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Help its all a bit marmite

Discussion in 'Doctor Who' started by Pam BE, May 3, 2010.

  1. Pam BE

    Pam BE Administrator Staff Member

    I'm not sure if Im having Tennant withdrawal but I am finding it rather difficult to feel anything toward the new Doctor.

    Ok I appreciate Im not the target demographic but I feel like I'm watching Harry Potter. Yes he is quirky and yes we know he gets angry but he lacks the edge of the previous two incarnations.

    The cinematic production is also great but.............

    I feel like Im watching Doctor Who but without the Doctor............

    Anyway as I find both Pond and the Doctor rather uninspireing it was fantastic to see River Song. Watching her on screen didnt help me warm toward Matt Smith, as she was just so good.

    It was like she would have been a better Doctor. :D

    I want to like him. But I can't.
  2. J. R.'s Piece

    J. R.'s Piece Well-Known Member

    S'okay! Of course, I don't know what to say. So, I won't stop. I absolutely loved David Tennant's Doctor from before he said "Barcelona" in 2005 and his Children In Need appearance later that year only consolidated that.... but I don't miss him. Matt Smith does say in the latest DWM that his Doctor does change/develop.

    Mind you, I was never really fond of the Pertwee Doctor. All the stuff that I found interesting about him was scripted (the juxtaposition of the man who revelled in fancy clothes and appeared to enjoy fine food and wine and clubs [although he was more often seen tinkering with equipment] with the Buddhist stuff ([and he was far too temperamental to be good at it]...and he was was quite annoying and why Jo didn't thump him in season 8 after the patronising/insults.....and despite suggestions people have said that that one was too "establishment", he wasn't really at all. He was more likely to be found assisting a plot to undermine it. He could crack a story with anyone and but it was nice when his curiosity and crystal-nicking proved his downfall. But....the performance was too concise....and a bit too serious for my liking...and in a more obviously "hero" mould way that didn't interest me as much as his immediate predecessor had ....and nowhere near as complex in character or portrayal.....the Second Doctor was at his most mysterious, oblique, subtle and complex during his first season and would frequently quietly stay in the background of his stories until things had gone really REALLY wrong and then take charge....but would clown to confuse his enemies into underestimating him and be constantly using masks, hiding his personality...and there was more fun and naughtiness too.

    Still, is it early days yet? Maybe best to see how the rest of the season develops?


    Actually episodes 4 and 5 were the first episodes to be filmed for this season.

    What's this about target demographic?

    Lacks the edge? How do you mean?
  3. Pam BE

    Pam BE Administrator Staff Member

    Well 8 - 12 year olds are the target audience, but obviously it plays to a wider audience. Thats the demographic.

    With the previous two doctors I felt they portrayed this darker edge, it wasnt so much about acting moments, as in getting angry or reflectful, it was in the whole performance.
  4. Ome

    Ome Moderator Staff Member

    Lil Ome is 11 years and she really doesn't like or she hasn't taken to Smith at all.

    I'm a few years older & I'm really enjoying Smith in this role. There's a few moments where I'm seeing a little Tennant in him and I don't like that, but maybe that's what happens when an actor follows another actor in the same role.
  5. J. R.'s Piece

    J. R.'s Piece Well-Known Member

    Robert Holmes, writer and script editor during Tom Baker's first 3.5 years said at the time to Jean Rook:
    Parents would be terribly irresponsible to leave a six-year-old to watch it alone. It's geared to the intelligent fourteen-year-old, and I wouldn't let any child under ten see it.

    whereas BBC Drama has claimed:
    As well as appealing to (and satisfying) the old fans, this new series has garnered its own new fans. Breaking away from the traditional Doctor Who demographic, the new fans are people who hardly remember the old series - they're young and old, male, female, straight, gay and from every economic background.

    ..and according to the BBC's website:
    Doctor Who is a family show and airs before the watershed. All content therefore abides by the pre-watershed guidelines

    By the darker edge, do you mean all that Time War stuff or something else in the performance?
  6. Garrison

    Garrison Moderator

    I enjoy Smith... he's certainly not as dynamic as Tennant, which is a good thing. I enjoy his craziness, it adds a different kind of humor to the show. I do worry that Amy is taking some of the focus off the Doctor, but that will improve, I'm sure.
  7. J. R.'s Piece

    J. R.'s Piece Well-Known Member

    The new sonic screwdriver is a bit of a sticking point too. At least, the toy version is. The sound chips have failed in some of them.

    I'm not sure that I ever feel anything towards the Doctor. Except that he is bonkers. Which is good.
  8. sunshineboyuk

    sunshineboyuk Well-Known Member

    You ARE watching HARRY POTTER , you're quite correct Pamela , the new producers are huge Potter fans and they have a mission statement if you like to make Who into " dark fairytale" .
    Hence the title sequence I guess ....

    I'm loving Smith he's totally nuts and cool and nothing like Tenant which is what's required after his stellar run, newness !

    It's the scripts that haven't really turned me on yet, I enjoyed the first story very very much but apart from River Song it's been a bit lacklustre. Having said that Tenants first season has a few clonkers so I'm happy to wait and see if it improves , I didn't understand tonights episode at all , what the hell was that all about ? What was that weird thing at the end? I couldn't HEAR it the sound is so poorly mixed so it made no sense at all .

    The BBC are really taking the piss with the sound . It's pathetic and self indulgent to make the show in surround and not cater to the majority of viewers who don't have ten grand Bosche systems installed .
  9. James from London

    James from London Well-Known Member

    Love it all. I use subtitles. If I don't get it the first time round, I watch again on the iPlayer sober. If all else fails, I consult the Guardian's excellent WHO blog and that explains everything about why I'm thinking everything I'm thinking:

  10. sunshineboyuk

    sunshineboyuk Well-Known Member

    Oh that makes sense I missed most if that , I didn't have the subtitles on though, I'll watch it again on BBC3 tomorrow night. With Subtitles.

    Matt Smith always looks interesting , what a face, so much going on and always surprising. I could watch an episode where the camera never leaves his face .
  11. Pam BE

    Pam BE Administrator Staff Member

    Ok I have started to warm to him after todays episode. I think Im ageist and he just looks too young. Its like watching Doctor Who's son. Doctor Who: The next Generation (no pun intended).

    But I enjoyed the episode tonight, thought its the strongest of the episodes so far.
  12. sunshineboyuk

    sunshineboyuk Well-Known Member

    Takes time ( and space )
  13. J. R.'s Piece

    J. R.'s Piece Well-Known Member

    Time is.... relative.

    Season 23 had featured Michael Jayston as the Valeyard, a distillation of the evil, dark aspects of the Doctorr from betwixt Doctors 12-13.

    Harry Potter? Harry Melling has portrayed Dudley Dursley. Harry Melling is Patrick Troughton's grandson
  14. osbaldwick

    osbaldwick New Member

    My wife and son are both avid Dr Who fans, both were upset when David Tennant left and disappointed by Matt Smith's appointment. A few episodes in? My wife remains dubious about him but my son is coming round - slowly. As another poster said - takes time...
  15. sunshineboyuk

    sunshineboyuk Well-Known Member

    The Silurian comeback is thrilling isn't it. The Pertwee Silurian story was one of the first novels I owned as a kid.

    Did anyone else feel the show suddenly clicked when Meera Syal went in the TARDIS? It suddenly went all Donba Noble and the companion relationship felt mature and interesting.

    I loved Tates season and I do think New Who has mixed up the companion line ups nicely with Jack and ex corrie boi Todd having a brief run as a companion , it's great.

    I'd love it if Meera became companion we need more mature companions and actors in the TARDIS , their brief scenes together were filled with chemistry. I know it's wishful thinking but I do hope she sticks around for a bit , fab stuff!
  16. Pam BE

    Pam BE Administrator Staff Member

    YES YES YES 100%. I didnt think an older person would work but actually it worked so much better. Dump Amy, leave her under the earth and take Meera. He actually seemed older as well. It was a great episode and I think it was due to the lack of Amy. I even prefer her boyfriend.
  17. sunshineboyuk

    sunshineboyuk Well-Known Member

    I Love it when you say YES three times !!

    I didn't realise what it was about the new series that was not quite clicking for me until Meera went into the Tardis and it just hit me ' oh my god it's Amy who's not very interesting !! ' I adored Eleventh Hour but to be honest the kid was the fascinating bit , the little girl waiting . That was a sad and dramatically interesting concept .

    However , when Meera hit the Tardis the whole show came alive and YES Matt Smith suddenly seemed to gave more gravitas and his youthfulness became an asset all at once.

    I feel like it sacrilige to say it but YES this is the way forward dramatically he needs a more mature actress / companion .

    Oh god how exciting if maybe she is going to return like Carhetine Tate .... Can you imagine how brilliant she would be??!!!
  18. James from London

    James from London Well-Known Member

    I find Meera Syal a bit smug, but if you want old wait till the Doc starts hanging out with Sarah Jane and Jo again, both now old enough to play Matt Smith's grandmas.
  19. sunshineboyuk

    sunshineboyuk Well-Known Member

    I want oldness yes , but the oldness will come packaged in a young childrens show so will have to wait and see...
  20. J. R.'s Piece

    J. R.'s Piece Well-Known Member

    Ooh, they do..... Peter Davison's Doctor had a nice time with Nerys Hughes in Kinda with Superintendent Hindle from The Bill...and the Fourth Doctor had fun with the almost-just-as-lunatic Professor Rumford (Beatrix Lehmann) in The Stones Of Blood. If only [when K-9 got crushed] the Doctor and Romana had followed K-9's advice to cannibalize it's useable parts....

    The current story is written by Chris Chibnall, who wrote a lot of Torchwood's first two seasons (and the Doctor Who episode, 42). When he left for the UK version of Law and Order, Torchwood improved.

    Saturday's episode had the lowest overnight viewing figures for any Doctor Who episode since it returned in 2005, 4.5 million. Apparently, the sunny weather affected the major channels ratings until around 7.30pm, so only 13 million people were watching the television and the show had a 32.2% share.....and there are still the time-shift viewing figures to be added.

    In some of his the audio stories, the S***h Doctor travels with a retired history lecturer and...

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