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How important would Dynasty's history be for a NEW Dynasty show?

Discussion in 'Dynasty Official Forum' started by willie oleson, May 1, 2012.

  1. willie oleson

    willie oleson Well-Known Member

    What should they use and what not?
    People who have never watched the original show must be able to understand it.
    Recalling a thousand (not-so-clever) plotlines won't make much sense I'm afraid.
    Flashbacks, yes/no? What would be the most significant event to remember (through flashback)?
  2. SnarkyOracle!

    SnarkyOracle! Well-Known Member

    Obviously, the younger generation needs new stories. But the only plotlines from the original show that even mattered then were the deaths of Ted Dinard and Roger Grimes. And those would have little meaning for the younger Carringtons.

    So, probably nothing.

    Unless we wanted to pick up little hints that were never really pursued (e.g., Cecil having his mother stabbed, Alexis pulling a knife in her youth, the political/economic/familial details leading up to the Moldavian massacre, Alexis bringing about Cecil's death).
  3. Sarah13

    Sarah13 New Member

    I vote for ignoring the Reunion. Any other history can be counted imo.
  4. Ked

    Ked Well-Known Member

    I vote for that too (although there were a few things from there I'd use, such as Blake and Krystle's reunion and a few other things, but mostly everything else would be considered non-canonical).

    Hm, you know something? We could probably have the first season in the new show sort've pick up where season 9 left off. Like it immediately answers what happened to everybody and where they all ended up in the first few episodes... and for good measure, maybe there can be another "Who dunnit?" storyline, only this time with Dennis Grimes, who was found in the very same lake his father was 20-some years ago... (I'd have it revealed towards the end that it was little Krystina who killed him when he broke into the mansion and attacked Alexis and Krystle, and the two women desperately hid his body in the lake to protect Blake and Krystina).

    There could also be the 25 year gap between season 9 and the potential season 1 of the new series. Like maybe during that time Steven and Amanda returned to Denver to support their father, along with Dominique and the rest of the family as well. Maybe Amanda got back together with Michael Cullhane, who ended up disappearing for 8 years before the new series in order to escape his mafia connections... but I'm just rambling. :)
  5. Gabriel Maxwell

    Gabriel Maxwell Well-Known Member

    "Dynasty" was always more fascinating when it would tap into its backstory. Now the original series is a part of that backstory. It's irrelevant how crap many of the storylines were, there are always fun ways to use little bits and pieces of information, but of course only if they fit seamlessly into the new stories and dialogues. The new viewers might not always get them, but they wouldn't hurt them, and the old fans could get a kick out them.

    For example, someone who doesn't live at the mansion could tell Krystle how grand and beautiful the mansion looks and she could respond by saying how overwhelming she found it when she first moved in (I'd even have her say how she almost got lost in it a couple of times and how she could almost swear (jokingly) they had the staircase moved at one point, but that's probably going too far).

    Or if there is a storyline about Lauren "entertaining" a hunky stable groom, L.B. could tell her over breakfast he saw her at his studio the previous night and ask her what she was doing there - a reference to Alexis deeding her old studio to L.B. in early season 3, when she was moving away to marry Cecil.

    Alexis could try to hurt Krystina by telling her how her mother was a slut, cheating on poor Blake left and right (reference to Matthew, Nick, Mark and Daniel); or L.B. could tell Sammy Jo how he's always been able to see through her lame schemes (a reference to the doppelganger storyline), etc.
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  6. bybr

    bybr Active Member

    The Reunion never happened. It was Krystle's dream while she was in her coma. That's at least what I would do if I was the one with the money for the new Dynasty. Even more, I'd would reedit the Reunion a little so that in the end it would be all clear that we are dealing with a melodrama fantasy. A kind of justice-bitchslap towards Shapiros and pollocks.
  7. alexis

    alexis Well-Known Member

    Oh yes of course. Give it a sort of vaseline smeard lense look and slap some over done daytime soap music over it, oh wait...
  8. phil colby

    phil colby Member

    The Reuinon is a fact! It should not be ignored. Ok we can ignore the storylines everyone of us hates, but Krystle was together with Blake again, same with Fallon and Jeff, Steven married Bart and Adam married Kirby. In business Blake got Denver-Carrington back and made his peace with Adam. All this ended really good and satisfieing...and now it s 20 Years later...
  9. SnarkyOracle!

    SnarkyOracle! Well-Known Member

    It did? It ended really good and satisfying? The Reunion? The one from 1991?
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  10. Ked

    Ked Well-Known Member

    You know something, you're right about it being more interesting when it tapped into its backstory. And you're also right about how they could always find ways to scatter bits and pieces of the old show throughout the new. It would be a kind've interesting "behind-the-scenes" sort of thing.

    But your idea about Krystle telling a newcomer to the mansion about how she felt when she first came in is awesome, plus the idea of her saying, "I could've sworn we had the staircase moved at one point" is hilarious. XD But yeah, probably going too far.

    And yes, I agree 100% that L.B. should have Alexis' old studio in his care. In fact, I think that the studio could be used as a sort of "playhouse" for the younger generation, like they use it to host small parties or have dates there (and L.B. can use it for work, haha).

    Though I'm not sure about Alexis trying to hurt Krystina, simply because in the original series, Alexis always seemed surprisingly fond of Krystina (i.e., the heart transplant story, and the scene in season 9 where she says with genuine concern to an anxious Krystle, "I would never let anything happen to your little girl - I'd take care of her myself if I had to. You know how I adore children!"). In fact, it might be a fun detail if Krystina got along better with Alexis and Lauren got along better with Krystle, just for a fun little twist? XD

    But I do love the idea of L.B. telling Sammy Jo "I've always been able to see through your lame schemes!" That would be AWESOME.

    Wow, that's the most positive thing I ever heard anybody say about The Reunion. But I personally am not saying it should be ignored, just that there were some storylines in it there are just way too ridiculous even for DYNASTY - and not only that, but they were also way too inconsisent (again, even for DYNASTY). I've said this before, though, that I think some of the things in The Reunion should be canonical, such as Blake and Krystle meeting on the beach, the Krystle/Alexis catfight (only it was over a DIFFERENT reason), the Kirby/Litton catfight (only that too is over a different reason), and Alexis retiring and going into fashion (I don't know, the idea of Alexis retiring and focusing on her artwork and from there realizing she could use her artistic skills for fashion just seems awesome to me - plus there could be a storyline where she uses Krystina, and not Lauren, as her main model).

    I wouldn't mind Steven being together with Bart and Blake having made peace with Adam, those I would keep as well, but I would keep it so that Jeff and Fallon never got back together. I see more potential drama for them as a still-separated couple. And even though at first I wanted Adam to get back with Kirby, I am now hooked on the idea of Kirby returning to the mansion and seizing the position as housekeeper and becoming the new Joseph of the show, so to speak, where she shows quite a bit of loyalty to Fallon and L.B., and gives all sorts of merry hell to any woman that Adam becomes involved with...

    ...hm, maybe Adam should get together with Sammy Jo instead of Dana after all; I actually can imagine this one scene where Adam and Sammy Jo are in a fierce shouting match in their bedroom, and Sammy Jo storms out - to see Kirby, wearing a white-collared black dress with her hair in a bun, sitting comfortably in one of the hallway chairs with her feet on a footrest, and munching on a bag of microwave popcorn. The housekeeper, with her mouth full, smirks and says, "Mrs. Carrington?" Sammy Jo, still red in the face from her argument, kicks the footrest out from Kirby's feet, knocks the bag out of her hands, scattering popcorn everywhere, and snarls, "Clean up this mess!" And for good measure, spits on Kirby, who, despite a shocked expression at the last gesture, manages to keep her composure... and after Sammy Jo leaves, uncovers the hidden camera that she later uses to sue Sammy Jo for maltreatment. XD
  11. bybr

    bybr Active Member

    Pamela Barnes Ewing could dream an entire year and forget it in a minute she woke up only remembering the beginning of it, but there is no way of Krystle having a melodrama fantasy while she is braindead?

    Have you ever heard about Director's cut? They can occur years after a particular movie is released.

    I did not said that with having the Reunion being result of a blond braindead women's coma, we can not "repeat" some storylines such us:
    Krystle waking up from her coma
    Blake and Krystle reunion
    Blake, Alexis and Krystle burring the hatchet.
    And to some extend, the Consortium, perhaps run by the Limo lady. They could have been some nazi-german-jewish umberella company.
    Kirby's hair being pulled by Mr. Litton
    And maybe, Alexis using her artistic skills (e.g. Alexis moving on!)

    and...am...Fallon making sandwiches?
    Dex not faring that well?
    Steven having a restoration plastic surgery?
    And Bart, knowing from Steven the goods of surgery, having a surgery of his own?
    Sammy Jo being lobotomized by an unattractive fashion designer of jeans that happened to be married to a very bland version of Nina Van Horn and talking about wetting her butt in a way too tight 100% cotton while talking about earning money for Danny's education? Guess, Steven's hospital bills for surgery must left him poor.
    Fallon being married to Jeff after she divorced him only to marry him again and again being unsure about him so she wants the divorce again only to be sure about the feelings and wanting to stay with him? Guess, that cop she used to date did not have big impact on her.

  12. Ked

    Ked Well-Known Member

    Yes, those are the storylines that should NOT be canonical. Absolutely... well, except maybe for Steven being played by Al Corley, because I actually read a comment from someone saying that its possible as Steven aged, his face naturally could have returned to its original form (the same can be said for Linda Evans, I think: in the 2006 Reunion, she didn't look much like herself, but within the last year or so she looks more natural because she left her face alone). But other than that, yeesh. Lol...

    That's actually a pretty good idea! Although I recall the Consortium being mentioned in season 6, only "the Consortium is Alexis Colby" was the general message. It had to do with part of Alexis' scheme in taking over Blake's business or something, I can't remember the finer details.
  13. underhill

    underhill Member

    lets face it - if new writers join the show, they will make mistakes. remember the one John Pleshette (Knots Landing-Actor) wrote in 1985 (The Ball)?
    the actors didnt even care to tell them that their storylines and history was not known to him - he just wrote some stuff and they played along.
  14. SnarkyOracle!

    SnarkyOracle! Well-Known Member

    Pleshette and others' work was undoubtedly sabotaged by the Pollocks. Even Camille Marchetta said "the other writers" on the show essentially undermined any sense of logic in the scripts.
  15. alexis

    alexis Well-Known Member

    Was that a season 5 or season 6 episode? Was it season 6 The Ball? I never realised John Pleshette wrote for DYNASTY. I knew he had on Knots. I want to watch his episode to see if makes any sense. Is it a weirdly profound episode I have not taken any notice of or is it just bad? lol
    If its the episode I'm thinking of it's the one where Ben reveals himself to Blake.

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