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Lights: Calling Me Home (Parts 2&3)

Discussion in 'Dallas Writers Room' started by MrsSuperman93, Feb 22, 2012.

  1. MrsSuperman93

    MrsSuperman93 Well-Known Member

    Lights: Calling Me Home (Part 2)
    Larry Hagman, Morgan Brittany, Patrick Duffy, Victoria Principal, Greg Vaughn


    No one moved, no one spoke but all eyes fell on Katherine for an explanation.

    “You mean, to tell me that Pamela’s here?” Sue Ellen screeched.

    “Pamela?” George frowned, “Her name’s Priscilla.” Despite his insistence on the matter, Sue Ellen chose to ignore him and followed her gut instinct; if he believed Katherine was really called Kate, then surely she lied to him about Pamela.

    But none of it made sense. After the collision with the 18-wheeler, Pamela suffered horrific burns and disappeared from the hospital, seemingly of her own accord, and for Katherine to be involved, she would have needed a co-conspirator. Sue Ellen vaguely recalled an employee from Wentworth Industries, who spoke on Pamela’s behalf. And to add further more confusion, Cliff had tracked Pamela down some time afterwards to be informed, by Pamela herself, that she never would return to Dallas and had moved on.

    Sue Ellen narrowed her eyes. It wouldn’t have been impossible for Katherine to have threatened Pamela, threatened the lives of the ones she loved unless she disappeared. She decided against making any assumptions without more facts, “Is Pamela with you?” She recounted Hannah mentioning her ‘mentally ill’ aunt and worried for Pamela’s state of mind.

    Katherine barely responded, “What if she is?”

    Infuriated by being left to ponder the possibilities, Sue Ellen’s anger visibly increased and she shook her head, “I swear –”

    She quickly recognised that calculating manipulations were the only way to escape the walls that caved in. If she could only rid herself of Sue Ellen, she could sweet-talk herself out of any predicament with her husband and live would return to normal. “Listen, I don’t know what you think you’ve discovered, but whatever it is, you’re wrong.”

    “I know you know where she is,” Sue Ellen challenged. “I don’t know why nobody thought of it before. You always were a manipulative woman, cruel and cold-hearted. You were behind Pamela’s disappearance, weren’t you?”

    George scowled in confusion, “Kate…?” He suddenly realised there was so much he didn’t know.

    His wife shook with fear, “She’s a LIAR. I had nothing to do with it.” She tightened her hands around the shotgun and felt her palms become sticky with sweat. After all it had taken to rebuild her world after Dallas, now she would be forced to watch it all crumble down.

    Sue Ellen stared daggers, “Pamela would never have left Christopher behind.” It was plausible for Pamela to leave Bobby, but Pamela had longed for her own child like her life depended on it.

    Too much information was being let out into the open. Katherine watched her husband piece random facts together and shook her head with a pained expression. He frowned, “You told me she was ill. You said the house burnt down and her husband and son had died,” George recalled. “She suffered horrific burns but escaped. You said she couldn’t accept their death… that she suffered such a breakdown, that she wasn’t capable of dealing with the world anymore and she needed constant care in case she tried to harm herself.”

    Katherine nodded, “Because that’s the truth.”

    “But –” George glanced at Sue Ellen. He dismissed the fact that this was the mother of the man who had seduced his only daughter into motherhood; this woman knew things, and things like this couldn’t have been dreamed up on a whim.

    “Please believe me, I would never do that! She wants to hurt us,” she scrambled for an explanation.

    You are the one who hurts people, Katherine. You’re the one who destroys their lives.” It didn’t stretch the imagination to picture Katherine being capable of such cruel actions, especially when she knew of her intense jealousy of Pamela. “You took Pamela from her family, from her home… didn’t you?” Sue Ellen turned to Katherine’s husband, “Did you meet her sister? I have a picture of right here for you to look at,” she rifled through her purse for the photograph. It had been taken shortly after Pamela returned to Southfork, of herself, Pamela, John Ross and Christopher by the pool. Whilst it had never been her favourite shot of John Ross, Sue Ellen kept it merely because it featured both her son and nephew and Pamela. Since her disappearance, Pamela’s name became almost taboo for the Ewing’s but Sue Ellen created an open atmosphere
    for Christopher whenever he visited her; she answered his questions about his mother, and showed him pictures.

    Sue Ellen passed him the picture and pointed to Pamela. “That’s her,” George instantly responded. Her auburn curls were slightly darker but he would recognise those eyes anywhere; he recalled the moment he met ‘Priscilla’ and how haunted her eyes had been.

    Katherine pleaded with him in a whimper, “George…”

    George froze in utter shock. After 20 years, he believed he really knew his wife but this woman was a stranger to him. His voice held a tone of disgust in it, “Who are you?”
  2. Lovely Linda

    Lovely Linda Well-Known Member

    Wow - Amazing how this story gets better with every update! So glad you decided to make it 3 parts :)
  3. MrsSuperman93

    MrsSuperman93 Well-Known Member

    Thank you! :)
    It's almost finished on my computer so it's only a matter of uploading updates!
  4. MrsSuperman93

    MrsSuperman93 Well-Known Member


    John Ross poured himself a drink. “I wonder where mom is… she’s never late like this.”

    Hannah bit her bottom lip and squinted her eyes. She had neglected to inform him that his mother had gone to visit with her parents, she didn’t think it her place to say so, “John Ross, there’s something you should know, about your mum.”

    “What is it?” He turned from the window.

    “She –” Hannah pursed her lips, “Went to speak with my parents.”

    His face fell. “Why?” He had strictly informed his mother that he would deal with Hannah’s parents; it was their problem. If they were expected to raise a family, they needed to work together on little things on their own, without relying on those around them. “When did she leave?”

    The blonde checked the clock, “Maybe 1pm-ish.” She murmured. It was now 7pm.

    John Ross grabbed his coat, “C’mon, we’ll go round there.” They shot out the house, jumped into John Ross’ car and sped in the direction of Hannah’s parents’ house in silence. Hannah could feel his anger like a block of ice on her palm.

    He pulled into the drive and noted the silver Porsche, “There’s mom’s car.”

    “Do you think, maybe they’ve made friends?” Hannah suggested. John Ross summoned a sarcastic expression, “Hey, it’s not like my parents are absolute vultures, you know? They can be charming if they feel like it.”

    “Well,” John Ross climbed out, “Your mom’s car isn’t here though. I can’t picture you dad and my mom sitting down and discussing us in a mature fashion.” He knew how his mother could be. When she was in full defensive mode, she didn’t even know what compromise was. He rang the doorbell and awaited the response that never came. A frown wrinkled over his forehead and Hannah rummaged through her purse for her keys to open the door, “Hello?”

    She entered first, “Daddy?”

    The house felt still. Eerily quiet. “Mom…” John Ross called out. The living room was empty, everything still in place and there was no sign of any danger but he remained cautious with a hand on Hannah’s arm to protect her.

    Hannah frowned, “Daddy, are you home?”

    “Why don’t you wait in the car?” John Ross offered. A creak in the floorboards above their heads prevented Hannah from answering the question, both their eyes snapped in the direction of the noise and raced towards the stairs. “Mom, are you here?” All kinds of situations ran through his head and John Ross prayed his mother wasn’t hurt.

    While John Ross checked every room, Hannah ran straight for her parents’ bedroom to find her father sat upright on the floor, leaning against the double bed, with blood all over his hands. “DADDY! John Ross, come quick!”

    He quickly appeared, “What the hell happened?”

    George struggled to respond, breathless. A bullet wound to his upper arm, thankfully far away enough from his chest, left him in agony and unable to even pull himself off the floor and to the nearest phone. “She went crazy…”

    John Ross swallowed the lump in his throat, “Where’s my mother?”

    “Kate has her. Katherine has her.” He corrected himself and Hannah felt washed in confusion. Had her father become delirious? “Katherine took her. She shot me and ran off with your mother,” he informed John Ross, almost pleading with the young man to believe him. “Your mother told stories, so many stories, from the past… Pamela, Bobby –” he recalled the various names Sue Ellen had previously mentioned.

    “Uncle Bobby?” John Ross wondered why his mother would possibly mention him to Hannah’s parents.

    “Katherine!” George yelled, as if it were meant to mean something to John Ross.

    “Look, this doesn’t matter anymore. John Ross, call an ambulance quick,” Hannah instructed him, “Daddy, I’ll find mom and have her meet us at the hospital soon.”

    “No,” George disagreed, “Kate is Katherine!”

    John Ross leapt from the floor, ran around the bed to the phone and dialled 911. “I need an ambulance…” his voice trailed in distraction as the family photo on the dressing table beamed at him. He picked it up and viewed it closer and there she was; Katherine Wentworth. Perhaps she looked different, matured slightly with changed looks but it was her for certain.
  5. Jessie

    Jessie Well-Known Member

    Glad you continued the story in 3 parts, these updates were amazing. I hope Sue Ellen will be ok, great job Lindsay.
  6. Lovely Linda

    Lovely Linda Well-Known Member

    I just can't believe there aren't more people appreciating this wonderful story....
    Can't wait to see how you plan to end this!
  7. MrsSuperman93

    MrsSuperman93 Well-Known Member

    THANK YOU for the comments! :D


    For miles, Sue Ellen drove Katherine’s car in an unknown direction, the gun aimed at her head.

    “Stop right here for now.” Katherine instructed, pulling out her cell phone from her pocket. She climbed out the car, which had pulled onto the side of the road, and contemplated calling 911. She hadn’t meant to shoot George. But he blocked her attempt of escape and she needed to deal with Sue Ellen before the truth revealed itself.

    Inside the car, Sue Ellen stared in the rear view mirror and was disappointed to find an empty road for miles. They hadn’t seen another car in the past 10 minutes and Sue Ellen knew there wasn’t hope of seeing someone.

    Katherine pressed speed dial #3 and clutched the gun, “We need to talk. Same place as before. You’ve got 15 minutes.”

    She jumped back into the car and forced Sue Ellen to move on, directing her until they reached an old warehouse. One other car had already arrived and Sue Ellen made a mental note of the registration. “Get out,” Katherine stuck the gun in Sue Ellen’s face and shoved her out, guiding her into the warehouse where an elderly man awaited them.

    He noticed the gun, “Katherine, what the hell is going on?”

    Sue Ellen noted he was an important man, perhaps a businessman. “Who are you?”

    “Keep quiet.” Katherine spat, jolting Sue Ellen. “She knows, she’s worked it all out with that pretty little head of hers. This is Sue Ellen Lockwood, previously the wife of JR, I told you about her when I called last.”

    “Yes,” he nodded in confirmation.

    “I want you to get rid of her. I don’t care how, I don’t care where. Understood?” Katherine demanded. The quicker she could offload Sue Ellen, the quicker she could return and hopefully talk her way through the situation with George, who was hopefully still at home and hadn’t discovered that the phone lines were disconnected.

    The man shook his head in disagreement, “It’s too late for that.” He shrugged his shoulders, “I heard it all on the radio on my way here; your husband’s been admitted to hospital, the police are looking for you.”

    No!” Katherine yelped.

    “He was discovered by your daughter and a young man,” he explained.

    “And soon John Ross will figure it all out.” Sue Ellen cockily added, her faith in her son evident. He may not have been able to remember Katherine for himself but he had heard the stories and with everything George knew, they would have all the facts. “He’ll find you. You’ve got nowhere to run.”

    Katherine’s fist slammed against Sue Ellen’s face and knocked her down. Panic pursued and Katherine stared at the man, infuriated with him. “You can’t let this happen. If I’m caught, they’ll know all about your involvement as well. Don’t think for one second that I’ll take the wrap for this! I’ll squish you like the worm you really are and I’ll make you sorry that you ever met me.” Blackmail had been the only way to force this man into her scheme.

    He scoffed, “I already am.” Katherine Wentworth was nothing like Herbert or Rebecca; he learnt this the hard way.

    It became obvious that her time was up and Katherine paced back and forth, while Sue Ellen picked herself from the floor and eagle-eyed the pair in an attempt to read them. Finally, Katherine stood still and made her final decision. To run. She had run for much too long to let it all fall to pieces now, she would dispose herself of Sue Ellen, take Pamela and run. If she felt confident enough, she could even come back for Hannah later on. But, for now, she had to save herself. “I want her in a Wentworth jet within the next hour fuelled and ready for take-off within two hours.”

    “Katherine –” he protested.

    “I mean it, Parker! Don’t let me down,” she warned. Katherine grabbed Sue Ellen by the coat and dragged her back toward the car while Sue Ellen’s mind raced with the name mentioned. Parker Ellison. Bobby had mentioned him, he provided the letter Pamela had wrote to explain her permanent disappearance.

    “You’ll never get away with this,” Sue Ellen barked.

    Her kidnapper cackled furiously, “I did before, didn’t I? And I will again…”
  8. zephiey

    zephiey Well-Known Member

    No, Katherine you won't get away with this. Neither man with the initials of JRE will allow you to get away with it.
  9. Jen C

    Jen C Member

    Oh I so love this story! Jr to the rescue plus the whole Pam is there thing it will get good
  10. Lovely Linda

    Lovely Linda Well-Known Member

    Can't wait for SE to meet Pammy again :)
  11. Jessie

    Jessie Well-Known Member

    Great update I hope Sue Ellen will be ok.
  12. Lovely Linda

    Lovely Linda Well-Known Member

    Just in case anybody cares.... I am already showing signs of serious FUWS (fanfic update withdrawal syndrome) :sosad: :sosad::sosad:
    Need help...
  13. Crazy For Sue Ellen

    Crazy For Sue Ellen Well-Known Member

    Great updates, Lindsay. I'm all caught up now. Update soon:peace:
  14. MrsSuperman93

    MrsSuperman93 Well-Known Member

    Haaha! I'm sorry, I know it's been FOREVER. :p
  15. MrsSuperman93

    MrsSuperman93 Well-Known Member

    Thanks so much for the supportive comments! :D


    “I tried to stop them and that’s when she shot at me…” George recalled, while the nurse bandaged his arm and the police detectives jotted down the notes, as if the kind of situation were a daily occurrence.

    He moved to John Ross, who cuddled Hannah, “Mr Ewing, we’ll see your mother home safely and we’ll be in contact.”

    John Ross nodded, but his father taught him not to trust police with such matters. He had contemplated phoning home but there wasn’t much the family could do quick enough; this was down to him. “I need to make some calls,” he slipped from Hannah and dialled someone he could rely on. “Steven, it’s John Ross Ewing, I need every man you’ve got available out looking for Kate Harrison or Katherine Wentworth, she could be under either of the two names.”

    Steven, an English P.I. listened carefully, “Any idea where to start?”

    “Keep an eye on airports, any form of transport to other countries. She’s on the run,” John Ross added. “And don’t screw this up! She’s got my mother with her, I don’t want her slipping under the radar.”

    Hannah watched him end the call, “Who was that?”

    He slipped his cell back into his pocket, “Back-up, because we’re gon’ need it. I don’t trust these gorillas to handle this. My mother’s in danger but for them it’s just another day at work. We can’t afford mistakes.”

    The blonde scowled, “My mother would never hurt Sue Ellen.”

    John Ross scoffed, “How can you say that, Hannah? Look what she did to your father! She’s psychotic.”

    She remained furious with him. “You don’t even know her –”

    John Ross shook his head and raised his voice in return. “You don’t know her, Hannah. There’s so much you don’t know about that woman. Her real name is Katherine Wentworth. She’s on the run. She tried to kill my uncle and I wouldn’t be surprised if your aunt is who I think she is.”

    “What d’you mean?” Hannah frowned.

    “I don’t have time to explain,” John Ross began. “But my cousin, Christopher, his mother disappeared after a car accident and she was also Katherine’s sister. Your aunt isn’t called Priscilla, Hannah, her name is Pamela.”

    “You have no proof of that. You can’t fabricate these things,” Hannah screamed. “My mother isn’t violent. All this that has happened, it isn’t really her and she would never hurt your mother. She’s not like that. And I’ll prove it.” Hannah turned from him, sitting down on one of the seats in the corridor.

    He watched her and rolled his eyes. She needed space. And he needed facts. He entered George’s hospital room, where the nurse finished bandaging the wound, and approached him. “Listen, I know things haven’t been easy between us but I need you to work with me on this. Is there anyone Kather –” he paused, “Kate would rely on? Who would she turn to in times of crisis like this?”

    George shrugged, “No one that I know of. I know all her friends.”

    John Ross clenched his fists. “Alright, what about her sister?” If it really was Pamela, Katherine would take her and run. “I mean, you said she was in some kind of clinic.”

    “The clinic is in Switzerland somewhere.” He reached for his jacket, pulling out his wallet where he found a business card of the private clinic. “I’ve only been there once. Tell them you’re me and you’re calling about Priscilla.”

    John dialled the number and awaited answers, “Hello, my name’s George Harrison. I’m calling about my sister-in-law, Priscilla –” he listened as the nurse interrupted him. “She has…? Thank you.” He slammed his cell on the bed, “She’s been moved from the clinic earlier this week. Katherine saw this coming and she’s prepared for it.”

    The older man exhaled, “Where’s Hannah?”

    He pointed outside, “Hannah…?” When no response came, John Ross checked for her and found she had disappeared.

    George held his head in his hands, “She’s gone to find Kate…”
  16. zephiey

    zephiey Well-Known Member

    Hannah is going to get herself hurt. If she does get hurt John Ross is going to be out for blood.
  17. Lovely Linda

    Lovely Linda Well-Known Member

    Relief.....FINALLY!!!! Thank you :peace:

    OMG - this story is soooo addicitve!
  18. Jessie

    Jessie Well-Known Member

    Wonderful update I hope no one else gets hurt. Hope you update again soon.
  19. RazSaly

    RazSaly Member

    Love the story. Can't wait to read the new update :) :) :)
  20. MrsSuperman93

    MrsSuperman93 Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the wonderful feedback, everyone! Makes me happy to know you're reading :)


    Sue Ellen’s fingers dared to reach out and touch Pamela’s arm, yet no reaction came. She didn’t even flinch.

    Parker Ellison stood guard with an awkward expression. Experience had taught Sue Ellen that the expression was really hidden guilt but she couldn’t bring herself to find any sympathy for the man who helped Katherine destroy their lives.

    On the tarmac of the air-landing strip, Katherine waited patiently for Hannah.

    As she contemplated leaving, Hannah appeared and raced towards her mother for an embrace. Katherine exhaled, “I had thought you decided not to come.” She needed the last goodbye with her daughter before she disappeared for good.

    “Mum…” Hannah shook her head.

    “I can’t explain any of this to you, I don’t think you would ever forgive me for it.” Katherine admitted.

    Her blonde haired daughter scowled, “It doesn’t need to be like this. I don’t care what you’ve done before. I really don’t care about any of it. Just please don’t leave me.” She prayed her mother would provide plausible explanations, as if it had all been the misunderstanding of the decade. But no response came. “Mum…?”

    Katherine bowed her head, “You know I love you, don’t you?” She nodded, “Then come, Hannah. I’ll take care of you. You know I would never hurt you. Let me take you away from all of this. We can forget all about it, we can start again.”

    Before Hannah could respond, electric blue lights appeared from nowhere and circled around them. An army of police led by John Ross charged in Katherine’s direction until she pulled out her gun and aimed it at Hannah’s stomach and began to drag her daughter back towards the plane and John Ross halted every man. His arms waved to signal their weapons all dropped, “C’mon, Katherine, I’m not here to fight with you.”

    “You stay exactly where you are!” She ignored him and forced Hannah on-board.

    “It’s okay,” Hannah mouthed to John Ross and fell inside to find herself greeted with Parker Ellison, Sue Ellen and an auburn haired woman. “Sue Ellen…?” She turned to face her mother down, “Mum, what is this?”

    Katherine glanced out the window at John Ross, who spoke with the police men. She had been cornered. She didn’t have any hope anymore but she couldn’t give in, not until they had her in cuffs and imprisoned for life. “It’s the truth. I haven’t been honest, not with you, not with your father and now I’m paying for it.”

    “It doesn’t have to be like this, mum. You don’t always have to run.” Hannah pleaded, “Daddy told me, about your sister and what you did before. But we can fix it. All you have to do is let them go,” she promised. “And we can fix the rest of it.”

    Once again, Katherine took a look at the army of police and John Ross, who became nervous by the roar of the engines. “If I don’t run, then what’s left for me? I don’t have anyone anymore, Hannah.”

    Hannah frowned, “You have me!”

    Her mother shook her head, “You’re already one of them.” She motioned towards Sue Ellen and Pamela, “I’ve lost you.”

    The blonde’s eyes roamed towards Sue Ellen and the woman by her side. Her eyes were empty, she barely registered the situation that had befallen her and she didn’t notice Sue Ellen’s hand linger on her arm. And on Sue Ellen’s face, a bruise the shade of blue made itself at home with her pained expression. “Look what you’ve done.” She looked at Katherine with confusion, “I don’t even know who you are anymore. You haven’t lost me because I’ve lost you, in fact, I never had you.”

    “Hannah…?” Katherine cried aloud.

    “It’s over, this is where it ends.” Hannah threw the plane door open and helped Sue Ellen guide Pamela off the plane.

    Parker Ellison made his swift exit from the plane and Hannah turned back towards Katherine with a scowl. “I don’t think I will ever understand you…” she paused, rolling her eyes in admission. “But I’ll always love you.”

    Katherine brought her daughter into her arms and clutched her tighter than ever before. “I love you, Hannah.”

    Her daughter motioned towards the door of the plane and shot an expectant look. “Then it’s your decision. You can either come with me off this plane and face the consequences. Or you can run, take off to wherever you want. But, know this; if you take the easy way out, then I never want to see you again. Do you understand me? NEVER. It’s your choice…”

    Hannah climbed off the plane and fell into John Ross’ arms as the police held back and waited for his orders. He brushed the blonde curls from Hannah’s face and smiled, “Are you okay?”

    “I am now,” she snuggled into his chest.

    “Mr Ewing,” the detectives interrupted the moment and pointed at the plane as it set itself in motion.

    His face fell, “Jones, I thought you told me that plane didn’t have permission to take off!”

    Hannah placed a hand on his chest and stopped him, “Just leave it, John Ross.” Her mother had made her decision. “I’m okay, we’re all okay,” she reminded, nodding her head at Sue Ellen and Pamela, who were being attended to by the paramedics on the scene. Hannah glanced to the sky with a look of sadness, “She won’t be back again.”

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