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Her Saviour, My Christmas and New Years Story

Discussion in 'Dallas Writers Room' started by Jessie, Dec 25, 2010.

  1. Jessie

    Jessie Well-Known Member

    New Sue Ellen story, this is based on when she got pregnant, this is how it could have turned out, when Cliff and JR both pushed her away, and she felt so alone.

    Chapter 1

    Sue Ellen sat on the bed, JR came home late again. He walked in, not even speaking to her, and walked into the bathroorm. Sue Ellen got up, she was weak, she was 4 months pregnant, she hasn't been eating or sleeping. She finally stopped drinking, after she had a scare, and the Doctor told her she would lose the baby for sure, if she kept drinking. She walked into the bathroom, "JR your home to stay right"?

    "Sue Ellen go lay down, I'm going out, I have plans".

    "Please don't leave me alone again, I need someone to talk to"

    "Well to bad read a book if you can't sleep".

    "Maybe I will talk to your Ma Ma , and tell her what is going on"? JR turned grabbing her hard, "you ever talk to Ma Ma about this , I will kick you off Southfork, like the Tramp you are".

    "I'm pregnant, please JR why did you bring me back home for? Cliff was going to take care of me until you blackmailed him".

    "He didn't want you either, it didn't take much convincing. You really are something, I can't stand to look at you, and to touch you makes me sick".

    Sue Ellen turned away tears streaming down her face. JR hated himself he saw he hurt her deeply, but he was so angry, that she slept with Cliff. He loved her, and prayed this baby was his, but what she did, she had to be punished for. He cheated, but he was a man a deceit woman wouldn't stoop so low. JR got dressed, and walked over to the bed. "I won't be home, tell the family I stayed in town because of a meeting, I won't be here for breakfast". Sue Ellen didn't answer, and JR yelled, "Did you hear me Sue Ellen answer me when I ask you a question"?

    "I will tell them". Sue Ellen was crying he walked to the door, and walked out. Sue Ellen felt sick she got up walking to the closet, and grabbed a bottle of vodka. She sat on the bed, and poured herself a glass, and just as she put it to her mouth, the baby kicked. She was scared at first, but she put the bottle and glass down. She touched her stomach, and the baby was moving, which made her cry. It was like at the exact moment she was going to start drinking again, he kicked in her stomach. She smiled as the baby moved for awhile, than settled down. Sue Ellen got up, and walked to the bathroom, and dumped the contents of the bottle down the drain. She looked in the mirror, and didn't like what she saw. She was pale, and so tired looking, she really wasn't taking proper care of herself , and her baby. She wiped the tears from her eyes, and walked back to the room. She sat down, and picked up the phone. She dialed a number she hadn't phoned in 4 months.


    "Cliff it is Sue Ellen, can we talk"?

    "No, I have a guest here, what do you want"?

    "JR is treating me horrible, he said you never really cared for me is that true"?

    "It is over, if the baby is mine, I will see it, but we are over Sue Ellen. I have to go, don't call until the baby comes". Cliff hung up, Sue Ellen never felt more betrayed by anyone than she did with JR and Cliff. She knew she was wrong, but how they both were treating her was disgusting, and cruel. She got up going to the closet, she grabbed her suitcase, and put it on the bed. She knew what she had to do, she was going to raise her baby alone. She didn't think JR or Cliff deserved her or the baby in their lives. She put some clothes in the bag, she grabbed some personal items. She knew JR would cut off her credit cards, so she was going to go get money out of the bank machine now. She took some jewelery, she knew she could get enough money to pay for a couple of months rent. She didn't know if she could go to her Mothers, but she walked over phoning her.


    "Ma Ma, it is Sue Ellen".

    "Do you have any idea what time it is Sue Ellen"?

    "Yes Ma Ma , I'm sorry, I'm leaving JR "

    "You are not , grow up what is wrong now"?

    "He treats me horrible, I can't live like this Ma Ma".

    "Well your not welcome here, work it out with JR". Patricia hung up, and Sue Ellen dropped the phone. Her own Mother pushed her away. She changed, than sat down and wrote a letter to JR.


    I'm leaving and don't try to find me, because I know you don't care. I'm not with Cliff, so don't go to him, he basically told me, he never cared either. I couldn't even turn to my own Mom, she said to stay with you. I can't , I love you, and I'm sorry I made a mistake. I wanted to hurt you, like you hurt me. I cared for Cliff, but it was you, I always wanted. You never loved me, I know that now, I have to go. I will raise the baby on my own, you will never know if it is yours or Cliff's. You both deserve to live the rest of your life wondering. I will be a good Mother, so don't worry about us. Goodbye JR, I hope you are happy".

    Sue Ellen.

    She put it on his pillow, grabbed her bag, and purse and car keys, and left.
  2. Jessie

    Jessie Well-Known Member

    Her Saviour , My Christmas and New Years Story

    Chapter 2

    Sue Ellen left Southfork, at 2 am, and drove to a bank machine. She took out the limit for the day, she drove for about 3 hours, she was exhausted, she pulled over going to a motel. She couldn't afford a expensive Hotel, so she signed in, and paid for 1 day. She got to her room, and went inside, it was clean at least. She didn't even change she laid on top of the bedspread. She laid there she was so scared, she has never has been alone. She wiped tears from her eyes, but she couldn't stop crying. She looked at the phone, she wanted to call JR, but she knew he didn't care. He wasn't even home, he was out with one of his many lovers. She finally drifted off asleep, she was totally exhausted.

    Back at Southfork

    It was 8am Jock and the family were sitting at the table. Jock was livid Sue Ellen and JR were not down for breakfast. He told Lucy to run up, and see what was wrong?

    Lucy ran up laughing, she loved that JR and Sue Ellen were going to get in trouble. She knocked on their bedroom door. She opened the door, when she didn't get a answer. She walked in, and she noticed that some of the drawer were opened, and empty. She walked into the bathroom, than noticed the letter on the bed. She saw the envelope sealed on the bed, she picked it up and ran downstairs.

    "Grandpa I think Sue Ellen left, some of her stuff is gone, and she left this letter".

    "Where is JR"?

    "He isn't there he probably didn't come home again"

    "OMG that idiot she is pregnant give me the letter". Jock was about to open it, but Miss Ellie yelled, "No Jock".

    "What I want to know where she is"?

    "It is addressed to JR not you, call JR get him home this instant". Jock got up phoning around, he got Sly, and said for her to find JR, and send him home now".

    "Yes Sir". Jock walked into the dining room, he was livid. "How could she take off while she is pregnant"?

    "Maybe she had enough of JR's crap". Pam says

    'Yes for years she put up with it, she gets pregnant and leaves" Jock slams his fist on the table, he got up storming upstairs. Everyone was quiet.

    Sly finally found JR he was at Marilee Stone's home.

    "JR your Father is in a mood, he said get home now something is wrong".

    "Oh God what has Sue Ellen done now"?

    "I don't know JR , but go now your Father is livid". JR got dressed, and Marilee tried to get him to stay.

    "I have to go home, something is wrong".

    "Oh JR you always play with me, but never sit down and have breakfast".

    "I have to go, sorry but I am married Marilee".

    "So did you care last night while we made love 4 times'

    "Goodbye", JR ran out getting in his car, and drove home. He walked into the house, and noticed Jock and Ellie in the living room.

    "You wanted me home, I was in town, I had a late meeting"

    "Really JR you were making out with some Bimbo, while your wife left this house"

    "What are you talking about"?

    "Sue Ellen left this note she is gone JR with my Grand baby. I want her back by tonight, or I will hurt you". Jock walked out of the living room, leaving JR looking at the note. Miss Ellie got up, "you finally push her away JR, did you have to wait until she was pregnant"? She walked out JR sat down looking at the letter.

    He felt sick where did she go, her Mother didn't want her either? He didn't know where to start, but he jumped up phoning Harry, he was going to find her, and she never would do this again, or she would be sorry.
  3. Jessie

    Jessie Well-Known Member

    Her Saviour , My Christmas and New's Year Story

    Chapter 3

    Harry showed up at Southfork, JR went outside to talk to him.

    "JR what is wrong, what is so urgent"?

    "My Wife took off, I want her back here tonight do you hear"?

    "Ok JR where did she go"?

    "If I knew would I need you"?

    "JR calm down, I will try, but I have to have a idea where she would go"?

    'She isn't with her Mom, I have no idea where she would go? I just need her home, she is pregnant, and my Family are worried"

    "Your Family not you"?

    "Yes, I'm worried, but I'm mad at the moment. She is putting herself, and the baby in danger. Find her Harry, I need her home, right now". Harry smiled, "I will do what I can JR, I will be in touch". Harry drove off, JR walked inside, and went upstairs. He walked into his room, and walked over to the dresser. He picked up a picture of Sue Ellen, and touched it.

    "Why did you do this Sue Ellen, you can't take care of yourself"? He put the picture down, he walked over to the bed, and sat down. He grabbed her pillow, and hugged it, and laid back.

    Sue Ellen woke up, she wanted to keep driving before JR caught up to her. She got up, she felt weak, she hasn't eaten in 24 hours, she had to get something into her stomach. She walked into the bathroom, she went to the bathroom, washed up, and changed. She walked out, she handed her key in, and left. She was driving, and drove into a small diner. She went inside, and got a sandwich and a tea. She was eating, she knew she had to be careful with money. She couldn't take anymore money out of the bank machine, because JR would know where she was. She sat back looking out the window, when a man sat down and smiled at her.

    'Hello Honey you look so sad".

    "Excuse me, but your not welcome here".

    "Wow are you being rude is that nice"?

    "I'm sorry, I just want to be alone please".

    "Well I just thought I was being friendly, I will leave you alone than". He got up sitting at another booth just staring at her. Sue Ellen drank her tea, and asked for the bill. She wanted to leave, the man was making her nervous. She didn't want any trouble, especially with her being pregnant. She paid, and left a tip, and got up walking to the door. She prayed the man stayed seated, but he got up, and walked out behind her. She walked to her car, she dropped her keys, when the man walked behind her. Sue Ellen turned, "Please leave me alone, I don't want any trouble. I'm pregnant, I just want to leave in peace".

    The man looked at Sue Ellen, "your pregnant"?

    "Yes", she said picking up her keys.

    "I was going to teach you a lesson in manners, but go next time, be more friendly". He walked away, Sue Ellen opened her car door and got in. She locked the doors, her hands were shaking so bad. She jumped when her cell went off. She lifted her phone up, and realized it was JR. She was shaking but she flipped the phone open, and said "Hello".

    "Sue Ellen where are you "?

    "JR it is over, I'm sorry, me and the baby deserve to be happy".

    "Everyone is worried, I want you home this minute".

    "I'm not coming home JR, you walked out on me for the last time".

    " I swear I will find you , I will take your baby from you, and you will never see it again".

    "Stop this JR, you are not taking my baby from me".

    "Where are you Sue Ellen, I'm sorry I hurt you? I will come and get you, and bring you home".

    "JR you just want me home, because your family is angry".

    "You idiot Sue Ellen, I will kill you". Sue Ellen started to cry, and hung up. JR threw the phone, he was shocked when he saw Jock standing at the doorway.

    "Daddy, I'm sorry you heard that, she is driving me crazy". Jock walked over smacking JR across the face. "You threatened, the Mother of your Child, who are you"?

    "Daddy please"

    "I swear, I will bring Sue Ellen and the baby back, and I will throw you off this land. You will be the Father and husband she needs or so help me God, I will disown you". Jock stormed out of the room, leaving JR stunned, and hurt.
  4. jrs

    jrs Active Member

    :exit:eek:h Jessie.....i love this story...this might be one of my faves..:exit:
  5. Laustsen

    Laustsen Active Member

    Jessie, I have read some of the story on the Bobby and Pam forum, and I have to say it is really good, looking forward to more.
  6. Jessie

    Jessie Well-Known Member

    Thank you Jrs, and Laustsen, for your kind comments about my new story. I love writing this one too.

    Chapter 4

    Jock walked into the Den, and called one of his private eye's. He told him what was going on. He wanted Sue Ellen found, and brought home. He said he would pay anything to make that happen. Jock hung up, and got up going outside for some air. Bobby and Pam were sitting outside.

    "Daddy any news on Sue Ellen"?

    "No, but I want her home, I will not lose my Grandchild now"?

    "Is it Sue Ellen you want Jock, or the baby"?

    "Pam don't you dare talk to me that way, both of them of course".

    "Sorry Jock, I just wanted to make sure".

    "She is out there alone, I'm not being cruel she won't survive alone".

    '"Oh really maybe she can, maybe she needs to be away from JR". Jock banged his hand, "did you tell her to leave Pam, it sounds like it"?

    "No, I wouldn't tell her to leave, but we all saw how he treated her".

    "It will change once, she comes home. Do you both have any idea where she would go "?

    "No Jock, I honestly don't have any idea".

    Jock sat back, he prayed Sue Ellen would be ok.

    Sue Ellen was in the car driving, she was still crying she was really hurt by JR's anger . She drove for another 2 hours, she missed the Family especially Miss Ellie. She wondered if Miss Ellie missed her, she was like her Mother? Sue Ellen had to go to the bathroom, she stopped the car, at a Donut shop. She ordered a juice , and a muffin, and ran into the bathroom. She couldn't believe how disgusting it was, but she realized, this was her life for awhile. She came out , and sat down, drinking her juice, and picking at her muffin. Her stomach , was feeling sick again, she hoped the morning sickness was over. She picked up the cell phone, and dialed Southfork, hoping Miss Ellie answered.

    Jock was walking upstairs, when the phone rang. He walked over picking it up. "Hello".

    Jock was about to get angry, because he didn't get a reply. He knew someone was on the other end.

    "Sue Ellen please talk to me, is this you"?

    Jock heard the person cry, it broke his heart, he wanted to go to her.

    "Sue Ellen please talk to me".

    "Jock, I'm so sorry, I couldn't stay there any longer"

    "Please come home, you shouldn't be alone".

    "I can't I promise you, I will take care of my baby. I won't drink anymore, I want to be the best Mother I can be".

    "Sue Ellen where are you, I will come to you, just tell me"?

    "I can't goodbye", Sue Ellen hung up, she couldn't stop crying. The waitress walked over, "Honey are you ok, you look exhausted"?

    "I'm ok, sorry", Sue Ellen put the money on the counter, and walked out to the car. She sat for the longest time, trying to calm down. She didn't want to hurt Miss Ellie and Jock, but she had to think of herself, and her baby, she deserved to be happy. She finally calmed down enough, she started the car, and realized, she needed to find a place, to settle down for the time being.

    JR walked downstairs, seeing his Father holding the phone, just staring.

    "Daddy what is wrong"?

    "She called JR, she is hurting, and it is all your fault"

    "Daddy we both made mistakes, but she was wrong, for running".

    "You have treated her like crap most of your marriage. I knew the night she was almost raped, by those two idiots, that showed up here for revenge she changed . We let them go, out of pride for our name, but I saw her face JR, she felt like she didn't matter". JR stood silent, he remembered that night, he thought they would violate her, they were lucky she was spared.

    "Daddy she got over that night ".

    "You fool she never got over it, you humiliated her in front of everyone. She tried for so long, to act like nothing was wrong. You were out all over town, with a different woman every night, while she sat home alone. Why didn't I do something than, now, I lost my Grandchild, and God forgive me, maybe I deserve to". Jock walked past JR , and walked upstairs, leaving JR standing there speechless.

    For more Dallas stories, check out this site. http://sandalynn.proboards.com/index.cgi#writing
  7. Jessie

    Jessie Well-Known Member

    Chapter 5

    Sue Ellen was driving for so long, she fell asleep behind the wheel. She woke up seeing headlights heading right at her. She swerved, and slammed on her breaks. The car stopped by the side of the road. She couldn't catch her breath, but she started to cry, she couldn't keep doing this. She needed to stop driving and find somewhere to settle down. She heard someone yelling asking her if she was ok. She opened the door, it was the driver of the other car. He was a slightly older man, he touched her face, "OMG are you ok"?

    "I'm sorry, this was my fault, I'm so tired". Sue Ellen says, but was crying. He helped her out of the car, he noticed she was pregnant.

    "Your baby are you ok"?

    "I think so, please don't call the Police , I beg of you"

    "Ok calm down, I'm not calling anyone, there was no damage".

    "Ok, thank you Sir".

    "Where are you going all alone, this isn't a great road to be driving at night. You don't get many people on this stretch of road".

    "I'm looking for a Hotel, so I can rest for the night. I want to find a nice apartment, and I will need a job".

    "Wow that was a mouth full, this might sound strange. I promise you , I'm not some weirdo who would harm you or your baby. I have a place, and this might sound strange but a young couple just moved out 2 weeks ago. They rented my basement, why don't you rent it out, for $100.00 a month, until you find a job, than we will work out a different deal."?

    "I don't know", Sue Ellen was nervous, but was so tired.

    "I promise you, nothing will happen, you have your own entrance, and key. You will have someone close by when you go into labor, where is the Daddy"?

    "He is at home, he never loved me, and he doesn't want this baby".

    "OMG that is horrible, what kind of man is he"?

    "I'm to blame too, he just stopped loving me, I don't know why"?

    "Can you drive, you can follow me, I will show you my place"?

    "You really are kind, I trust you, I hope you are not some weirdo".

    "Well my name is Todd, and I'm not a weiro", he laughed. what is your name"?

    "Sue Ellen".

    "Pretty name Sue Ellen, come on lets get you home, so you can rest". Sue Ellen got in her car, part of her was saying don't do it, and part of her trusted Todd completely. She followed behind him, and she saw his house. She smiled to herself, it was a little white house with a white picket fence. She dreamed of that growing up, she knew it was not going to be like Southfork. She got out of the car, he helped with her bags. She smiled as he took her to the entrance, leading to the basement apartment. She walked down it was nice, it was furnished, which she was happy about . She looked at the small kitchen, and she couldn't believe the size of the bathroom. It had a bathtub which she loved, a shower , sink and a toilet. It was a 1/4 of the size of the one at Southfork. She turned, he pointed to the bedroom, "this is your room, I have clean sheets in the cupboard over there. Towels, and some other items you can use until you can get some of your own. I think this would be enough room for you and your baby."

    "Todd you can get so much money renting this, I can't let you rent this to me for $100.00 a month".

    "Until you get a job, take your time, I'm fine".

    "Thank you , I really appreciate this so much".

    "I will get your phone hooked up for you, put if you need anything, knock at my door"

    "I will thank you, goodnight". Todd walked upstairs, Sue Ellen followed, he said goodnight handing her a set of keys. She locked the door, and walked downstairs, looking around. She took her bag to her room. She grabbed a set of sheets, making her bed. She sat down, and looked around, this was her life now, she was scared, but she was going to make it work for her and her baby. She got undressed, cleaned up, putting her nightgown on. She laid on the bed, shutting her eyes, and for the first night since she left Southfork, she fell right to sleep, and slept right through until the morning.

    For more Dallas stories, check out this site. http://sandalynn.proboards.com/index.cgi#writing
  8. jrs

    jrs Active Member

    oh cant wait on the next installment
  9. Laustsen

    Laustsen Active Member

    Really good, Jessie.
  10. Jessie

    Jessie Well-Known Member

    Her Saviour , My Christmas and New Years Story

    Chapter 6

    1 week later

    JR came downstairs, everyone was quiet, Jock wouldn't even look at him.

    "Good morning Ma Ma".

    "Good morning JR". Miss Ellie didn't even look at him, when she said it. He sat down, he didn't want to eat, but he didn't want to make his Daddy anymore mad than he already was.

    "JR has your Private Eye found out anything on Sue Ellen"?

    "No Daddy but he is still looking".

    "Do you even care that the Mother of your child is out there all alone"? JR felt his face burning up, he was fed up with the treatment his family were giving him. He wanted Sue Ellen home just as much as everyone else does. JR stood up, "Daddy enough, I have done everything in my power to find her. I'm sorry your disappointed in me, but what else do you want me to do"?

    "Find her, and bring her home JR, why did you push her into leaving in the first place. "?

    "I'm going to work, see you all tonight". JR stormed out, they could hear his car speed out of Southfork, from the dining room.

    "Daddy I think you should lay off of JR just a little".

    "Really Bobby I don't ". Jock got up leaving them all stunned. They all sat there none of them could eat, they all didn't know what to do next?

    Sue Ellen got up getting dressed when she heard someone knock at the door. She walked up the stairs, and asked who it was?

    "It's Todd Sue Ellen"

    "Oh just a minute", Sue Ellen fixed herself up, and opened the door. Todd smiled carrying two bags of groceries, he asked if he could bring them in?

    "Todd you didn't have to do this , I have a few things".

    "I know but I wanted to, he put the bags on the counter. He was pulling out the food, putting them in the cupboard, and fridge. He turned, "I will be right back". He ran upstairs, and came back down in a few moments. He had hot chocolate for her, coffee for himself, and two bagels with cream cheese. He also had a little teddy bear, which he handed to Sue Ellen.

    "Oh this is adorable, is this for the baby"?

    "And you Sue Ellen, when is the the due date"?

    "3 months".

    'Oh you barely look 2 months girl, do you eat at all"?

    "Yes, but I still get sick sometimes".

    "I'm taking you to my Doctor, he said he would see you anytime today"

    "Todd you can't keep doing everything for me, I have to learn to do stuff for myself. I have put in some resumes, but I haven't heard anything yet".

    "I said not to worry beside, you can't work when the baby comes".

    "Oh God I didn't think about that, what am I going to do"?

    "You are staying here, and I don't want you worrying about anything. I have had a great life, I think I can handle, helping you out "

    Sue Ellen kissed Todd on the cheek, and smiled, "you are so sweet , you are my best friend". Todd winked, "Lets eat our bagels Sue Ellen, they are getting cold". They sat down, and he loved having her company. He lost the love of his life the previous year, he needed someone to talk to. Sue Ellen smiled, "Oh I love hot chocolate Todd it is so yummy".

    "I know you love chocolate, I bought you some chocolate chip cookies".

    Sue Ellen giggled, "Can I have one after my Bagel"?

    "For breakfast Sue Ellen"?

    "Yeah, please".

    'They are yours sure have one ". Sue Ellen got up getting the chocolate chip cookie, she turned smiling but all of a sudden she dropped the cookie holding her stomach. Todd jumped up , "Sweetie what is wrong"?

    "My baby just kicked Todd, oh he kicked hard". Todd smiled, he touched her stomach, and laughed as it kicked again. He pulled away, and said he was sorry, he had no right. Sue Ellen took his hand and put it on her stomach, "don't be silly, your going to be my babies Uncle Todd". He hugged Sue Ellen, and was never more happy to have her as part of his life.
  11. Laustsen

    Laustsen Active Member

    Great update. I can understand the family, but if Sue Ellen want JR back she well come around in her own time.
  12. Jessie

    Jessie Well-Known Member

    Chapter 7

    Todd took Sue Ellen to his doctor, he waited outside, as she went in. She came out 1/2hour later, she smiled, "your Doctor is so nice"

    "Will he deliver your baby Sue Ellen"?

    "Yes, he said he would, he said everything is pretty good. I have to eat more I'm under weight".

    "I told you Sue Ellen".

    "I think it was stress but I feel wonderful now, because of you". They left, and were walking to the car, when Todd saw a baby store.

    "Come on Sue Ellen lets look inside".

    "I can't I have to get some money first, I have 3 months yet"

    "I will pay come on, you can owe me". Sue Ellen smiled as they both went into the store. She walked over seeing a baby crib, it was so pretty, she touched it. Todd walked over, "you like this crib Sweetie"?

    "Yes it is beautiful, maybe they can put it on layaway"?

    "I'm getting it, we have to be prepared". Sue Ellen looked at Todd he was so amazing, she couldn't understand, how she was so blessed. She turned seeing a couple looking at stuff together, and she shut her eyes, picturing her and JR doing it. She wished JR was here for her, a tears fell down her cheeks. Todd walked over touching her shoulder, "Sweetie what is wrong"?

    "Why couldn't he love me Todd"? She couldn't stop crying Todd pulled her close, he felt horrible for her. "Shh forget about him, just be happy for you and your baby". She cried for what felt like forever, she finally stopped, they left the store. Todd drove home he looked over, she was so quiet, he hated seeing her hurting so bad. They got to the house, she thanked him, but walked to her entrance slowly, opening the door going inside. She walked downstairs, she laid on the couch, curling up crying, as she shut her eyes, and fell asleep.

    Todd was in his place, he felt horrible, he had to do something. He smiled as he grabbed his CD player and some CD's and walked to her door. He knocked Sue Ellen jumped up, going upstairs. Todd smiled, "I'm here to cheer you up, can I come in"?

    "Sure but I'm really not great company". He ran downstairs, plugging the CD player in. He put on Lionel Richie's , "Dancing on the ceiling". He walked over grabbing her hand, "come on lets boogie".

    Sue Ellen smiled, "Boogie, what are you talking about"?

    Todd start dancing Sue Ellen couldn't stop laughing. He was really moving, Sue Ellen started to dance too. Todd laughed, "Now that is what I love seeing a smile on the prettiest girl in all of Dallas".

    Sue Ellen has tears in her eyes, but they were tears of joy. Todd was doing some strange moves, Sue Ellen was laughing so hard, she had to sit down. He kept dancing, he would do anything to distract her from her past. She started clapping her hands as he fell down beside her.

    "Oh God that killed me"

    "Are you ok Todd"?

    "Yeah I'm just too old for that kind of dancing".

    "I'm not", Sue Ellen got up dancing, making him smile.."Be careful Sweetie, don't go into labor". She held her stomach, "Oh my baby will love dancing too". She forgot all about JR, for the time being anyway. Todd looked at Sue Ellen, he knew she was someone he loved having in his life, and he knew if her family came and took her away now, it might kill him.
  13. jrs

    jrs Active Member

    great update..keep it coming
  14. Crazy For Sue Ellen

    Crazy For Sue Ellen Well-Known Member

    Awesome story Jessie.
  15. Jessie

    Jessie Well-Known Member

    Thank you everyone for reading my story, this is one of my favourites to write.

    Chapter 8

    Todd came home from work, seeing Sue Ellen sitting on the patio, drinking a tea. He got out of the car, and smiled, "Oh what a lovely surprise finding you here".

    "Hi Todd". Sue Ellen looked at him, and he could see she has been crying.

    "What is wrong, are you ok"?

    "I can't find a job, probably because I'm pregnant".

    "Sweetie that is ok".

    "No it isn't, I want to pay you, I want to do this on my own".

    "Ok, maybe you can work for me"

    "What do you mean"?

    "You can be my cook, and do my laundry, and do some cleaning around the house"

    "Your maid"?

    "Yeah sort of". Todd smiled

    "I can do it, I think but I'm not great at cooking".

    "Hey soup and sandwiches, would be awesome".

    "I can start right now, you relax, I will make you something for dinner". Sue Ellen got up, walking to her door , "Oh man I don't have much food".

    Todd threw her his keys, go use my kitchen, I'm stocked up". Sue Ellen opened the door, and went inside. Todd sat back, smiling, he loved having her around.

    Back at Southfork, it has been 1 1/2 months since she left. JR was home every night, he would sit looking over the land. Jock and Ellie could see he was hurting, but they blamed him for everything. Jock walked over, "JR your private eye, can't find her"?

    "No Daddy it is like she fell off the face of the earth. What if she is hurt, or dead"?

    "Stop talking like that, she is hiding, can you blame her"?

    "Daddy I miss her, I swear I'm sick how I treated her".

    "Really JR, if she came back, would you treat her right"?

    "Yes, I need her, is she eating properly, the baby needs both of us". Jock sat down, "JR if you mean this, you just made me the happiest man on earth. I was so ashamed, because I allowed you to go on, treating everyone like they were nothing to you, but a means to get what you want".

    "Daddy will I ever find her"?

    "I'm going to get some of my men out looking for her. I miss her, and I want my grand baby home too".

    "She is due in less than 2 months, I want to see my baby born".

    "You will JR, we have to make that happen".

    JR smiled, he wasn't so sure, maybe God was punishing him, he treated her so horribly. He realizes now, he loved her, and he will never give up hope, she will come home to him and the family.

    Back at Todd's

    Sue Ellen walked out, "Todd dinner is ready, please be nice". Todd walked in, he smiled the table was set up so pretty. He smiled, "Oh man my favourite, I love bacon and eggs".

    "Really, me too". He sat down, they ate, as she got up getting herself milk, and him coffee. He made a fuss, she felt so proud, she actually made a deceit meal, this felt so right. Todd was telling her about work, and she couldn't help but wish it was JR across from her, sharing his day, with her. He never listened to her, and having Todd with her right now meant the world to her.

    For more Dallas stories, check out this site. http://sandalynn.proboards.com/index.cgi#writing
  16. Jessie

    Jessie Well-Known Member

    Her Saviour , My Christmas and New Years story.

    Chapter 9

    Sue Ellen is due any day now.

    Sue Ellen was in bed she heard the door knocking. She has been having a rough time, not sleeping , and bad pains in her back. She got up putting her housecoat on, walking to the door. She smiled , "Oh Todd, I'm sorry, I couldn't make breakfast today".

    "Oh Sweetie your not sleeping good are you"? Sue Ellen felt tears come to her eyes, he came into her house. "Come on lets get you a nice tea". They went into the kitchen, she sat down slowly.

    "Sue Ellen the baby is coming , you are going to be a Mother soon. It is 2 weeks before Christmas, but I think it will be here soon".

    "I know Todd, I'm scared, what if I can't do it on my own"?

    "You will do fine, beside you have me, the three of us will be fine". Sue Ellen smiled, "You can make me laugh, even though it feels like I was hit by a truck". He walked over , "let me rub you back".

    She shut her eyes, "Oh that feels heavenly".

    "Hey I'm going to stay home today and pamper you".

    "No please don't I will call you if anything goes wrong". Todd handed her the tea , he touched her face, and smiled. "Ok I will go but call me , I will be home right away". Sue Ellen giggled, "I don't think it is coming that fast, run along". Todd walked to the stairs, as Sue Ellen got up to lock the door. She cried out holding her stomach and the wall.

    "Right Sweetie, you are just making fun of me".

    "Oh God Todd, my water broke". He ran over , "OK it is ok, I'm here, I will get the car". He ran outside, Sue Ellen was half crying and laughing. "Todd help me, I can't move". He ran in, "Oh right lets get going".

    "I have to change, I'm not being seen like this".

    "You are kidding, who cares"?

    "I do help me please". He ran shutting the door, he lifted her into his arms running to the bedroom. He put her on the bed, as he ran to the dresser. 'Ok what do you want to wear"?

    "A dress, I won't get pants on". Sue Ellen cried out , "OMG Todd it hurts so bad, help me". He ran over touching her face, "Hey look at me, you will be fine, the pain is normal I think". She started to cry, "get me the dress, we better hurry". She tried to take her nightgown off, but she could barely move. He ran back, "Ok Sue Ellen forgive me for seeing you naked".

    "I don't care right this moment". Todd smiled as he pulled her night gown off. He helped her put the dress over her. He lifted her into his arms, and carried her out to the car. He ran into his house getting his car keys. He got her settled, as he ran around to the drivers side. He started the car his hands were shaking. Sue Ellen whispered, "Todd calm down, thank you for being my friend". She shut her eyes, he panicked , "OMG Sue Ellen stay awake, you can't sleep now". Sue Ellen opened her eyes, "Oh I was resting, thanks". She grabbed his arm as another contraction came. The pain was unbearable, Sue Ellen cried out, "Todd I'm so scared".

    He drove talking to her trying to help her through the pain. Sue Ellen just prayed she would get to the hospital fast, she knew it was coming and she didn't want to be in a car when it did .

    For more Dallas stories, check out this site. http://sandalynn.proboards.com/index.cgi#writing
  17. jrs

    jrs Active Member

    oh no JR has to see the baby born...:eek:
  18. Laustsen

    Laustsen Active Member

    Great update. Hope onbe day that JR and Sue Ellen is going to get back together
  19. Crazy For Sue Ellen

    Crazy For Sue Ellen Well-Known Member

    Wonderful update Jessie.
  20. Jessie

    Jessie Well-Known Member

    Her Saviour, My Christmas and New Year's Story

    Thank you for reading my story, oh jrs don't get mad at me. :sosad:

    Chapter 10

    Sue Ellen was in so much pain, but she tried to be brave. She looked at Todd, "I don't know if I can take much more"?

    "You can it is painful right now, but just think about when your precious baby will be put in your arms. "

    "Oh another pain Todd hurry please". He could see the hospital in view. "We will be there in 5 minutes, just stay calm". Sue Ellen cried out, "I'm bleeding Todd , OMG".

    He almost slammed on his breaks, Sue Ellen cried out. "Oh Sue Ellen just hold on". He went even faster, driving into the hospital, stopping the car in front of the emergency room entrance. Todd got out the Security Guard told him to park in the lot.

    "I can't right this minute, she is having a baby, she is bleeding". Two Doctors ran out with a stretcher. They opened the passenger side door, checking Sue Ellen out. She shut her eyes, she whispered, "I'm so tired". They got her on the stretcher and ran inside the hospital. The Security guard told Todd to follow, he would get his car in the lot. Todd ran in, he saw them run into a room with Sue Ellen. He sat down, he felt sick, he wondered if he did something wrong. It was 10 minutes later a Dr. Adams walked out to Todd.

    "Hello Sir, did you bring Sue Ellen in"?

    "Yes please tell me she and the baby are ok"

    "She would like you to come in, she is about to give birth. She lost a lot of blood but she will be fine, I'm sure". Todd followed him in, Sue Ellen smiled, "Todd I thought you ran away"

    "Me no way, I'm here Sweetie".

    Sue Ellen held his hand as she whispered, "I needed a friend". He smiled as she cried out, and Dr. Adams got ready. "I'm sorry Sue Ellen we couldn't give you anything for the pain, your too far along. We will give you something to help after, but together we are going to bring your baby out".

    "Together, I'm in pain". Sue Ellen tried to smile, but she started to cry instead. Dr. Adams took her hand, "You can do this Sue Ellen, lets get started". Todd's heart broke he hated seeing her suffer, but he had to get her through this. Sue Ellen cried out, "OMG get him out please, the pain".

    "When I tell you Sue Ellen, on your next contraction push as hard as you can".

    "I can't I'm to tired".

    "Sue Ellen you can, and you will, come on".

    Todd smiled, "You can, just think we will have such a sweet Christmas with the baby". Sue Ellen smiled, but she grabbed his hand as the contraction started. She pushed with all her might, and than laid back shutting her eyes.

    "His head is almost out Sue Ellen, next contraction another push". Sue Ellen has tears falling down her cheeks which Todd wiped away with a Kleenex. She shut her eyes as another contraction came, she pushed really hard, and held her breath. The Doctor yelled, 'His head and shoulders are out, one more push, and it might be over".

    "OMG I can't please". Dr. Adams saw her blood pressure rising, he knew she was in trouble if this went on much longer. Another contraction came, and Sue Ellen tried to push, but she was losing all her strength, the Nurse and Todd helped her by talking her through it. They baby came out, they laid Sue Ellen back, as they went to work on the baby. Sue Ellen looked at Todd, "OMG my baby isn't crying, what is wrong"?

    Todd looked over seeing the Doctor and Nursing doing stuff.

    'Shh your baby is fine, don't worry". Sue Ellen was so upset she put her hands over her face. All of a sudden you heard the sweet cries of a baby. Sue Ellen put her hands down, and cried out, "my baby". Dr. Adams walked over holding up the cutest little boy who was crying which sounded like music to Todd and Sue Ellen's ears. Dr. Adams put the baby in her arms, and smiled, "You have a son Sue Ellen , he is a handsome young man"

    'Yes he is, isn't he"? Sue Ellen smiled looking at her boy.

    Todd smiled, "Now you have to name him".

    'He won't see his Daddy, but it is only fair, I'm going to name him John Ross". Sue Ellen knew there was a chance Cliff was the father, but she just knew the minute she saw John Ross, he was JR's. She couldn't explain it, but she knew it.

    "Lovely name Sue Ellen".

    Sue Ellen held John Ross close, "Hey John Ross, I'm your Ma Ma, and I love you". Sue Ellen was so emotional she couldn't stop crying . The nurse walked over, "Let me get him all cleaned up, and than you can hold him. Dr. Adams has to get you settled, Sweetie you need some rest". Sue Ellen took a few moments, but finally handed the nurse the baby. She looked at Todd, "I did it Todd, I'm a Mommy". Sue Ellen eyes were filled with tears, but so were Dr. Adams and Todd's, they knew she would be a good Mother, just by the way she said it.

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