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If Jim Davis & victoria Did Not Leave Dallas?

Discussion in 'Dallas original TV Series official forum' started by grace, May 11, 2005.

  1. grace

    grace New Member

    To all my DALLAS fans around the world.If the late {Jim Davis} Jock Ewing & Victoria Principal Pam Ewing did not leave DALLAS how would you think how DALlAS would go on?How long do you think DALLAS would be on TV?
  2. I_Heart_Dallas

    I_Heart_Dallas New Member

    I don't think that Jim Davis had much of a choice...
  3. Yeah, I agree. I do not think that Jim Davis had much of a choice God rest his soul, but I believe that if Victoria Principal did not leave the show then "Dallas" would have run for a lot longer and things would have been better. When Victoria Principal left the show I stopped watching because Pamwas my all time favorite character. I know that I would still be watching every day if Pam was on there.
  4. April Ewing

    April Ewing New Member

    I think even if Victoria Principal had stayed, that "Dallas" had pretty much ran its course and would have ended when it did anyways.
  5. Jock Ewing Senior

    Jock Ewing Senior Active Member

    It would have been something to see Jim playing Jock during Bobby's death scene.
  6. Alf

    Alf Active Member

    let's drop the what if's.
  7. Jock-JR

    Jock-JR New Member

    Oh, how the show would have been different had Jim Davis lived. He would have found out that JR had set up his friends in the east Asian oil deal and probably removed him as president of Ewing Oil. So Bobby would've been president. Then JR would have fought to get it back... Hmmmm. Maybe it wouldn't have been that different. One thing's for sure: When Jock was on the screen, he carried the scene. No one else had that power. God rest his soul.

    No one except for, maybe, the lovely Pam. (I know my eyes always wander to her when she's on!) The entire show was based on her character. The daughter of an alcoholic oil man on whose nose the Ewing fortune was created married into that same family. There was no show after she left. I did like April Stevens; I thought she was a neat addition to the show. (And talk about beautiful... man!) But she was no Pam. I'm with you, BobbyNPamsLilPrincess. (What a neat name!) The show never recovered from the loss of Victoria Principal.
  8. Nikie

    Nikie Active Member

    I think even with Victoria on the show toward the end...that Dallas had hit its end in Season 9 or Season 10.
  9. Areasha

    Areasha New Member

    I have to agreee. I think that "Dallas" had run its course by season 10.

  10. teddygirl

    teddygirl New Member

    I've wondered that myself, what it would have been like.
  11. Tatianna

    Tatianna Well-Known Member

    I've wondered, too, especially after the scene on the stairs with Miss Ellie when he thought both JR and Bobby were killed in the plane crash.
  12. TJames03

    TJames03 Well-Known Member

    Well, I would have liked Victoria to stay but the producers made Pam such a wimp in her last season that it really wasn't the same Pam to begin with anyway. Also, why wasn't there ever a finale to the character of Pam? After she was burned, she vanished, was gone for about two years, turned up again in one episode played by a different actress and was supposed to be dying of a disease? Convoluted, or what!?
  13. ChrisSumnerMatheson

    ChrisSumnerMatheson Well-Known Member

    Pam hadn't been Pam in years. Each year she was watered down and turned into a moron. She had her moments, but annoying me a lot of the time. I seriously don't think her exit was that big a deal. I'm not the type of person who holds on. In real life, people leave...why shouldn't actors and characters on a TV show? To top it off, Pam got a very good exit and an entire cliffhanger dedicated to her so she went out in style which is more than lots can ask for.

    As for Jim Davis, that's a good question. I think the show would've been COMPLETELY different, but I do think his death was very powerful so it was worth it instead of recasting him right away after Jim Davis died. The effects lasted until the end and it did a lot of good to the show.

    Also, I would've never gotten my favorite supercouple...Elton which consists of Ellie and Clayton! :EXIT:
  14. CarlD

    CarlD Well-Known Member

    I agree Alf, bored I guess. To answer the question though, season 3 was pretty calm and uneventful WITH Jim, without his death and the GREAT stories we got from his will fight (Rebecca's death, Pam and Bobby's divorce, SF fire, Miss Ellie's breakdown, etc etc etc), I doubt seasons 5 & 6 could have been much better. Loved Jock, but have thought with his staying on the show and without his death, how long they would have stayed on the air (his death gave great stories through season 9). Without that, it would have been hard to make it good for so long.

    If Victoria had stayed, season 10 would have been MUCH better, and basically, we would have had that magic "DALLAS" as long as she stayed on the show. Linda Gray was great, but not a critical part of the Pam-Bobby-JR stories that made DALLAS the great show it was.
  15. jeffflanigan

    jeffflanigan New Member

    I think that the death of Jim Davis, although sad as it may have been, coupled with the EXCELLENT decision to not re-cast the role was the kick start to a string of great seasons. It gave tremendous storylines that I'm not sure could have been matched with other circumstances. The beginning of the end was not Pamela's departure, but the stupid idea of the "Dream Season." That insulted the intelligence of the viewers. Confused them because they had to revert back to the previous season's storylines. As well as made people look at the show with less "awe" because they had resorted to Dynasty-like storylines. I think they should have come up with something like they did with Dusty and I feel that it would have gone over better than an unbelievable, full year dream. It was obvious bringing Patrick Duffy back was the right move, but it's like coming back from the restroom in a crowded restaurant with your fly open and front of your pants slightly damp---you've got to come back, but you make everyone else want to leave with the way you returned.

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