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Discussion in 'Falcon Crest Official Forum' started by Chloe-Fusco, Mar 15, 2012.

  1. Chloe-Fusco

    Chloe-Fusco Soap Chat Captain 10 Years on Soap Chat

    Jan 31, 2004
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    Public Relations
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    Lance had many women over all the seasons, with his dark Italian looks and his wealthy life but had he more attributes of Julia or Tony? Maybe there was more of his grand-parents or the previous generation, shown through his genes. What do you think?

    Phillip has finally got Angela where he wants. He then provides an engagement ring. Falcon Crest 1984:

    Phillip: “Would you accept a little token of my love for you?”
    Angela: “Oh Phillip. How sweet!”
    Phillip: “Sweet? That’s a perfect 12 carat eyes blue solitaire!”
    Angela: “Well that just makes us a perfect 12 carat couple, doesn’t it?”
  2. Jock Og

    Jock Og Soap Chat Legend 15 Years on Soap Chat

    Nov 18, 2000
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    Lance could be devious like Julia but he never set out to kill anyone (as she did). However he did get Chao-Li to beat him up, during the Joseph’s custody battle. This was to make it look as if Cole had done the deed. We have some indication of the man, with this particular stunt.

    As far as his appearance is concerned there is more of the old Gioberti blood in him, than his father’s Tony Cumson.

    Maggie is in the Falcon Crest winery. Chase is in the hospital, after the shooting at the mansion. The process of wine racking is taking place, (a scene from season 3, 1983-‘84):

    Maggie: “Oh that’s fine Clay. Just two more to go in this lot and then we’re done.”

    Lance: “Yo Maggie. What ya think you’re doing?”

    Maggie: “I’m racking the 1982 Chardonnay.”

    Lance climbs down from the top of the stainless steel tank.

    Lance: “Look fellows, I want all this wine returned to the vats. Right now please!”

    Maggie: “Why? It says right here log 40282 Chardonnay rack, from oak to stainless steel.”

    Lance: “Because if you know what you were doing around here, you’d know that we never, never remove Chardonnay from the oak, before bottling. It preserves maximum character.”

    Cole appears and says, “Is there a problem mother?”

    Lance: “There’s no problem Cole. We straightened it out.”

    Cole: “Can I see that? Lot 402. That’s the Chardonnay Angela wanted racked, into the steel tanks.”

    Lance: “We never do that!”

    Cole: “I know that! That’s why I suggested this experiment. By racking earlier we get a crispier fruiter wine. Angela agreed.”

    Lance: “Well I disagree!”

    Maggie: “Why? Why don’t you disagree with Angela? Okay! We’re trying to get some work done here. Alright fellows you want to continue what you we’re doing, while Mr. Cumson confers with his grandmother?”

    Lance walks off.

    Cole: “Dad would have been proud of ya.”

    Maggie: “Thanks!”
  3. Falcon Crest I

    Falcon Crest I Soap Chat Superstar 10 Years on Soap Chat

    Jun 9, 2005
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    Glasgow, Scotland
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    Jock you could be right about the resemblance, with the older Giobertis. He definitely had a bit of Julia's devious streak.

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