started telling us about J.R., Sue Ellen, Bobby and Pamela. The "Who shot J.R.?" cliffhanger apparently first aired when my mother was in the hospital after having my sister and she remembered not having understood anything in that episode (certainly not helped by the fact that at the time, she mixed up the characters from DALLAS and DYNASTY)!

    Anyway, DALLAS wasn't being shown on French TV at that time, but later on, after KNOTS LANDING had ended, the same network decided to rerun it and I gave it a try, hoping it would be as good as KNOTS LANDING, especially since it was way more famous. In the end, I was completely disappointed by it. I found DALLAS focused way too much on the shock value element and not enough on its characters' emotional lives. I hated that they recast Miss Ellie (nothing against Donna Reed, I just hate recasts in general) and the dream season was the last nail in the coffin as far as that show was concerned for me. Cancelling one year's worth of stories just to serve one actor's personal agenda was unacceptable to me and I quit following it. The few episodes I have seen from the later seasons were IMHO really bad (it was clear by the time of Season 11 that the show had outstayed its welcome) and the two reunion movies, which I watched out of curiosity are better forgotten.

    As far as DYNASTY is concerned, I have seen the grand total of 2 episodes from it. Recasting being a big no-no in my book, and having read that catfights and outrageous events had taken the show over from interesting stuff like Claudia's mental illness, I decided to quit watching right then and never regretted it.
  4. Ome

    Ome Moderator Staff Member

    Me too, however it is up to use to keep it going. I love this new forum (to me) and look forward to many chats, although I have to keep remembering to check this, as I'm not that familiar with it yet:peace:

    So has the whole of Knots Landing been shown on UK Gold ? I'm lost at the fact I've never seen this. Although based on the fact I wasn't aware of it's popularity at the time, it probably didn't register with me at the time.

    Based on many comments I've seen on here, I am wanting to watch this, and prepared to buy the DVDs, only with the limited releases, I'm not happy to buy the odd one. My motto is in for a penny in for a pound:D

    Here's hoping the petition works to the fans expectations :D
  5. Ome

    Ome Moderator Staff Member

    I totally understand your opinion on Dallas, and yes at times it became it's own downfall.

    However, watching this in it's first run, you might not have liked some of the twist that happened, eg the Dream Season. That said when you first watched this season, you were unaware it was a dream, & therefore really enjoyed it. The main problem is Dallas was a success a major one at the time ! Based on this success, this has created another world of fans, who are tuning in/buying the DVDs etc.... No one can deny it's success, but many are disappointed with the way it went. I believe in many cases, the new fans following Dallas now, have too much knowledge on the stories/plot lines and added to that every one's thoughts on subjects such as the dream season etc... this now damages what was once an unpredictable soap.

    I think the popularity with Dallas makes it hard for new fans to appreciate, where as Knots Landing spent most of the time in the background and to new wannabe fans like me, well this gives us the edge that we can go into the show blind of anything that maybe a major storyline.

    Watching Dallas in it's early years (yes I was young at the time too) characters like Gary & Val were very poor to me, so knowing they had their own show did not impress me at all.

    If it wasn't for these forums, I would still be in the dark about the whole thing!
  6. Ome

    Ome Moderator Staff Member

    Wow! this thread has become so deep on the first page, I'm hoping for some light hearted fun in the future

  7. KL4ever

    KL4ever Moderator Staff Member

    Thank you Ome for starting this thread. I loved Knots Landing, and must admit did get into it through watching Dallas at first, but then Knots became the show I couldn't miss.
    I think where Dallas concentrated on the glitz and the glamour, Knots was the one that everyone could relate to.
    I also am sad to admit I watched Dynasty and The Colbys, in fact I watched all those 'soap' shows including Flamingo Road ( who remembers that) but the best one to me was Knots Landing.
    How about you Ome how did you get into Knots Landing?

    I hope so too.
  8. Ome

    Ome Moderator Staff Member

    It's great to be here and good to see you again KL4ever:D

    I did see some Dynasty, although very little. memories that stick with me was the Courtroom where Alexis walked in to shock everyone, also I remember the big shoot out at some wedding, was it a Prince that was getting married??

    Colby's, all I remember is the alien abduction of Fallon I believe ??[​IMG]

    I haven't got into it yet, but I'm very curious to watch this, and this is down to Abz, for showing me a few clips on here and (To my amazement) the many fans that continue to praise the show.

    One day I am hoping to see it all in it's glory:)
  9. KL4ever

    KL4ever Moderator Staff Member

    It's the best ever and well worth watching.
  10. Ome

    Ome Moderator Staff Member

    I only hope they release these shows on DVD, I would love to see them in their own glory. Knots Landing being the main one I want:D
  11. PT Freakin' G

    PT Freakin' G Well-Known Member

    My story is light-hearted...I started watching when the S1 DVD was released. I stop watching two weeks later when I finished the S1 DVD, unless you count random YouTube clips I've watched throughout the months since then.
  12. Ome

    Ome Moderator Staff Member

    Did the first season impress you PTG ?
  13. PT Freakin' G

    PT Freakin' G Well-Known Member

    Indeed. I loved it. I had seen the Pilot of TVLand once, but at that time I thought it was a random episode, I didn't know it was the Pilot. I had always wanted to see more after seeing that episode on TVLand, and I was in luck a few weeks later with the DVD release. Now, if they would release the next 13 seasons, I'd be happy.

    As of S1, I really like Ginger, for obvious reasons, but I hear she doesn't stay forever. Laura is interesting, seems like she'll add some psychological depth to the show. Karen is the prototype of Bree Van De Kamp Hodge. Valene is, well, I don't know much about her characters because I'm always so annoyed by her accent. Richard gives me the creeps - he's gotta go. Gary's drunkenness is interesting, though I'm sure I'll be bored by it if it last the entire series. This Abby character -- I'm really looking forward to her, if I ever get to see her in action.
  14. Ome

    Ome Moderator Staff Member

    I'm really hoping they do release them, as I am really interested in watching the soap. I'm not prepared to buy the DVD, unless I know for sure that they intend to release more. There's many other shows I am following right now, and the thought of only seeing a small amount, doesn't inspire me right now.

    Sounds like there's some great characters to watch develop over the years.

    I too am eager to see the character of Abby. I love a good soap bitch, and Abz (from here) has really created an interest for me over this character.
  15. The Lovely Sue Ellen

    The Lovely Sue Ellen Queen of OCD

    Just poping in lol
    kinda like i did in the other thread:p
  16. KL4ever

    KL4ever Moderator Staff Member

    You are very welcome TLSE.:hello: :peace: :)
  17. Ome

    Ome Moderator Staff Member

    Nice to see you Poppet, have you ever seen any Knots Landing ?

    Hi there KL4ever:hello:
  18. KL4ever

    KL4ever Moderator Staff Member

    Hi Ome how are you on this cold but fine Sunday?:)(xmas1) (xmas3)
  19. Ome

    Ome Moderator Staff Member

    I'm great thanks, it's been quite a mild day here, but the cold is settling now.:)

    Do you have any plans for the evening KL4ever ?
  20. KL4ever

    KL4ever Moderator Staff Member

    No, just finished getting my files and things up to date, ready for my Parents meetings on Tuesday, so I'm just gonna chill, watch tv with hubby and take things easy until I have to go to work tomorrow.. How about you? :)

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