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Knots Season 15 (aka Knots 2013)

Discussion in 'Knots Landing Official Discussion Forum' started by montyc, Apr 14, 2012.

  1. montyc

    montyc Well-Known Member

    If the TNT Dallas is a big hit we can expect they will look to dust off other properties, especially Knots. If Joan is actually appearing on the new Dallas it is even more likely.

    Should it follow the Dallas trajectory and pick up where KL season 14 left off? Bobby, Betsy, Meg, Molly and the two unnamed grandchildren announced in the finale become the main focus. Michele would have to agree, at last, to play a grandmother. Val, Gary, Abby and Karen and Mack carry over and become secondary characters. Sorry, but there is no way they will do On Golden Knots and make them the primary characters. It's an obvious way to crank a second hit out and cross the new Dallas over with the proposed new Knots. The schedule could even have one follow the other with seamless airings.

    If they do it who else would you like to see return? I would love Claudia come back as Diane. She could even become a writer/producer for the new series. I see Claudia as an addiction counselor/therapist. Cathy Geary would be fun to see again and I bet they could even get Alec to revive his Joshua character, beyond the grave or another twin plot, perhaps? Michael could return, many years out of the closet, having married his husband in Provincetown in 2005, and defacto mentor to the gay/questioning Bobby? This plot would be would recognize and honor it's gay icon status and gay fan heavy base.

    The Dallas revival also makes the remaining seasons of KL season on DVD more valuable and more likely to see the light of day.
  2. Seaviewer

    Seaviewer Well-Known Member

    I think that's pretty much the way it have to play out, perhaps with a new young couple moving in to the cul de sac through whom the viewers would meet (or become reaquainted with) the existing residents, much like the original pilot.

    I think we can stay away from lookalike-Joshua, though, and I've never understood why so many people assume Michael was gay.
  3. montyc

    montyc Well-Known Member

    The twin plot would be an homage to the original series. Knots managed to mix a more reality grounded storytelling with the high octane camp soaps are so famous for like no other. Unlike Dallas, which painted with large brush strokes, or Dynasty and Falcon Crest which went for all out, pure camp.

    I never assumed Michael was gay. No one was assumed to be gay on the original Knots. Gay was taboo on prime time. Michael is the natural one to be gay though. He was the youngest, best looking long-term character. Generally the better looking the guy the more likely it is he is gay. Or didn't you know that rule? :)-

    Knots spoke to it's gay audience, however subtle it might have been. From the delicious Abby, who born destined for middle class blandness, and a woman, who presented a facade to fit in but was determined to make it, her way, no matter what it took and look fabulous while doing it. Every gay man could relate. To the bitchiness of Diana or my personal favorite, Laura. The mousy character who sat in the background like some abuse victim willing to put up with anything, or so it seemed, and suffer in silence. Proving everyone wrong, to a T, and then leaving this world in a plot straight out of some Bette Davis 1940's melodrama. I hated how they sent her off and always missed her. I missed Julie too and resented how she was never seen or heard from again.
  4. Seaviewer

    Seaviewer Well-Known Member

    By "people" I meant viewers, or fans, not on the show itself. They also made Michael gay in the Knots Landing Reborn fan-written web series.

    As you suggest, it was a more naive time then and I guess I missed all those subtleties but I still think it would be better to introduce new gay characters than suddenly "out" existing ones after all this time.
  5. Christine

    Christine Moderator Staff Member

    Yesterday I watched an early episode of Desperate Housewives which made me think of Paige and how she would just have to come back. I wonder if Nicollette would do it and if they would let her.
    I fear William Devane really is too old now, I can't see him with a woman like Nicollette. So...here's me thinking...who else could be Paige's new love interest? I am thinking of a YOUNGER man this time. And then I am suddenly thinking: BRIAN!!! Wouldn't this be awesome? lol Abby would kill herself. lol Yes, I would really love to see this. And maybe Paige and Brian could have a child (erm, I know, Nicolette is 49 ys old but she looks younger) and this would really piss off Abby. And then Abby & Anne AND Karen would be the grandmother/stepgrandmother of the same child. LOL! Too funny for words...We can dump Kate as a character, her two children don't need to be on the show.

    Well...but all in all I think Knots is not made for it. Dallas is the perfect show for such a concept, for this kind of continuation. I can't really see it with Knots. Do Valene, Gary, Mack & Karen still live in the cul-de-sac? Where do their children live?
    Maybe Gary can buy back his ranch and they can live there. Betsy could live in Val's house in the cul-de-sac. Bobby could live on the ranch. What about Meg? She could maybe live with her real daddy. lol Maybe she even runs Greg's business. Is she old enough? How old are the twins today, how old is Meg?
  6. Seaviewer

    Seaviewer Well-Known Member

    The twins would be 27 be cause they were born just after election day November 1984. Meg is a little younger. I like the idea of her running the Sumner Group; Greg did put a third of the company in her name at one point.

    I really don't see any reason why Val & Gary and Karen & Mack could not still be living in the cul de sac. I have neighbours who have been living in my street since before Knots started, so longer than Val and Karen.

    But Paige and Brian? Not sure about that one. I'd still like to see Kate & Brian and Michael & (was she named?) play out as we saw them in BTTCDS.
  7. Christine

    Christine Moderator Staff Member

    I think her name was Lori.

    So if the twins are 27, this must mean Meg is 24? Old enough to be working for The Sumner Group. This would make for a great storyline, Mack would be pissed. lol
  8. Daniel Avery

    Daniel Avery Knots Landing Forum Moderator Staff Member

    Meg would be the same age Paige was when she was "working" at Sumner Group. I can't see them justifying her running a huge company like SG simply because she is Greg's long-lost biological daughter. Mack and Karen are her parents in every way that matters.

    I could see Abby running SG, but not necessarily as a result of some dramatic takeover. Greg might simply hire her to run the day-to-day operations (President) so that he can enjoy more time with his horses and cigars (as CEO). This would allow them to have a love-hate relationship where he was (usually) one step ahead of her scheming, but benefitting financially from having her running things (since she really does have some talent with wheeling and dealing). He'd give her a short leash, but of course the fun would be seeing her trying to outsmart him.
  9. MacandKarenfan

    MacandKarenfan Active Member

    I would like to see Kate and Brian and Molly. Maybe Brian could be the narrater of the series. Also Olivia too. I liked Cathy Geary too but not sure who to pair her up with-maybe a new character.
  10. KnotsFangirl

    KnotsFangirl Active Member

    They could bring Ben Gibson back from Narnia. "Ben's alive! And old!" Val would be pissed (and possibly jealous in a "he left me for you...25 years ago" sort of way).

    She could even be a single mother with teenage/twenty-something kids. It might be interesting to have a single mother on the show, and the kids could become lead characters.
  11. montyc

    montyc Well-Known Member

    It it were up to me I would make Bobby, Betsy and Meg the main characters. Bobby and Meg have moved into Val and Gary's house. Val and Gary have moved to the retirement Ranch. Bobby and Meg are best friends: He is gay and she is a fruit fly. Betsy is running the Sumner group and has finished law school and has the ruthlessness of her Uncle JR, who has secretly mentored her and who would cross over in the pilot. Much to the chagrin of her parents!

    Lucy, who, at last, lives near her parents with her young adult son and who is close in age to his aunt and uncle. Olivia has moved in with her mother following the death of Harold and has two children of her own. Both are teenagers. Mama is still around and found her grand daughter and she get along very well. She scores very high on the Abby scale.

    Cathy has returned to Knots to close out some unfinished business...
  12. Seaviewer

    Seaviewer Well-Known Member

    I rewatched BTTCDS recently but now I can't remember if the name came from there or KLR.
    Greg essentially gave it all to Abby in BTTCDS and retired. Of course, he'd done that before. I could see him working behind the scenes to install Meg in her place.
  13. Vanilla

    Vanilla Member

  14. Vanilla

    Vanilla Member

    I always get the impression from the few interviews Patrick Petersen has done, that he's not too keen on being a sex object (gay or straight).
  15. Daniel Avery

    Daniel Avery Knots Landing Forum Moderator Staff Member

    I think he (like a lot of child actors) grew up and realized they didn't want to be (grown-up) actors. In many cases, they didn't even want to be child actors, and was only doing it to please their parents.
  16. Vanilla

    Vanilla Member

    That's pretty much what he said Dan Avery. His parents made him do it and unlike Tonya Crowe for example he was never interested in acting as a child.
    I love the idea of JVA as a crazy lillimae type character in a continuation of Knots Landing. She's naturally a bit crazy/neurotic but lovely and she's perhaps the only one of the originals who could manage a regular role in a remake. I doubt she'd be too keen on portraying a crazy old lady character though. She didn't like her brain virus storyline even though she executed it perfectly.
  17. underhill

    underhill Member

    anyone has a recent pic of Pat Petersen? Guess he changed alot

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