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Least favorite "Dallas" characters

Discussion in 'Dallas original TV Series official forum' started by Unregistered, May 31, 2013.

  1. Pam's Twin Sister

    Pam's Twin Sister Well-Known Member

    I´d dare to say that the Leslie Stewart character was the first time that Larry felt menaced by a female counterpart, the other being (urban legend or not) Angelica Nero. Leslie´s part was almost as abruptly ended as was Angelica´s due to the Dream Season solution.

    However, there was something dazzling and electric between Larry and Leigh Taylor-Young (whose character, by the way, was suddenly rejected by J.R. too, just when they needed another strong female aboard). I think that she and J.R. should have been engaged to be married and then, the next season, Sue Ellen should have ruined their wedding somehow, in a "vengeance plot" more valid than the awful JR movie. And that would have been a much better exit for Sue...
  2. Swami

    Swami Well-Known Member

    Yes, Kimberley Cryder had much more potential to be a good mistress for JR.

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  3. ewing4

    ewing4 Active Member

    Michelle Stevens (my most truly least favorite Dallas characters of all times!!!!!)
    James Beaumont
    Tommy Mccay
    *except for a few almost all of the new characters from the last few seasons
    Mark Grayson
    Alex Ward
    Pam - sometimes! (some seasons I liked her, but others she just was really annoying)
    Dependent Sue Ellen (when she was always needing a man and an alcoholic. I like her when she got stronger and started her own business and love her in the new series)
    Ray (expect for rare moments he was annoying and treated Donna so badly, and the whole I am not good enough routine got old really quick)
  4. Vanessa Beaumont
    Vanessa Beaumont
    Vanessa Beaumont
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  5. John Carpenter

    John Carpenter Active Member

    I agree with all your picks of Worst Actors...But you Forgot Afton Cooper (she Sucked)
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    PAMANDBOBBYFOREVER Soapchat Football Queen

    April Stevens
    Charlie Wade
    Peter Richards

    Everyone from the last three seasons seasons including JR, Bobby, Sue Ellen, Miss Ellie, and Clayton just for participating in them.
  7. JR Sumner

    JR Sumner Well-Known Member

    Surprised no one mentioned Dusty Farlow! Maybe it's just me, but he came across as a humorless vanilla stiff! Loved it when JR belittled him in the middle of the field of the Cotton Bowl in Season 5. Yes, I know Dusty had the last laugh in the last season, and that ticked me off to no end!
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  8. Swami

    Swami Well-Known Member

    Dusty was fine better than some of Sue Ellen's later beaus - certainly better than Peter Richards, a nazzard if ever there was one.

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  9. JR Sumner

    JR Sumner Well-Known Member

    And that's not saying much that Dusty was the best, considering all her other beaus. If there ever was a character I enjoyed watching JR stomp on it was the Saddle Tramp.
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  10. vaughnleland

    vaughnleland Well-Known Member

    it was better watching J.R. toss that idiot Nicholas Pearce off the balcony.
  11. JR Sumner

    JR Sumner Well-Known Member

    I'm still a bigger Dusty hater, but I agree it was cool to see Nicholas take a dive!
  12. Mrs_Ewing

    Mrs_Ewing New Member

    Sue Ellen's sister Kristin....she annoys me like none other! I haven't been watching the older seasons long enough to know the others mentioned here...but I'm sure in due time, these names will find their way on my "least favorite list."
  13. Swami

    Swami Well-Known Member

    Oh yes, it was enjoyable seeing JR basically taking the mickey out of Dusty. But equally Dusty was a much more believable alternative for Sue Ellen than Peter Richards.

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  14. JR Sumner

    JR Sumner Well-Known Member

    Oh, yes, Dusty is believable as a mate for Sue Ellen, much more believable than PEEEDDDDERRRR!!!

    Both are schlubs (a popular term on the Knots Landing forum!).

    Enjoy these clips!

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  15. Kenny Coyote

    Kenny Coyote Well-Known Member

    Is this criticism aimed at the character not being written well, or is it criticism at the actor for not acting well while playing that character?

    PAMANDBOBBYFOREVER Soapchat Football Queen

    I think it can be and either/or situation. The worst is when a character has both problems.

    Morgan Fairchild had the good writing and acting skills to be the Jenna that was always described at the beginning of the series.
    I thought PP was good enough as Jenna her first year, but her acting quickly deteriorated based on her own ability and the writing.

    Leslie Stewart is a character with a case of bad writing. Susan Flannery is an excellent actress, but you can only do so much with a bad script.
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  17. JR Sumner

    JR Sumner Well-Known Member

    Actually just having a little fun with personal like/dislike of the character. I thought Jared Martin did a fine job playing "Dusty."

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