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JR and Sue Ellen's marriages

Discussion in 'Dallas original TV Series official forum' started by i love jr ewing, Apr 27, 2009.

  1. i love jr ewing

    i love jr ewing Well-Known Member

    My favorite couple on Dallas was JR and Sue Ellen, I was wondering if anyone wanted JR and Sue Ellen to stay together instead of getting divorced for the second time, and I was also wondering if anyone thought they should have more children together.
  2. dazzle

    dazzle Active Member

    i think they should have divorced for good, i mean, so much had happend between the two of them, it would be very difficult to stay married and give it a try ( they already done that for like 1000 times ) :) if you want my opinion, i would have loved to see sue ellen leave dallas and jr for good with nicholas pierce!!
  3. i love LL

    i love LL New Member

    same here:cheers: to that
  4. I always thought that they should have had some more children. Well, at least like one more anyway. For me, I always wanted them to have a daughter. It just seems like it would be pretty interesting to see J.R. be the overprotective father with her. It would also be sweet to see John Ross be a protective older brother and stuff, I think. To me, I always wanted her to be like a miniature version of Sue Ellen. Like, pageant princess and all. It would have been pretty interesting, I believe. :)
  5. graysonmom

    graysonmom New Member

    Nope, they were too disfunctional together. The only way I could see it is if Sue Ellen found a permanent backbone WITH JR, similar to the way JR and Marilee interact together. Then they could have been something like business partners as well as married. But as it was, nope. They needed to go their separate ways.
  6. Crazy For Sue Ellen

    Crazy For Sue Ellen Well-Known Member

    I have said this in other threads that since Nicholas died and alas since they didn't get back, I would have rather seen Sue Ellen ride off in the sunset with Dusty. It would have made way more sense than leaving with Don since they shared a history and Sue Ellen did love him but............

    I would have loved if JR and Sue Ellen had stayed together and had more children!
  7. James from London

    James from London Well-Known Member

    Nah, babies are boring.
  8. Tessie

    Tessie Well-Known Member

    More kids, no. Staying together instead of the stupid divorce and then "Oh, but JR's changed, he really loves me and will never cheat again" storylines, yes. They deserved each other, IMO.
  9. i love jr ewing

    i love jr ewing Well-Known Member

    I don't think Sue Ellen should've read off in the sunset with Nicholas Pearce, Dusty Farlow, Don Lockwood or anyone else for that matter, because I think JR and Sue Ellen belonged together. The story your currenty writing Back To You I dont like it that much right now because your having Sue Ellen saying she wants to be with Dusty when she should really be with her husband JR instead of that saddle tramp.
  10. MsTexas73

    MsTexas73 Well-Known Member

    At the time of the 2nd divorce...JR and Sue Ellen NEEDED to be apart. Their marriage had run its course...Both needed to be free of one another...Although I alway shoped they'd eventually find their way back to one another...with new found understanding of one another...IF they found no other to MATCH them....which they didn't.

    BUT I liked that Sue Ellen left him and moved on...she needed to experience life outside of being a "Ewing"...and outside of Dallas...although I think New York or L.A. would have been better places for her to move.

    As for leaving on the arms of someone else...I never thought that was necessary...she should have left on her OWN...to leave with DON of all people was rather deparate IMO.

    NOW...I am a die hard JRSE fan...and wouldn't have minded them staying together...HAD JR been right by then...IMO the writers messed this ALL up in s10 *aka dvd11*...insead of busting them up...they should have made them STONGER because we already had gone through Ray and Donna's break up...then Bobby and Pam's SECOND break up...so busting up JRSE at that time was bad timing and I think it HELPED put the nail in the ciffin of Dallas...as the dynamics of the family changed yet again...thus turning off MORE fans...In this season...JRSE should have banded together and become a powerhouse in bidness and in the bed...it was the late 80s...sex and business was HOT...imagine what they could have accomplished....Instead of the whole Cryder situation...they SHOULD have had the take down of Wendell at this time...I would have much rather enjoyed it.

    Sue Ellen had already proven to JR that she was his perfect match in bed and elsewhere...I always thought him cheating on her this season...for the purpose of business at that...was just STUPIDITY and LAZINESS on the part of the writers.
  11. Jenna_Cilla

    Jenna_Cilla New Member

    They were good together the first time, after that they were so wrong for each other. She and Dusty should have gotten married. Jr is Jr he would never change.
  12. jimmyk5769

    jimmyk5769 New Member

    I agree. Sue Ellen and Dusty were the true love story. And it wasn't to be, otherwise the show would have been over at the end of season 2.

    It always annoyed me that she left with Don Who? instead of Dusty. And I think that for the final, awful episode (Conundrum)....she should have been with Dusty.

    Just to clarify....I prefer watching Sue Ellen with JR. THAT was entertainment. But a love story? Uh.....no.
  13. Daphne

    Daphne Active Member

    As long as they are together its all good lol. Well, they did end up living together in the end of WOTE. And, Im sorry, I know Ive said this before but you can't tell me from time to time they lived under the same roof and did not share a bed......COME ON! This IS JR and Sue Ellen we're talking about! So, if you really truly think about it, they may have ended up divorced but in a way they'll always be together. Plus, if you think about it some more, if Sue Ellen ended up getting close to anyone JR would destroy whoever it was. Its just how it goes for them....
  14. The Lovely Sue Ellen

    The Lovely Sue Ellen Queen of OCD

    Same here
    I think i have said before that they should have had a little girl
  15. Scarlett

    Scarlett Well-Known Member

    Excellent post; they were always connected in some form.
  16. JRE-24

    JRE-24 New Member

    they should av at least propone their final tv breakup for at least another year and a half till sue-ellen final's season,

    the break up would av been dif and not a repeat of previous seasons cos the final triology season writers were in charged would av wrote it differently, maybe even sillier, however we wouldnt have stupid movie idea in our screen.
  17. MsTexas73

    MsTexas73 Well-Known Member

    It was at the end of JRR that they ended up living together under the same roof again...and in the last part she even hints at them continuing to sleep together from time to time...basically she planned to kick it with him when she felt like it...without the pressure of a marriage. In WOTE it is clear that at this point she is NOT "with" JR in the conjugal sense. But it doesn't mean she HASN'T been.

    Yeah...they were always connected mainly because they were each other's perfect match...they knew it and that's why they couldn't NOT be together for too long...

    As for destroying anyone...JR did manage to do that...but MAINLY because they were still TECHNICALLY married...he didn't bother Don though....that marriage fizzled out on its own...because Sue Ellen was not really in LURVE with him to begin with.
  18. Daphne

    Daphne Active Member

    I know it was at the end of JRR where they lived together again, I LOVED the mention of "pillow talk."
  19. Franko

    Franko New Member

    Does anyone know if they asked Jared Martin to appear in "Conundrum"? I suppose I could look up Jack Scalia's career track at that time, but surely Dallas wasn't going for a "hot" actor as opposed to dramatic resonance (insert faux shock).
  20. Maestro

    Maestro New Member

    Sue Ellen should have left when she thwarted JR's Westar takeover she had come full circle and her story finish......if Linda was smart she should have gotten out then as David Paulsen ( the greatest thing to happen to Dallas since who shot JR) final season was at this time. With Victoria not planing to come back and the lost of Linda and David's great writing the show may have ended sooner.

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