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In Loving Memory - Jim Davis 26.8.1909

Discussion in 'Dallas original TV Series official forum' started by Sarah, Aug 25, 2006.

  1. Sarah

    Sarah Moderator Staff Member

    Just wanted to open a thread in memory of Jim Davis who was born August 26, 1909. A great man, sadly missed. (f)
  2. Angie1973

    Angie1973 New Member

    A truly talented actor...He WAS Jock Ewing!! He was the "John Wayne" of television. He is sadly missed at my house....R.I.P. Jim
  3. PT Freakin' G

    PT Freakin' G Well-Known Member

    I just finished the episode in which Miss Ellie gets the phone call. My grandparents remember Jim Davis from, not only DALLAS, but many western appearances he made. Great actor and he is very missed.
  4. Pammy P

    Pammy P Well-Known Member

    Jim was Da Man!

    No one could ever have played Jock any better!

    RIP Jim, we miss you and thank you for your contribution for bringing us DALLAS!(w) (u)
  5. Sugar&Slick

    Sugar&Slick New Member

    We miss you Jim!
    My mom and grandmother really liked him a lot.
  6. ClaraG.

    ClaraG. New Member

    Who can forget Jim Davis...?

    We miss you.
  7. garry

    garry Well-Known Member

    Jim Davis.

    Attached Files:

  8. Bobby_Ewing316

    Bobby_Ewing316 New Member

    I couldn't agree more. No one on earth was suited better for the role of Jock than Jim Davis. It was sad watching season 5 and not see Jock, knowing that Jim is dead .
  9. ArmCandy

    ArmCandy New Member


    Jim Davis

    Attached Files:

  10. Swami

    Swami Well-Known Member

    It was so sad that Jim Davis didn't live longer to reap the benefits of the well-deserved fame that had finally come his way during Dallas. He stamped his own indelible mark on the role that no other actor could have done. The fact that he did so in a way that ensured Jock Ewing's character was integral throughout the entire 13 years of Dallas' run.

    I salute the memory of an iconic Dallas figure.

  11. ChrisSumnerMatheson

    ChrisSumnerMatheson Well-Known Member

    I wasn't insanely in love with Jock the first time I watched, but re-watching on DVD he is absolutely amazing. The way he talks, that perma-frown, the way he interacts with everyone is just amazing. This is one of the best casting jobs in all of Dallas, maybe even the best. It's going to be so sad once I read his final episodes. :(
  12. Benny JR

    Benny JR Well-Known Member

    Rest in peace Jim
  13. Benny JR

    Benny JR Well-Known Member

    He was truly the Grand-daddy of TV!
    Howard Keel was the Grand-father of TV!
  14. Possum

    Possum Well-Known Member

    Sarah, great idea to acknowledge the late Jim Davis on his birthday rather than only on the day he passed. How great that he found such success during his twilight years.

    Because of Jim's presence, I still enjoy the early years much more than those that came after.
  15. teddygirl

    teddygirl New Member

    Happy Birthday Jim, from all us "Dallas" fans. You were the man!
  16. KillerBob

    KillerBob Well-Known Member

    R.I.P, Jim!
  17. 10 Gallon Hat Girl

    10 Gallon Hat Girl Well-Known Member

    Jim, you were so cool, and made Dallas feel 'real'. You were such a talented actor and you lit up every scene. :)

    I think my favourite line ever, of yours is;

    "I'm mad as hell boy!!" :D

    Rest in peace Big Jock.(l)
  18. Kirsty

    Kirsty New Member

    Miss you Jim, what a great man you were.
  19. dr_raines

    dr_raines New Member

    We love you Jim !

    You'd be 97 today .. Happy Birthday !

    (good idea for this thread Sarah)


    P.S. My favorite quote probably is: "I AM TAKAPA !"
  20. B.J. Ewing

    B.J. Ewing Well-Known Member

    Still miss you, Jock...

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