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Linda Gray: Lifetime's Intimate Portrait on YouTube

Discussion in 'Dallas - User Generated Content' started by The Ewings Rules, Jul 29, 2007.

  1. The Ewings Rules

    The Ewings Rules New Member

    Does anyone have seen this on Youtube it's a great portrait of Linda Gray, i have seen this many times now. So if you don't seen it, i just wanne share this with you all Dallas fans that i couldn't keep it for myself.

    Linda Gray - Lifetime's Intimate Portrait (part 1)


    Linda Gray - Lifetime's Intimate Portrait (part 2)


    Linda Gray - Lifetime's Intimate Portrait (part 3)


    Linda Gray - Lifetime's Intimate Portrait (part 4)


    Linda Gray - Lifetime's Intimate Portrait (part 5)


    Joing watching. ;)
  2. Ray's Lady

    Ray's Lady Active Member

    That's great! Thank you so much for the link!
  3. Ange

    Ange Well-Known Member

    Merci beaucoup René J.R. Ewing fan ! :hello:
  4. pisces

    pisces New Member

    She is so beautiful. Back then, and now. Something magnetic about her good looks. And, did you all see her mother? Her mother was stunningly beautiful too! She has such a charming, dynamic, vivacious personality. I've always said she has it all, personality, stunning looks, eyes etc....

    Definitely an absolute beauty!
  5. The Lovely Sue Ellen

    The Lovely Sue Ellen Queen of OCD

    Thankyou Very much for posting:)
  6. The Ewings Rules

    The Ewings Rules New Member

    Your Welkom ;)
  7. bruneta_

    bruneta_ New Member

    Thanks for the link René J.R. Ewing fan:exit: :exit: :exit: :exit:
  8. The Ewings Rules

    The Ewings Rules New Member

    Your welkom too, i'm glad that i can make people happy about it.

  9. Karin Schill

    Karin Schill Moderator Staff Member

    The links for this are no longer working. Does anyone know if we can watch this anywhere?

    Take care,
    Best wishes:
  10. karenxxx

    karenxxx Active Member

    Oh yes please, we want to see it so much!!! hope anyone has it to upload or know where we can watch it.
  11. MrsSuperman93

    MrsSuperman93 Well-Known Member

    I've seen it before but I'd love to see it again!
  12. cassie1984

    cassie1984 Active Member

    yes i would like to see it as well

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