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My prediction for the last few shows...JANE TURNING EVIL?

Discussion in 'Desperate Housewives' started by Wildchats, Mar 26, 2012.

  1. Wildchats

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    Jul 20, 2004
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    Does anyone else think Jane will turn evil?

    Look at what's happened up until now. Mike is dead. Susan is sad. Gabby got a new job and Carlos quit his. Bree and Andrew are finally seeing eye to eye. Now next weel Bree gets arrested for the murder of Alejandro and Jane sends Lynnette divorce Papers and she wants Tom to divorce her and that's episode 19 of 21 before the 2hr series finale. 2 episodes can change a lot before we get into the last 2 hours, right?

    Okay...These are my predictions, which could be 100% crazy and most likely might not or won't happen :)

    I think the mob guy who killed Mike, that storyline is over. Period. Either it is or it will come back if they didn't they claim the police arrested the right person yet didn't show it or show the mob guy in jail? But if they don't bring it up again by the end of pt 1 of the final show, it's definitely over with that story.

    I actually had a hunch that Alejdandro really isn't dead since they burried his body. Maybe he escaped the burial ground and was still alive when they burried him (like Richard on Melrose Place's season 4 finale). Maybe he killed someone else and put another body in there? Not sure. If this happens, Alejandro might be still alive before the last show. But if that was indeed him and he didn't fake his death, that storyline is over.

    Bree, I think she'll have the trial, but HOPEFULLY it doesn't last into the 2 hour finale, or at least part 1 only of 2.

    The ultimate 2hr series finale with my ultimate predictions, if they came true and happened, would be this...

    Alejandro really isn't dead afterall, he faked his death. He goes out to get revenge on Gabby. While that's going on, Tom and Lynnette actually get back together, and Jane goes PSYCHO. I think this will INDEED HAPPEN before the finale. This I think will happen because of her obsession with Penny and Tom. Something tells me IF AND ONLY IF Tom and Lynnette get back together, Jane will go CRAZY and either try to kill Lynnette or she'll kidnap Penny and drive off with her somewhere, then Lynnette goes to rescue her and Lynnette kills Jane in self defense or something happens and Jane gets arrested, then Tom and Lynnette really trully get back together.

    Alejandro, if he's still alive, gets killed by Gabby or Carlos and the police witness it in self defense this time.

    I think if they get back into the mob guy storyline, Susan doesn't see the man in the line-up and he's actually out and still going to get revenge on others. So I am guessing Renee will shoot him dead or kill him somehow, because of how she feels responsible for Mike's death. The goon might even try to contact Renee and I think she'll kill him by surprise.

    Bree, I think, will be convicted of murder, BUT if Alejandro FAKED his death, then maybe she will go free. If he is INDEED dead, I think she's gonna serve time in jail regardless.

    If Tom/Jane part or stay together and everything is fine, it will be very boring, but if Tom leaves Jane, even if he doesn't go back with Lynnette right away, I think Jane will go psycho and try to kidnap Penny or kill Lynette...if this happens, it would be something good to see happen, and this way Tom might indeed get back with Lynnette in the end if this does happen. If the Mob guy doesn't come back, it will be boring with Renee/Ben storyline. If Alejandro doesn't come back from the dead, Gabby/Carlos will be boring. Maybe Alejandro will come back and kidnap Juanita and Celia and Gabby goes to find them? Something like that would be amazing for the last 2 parter. Maybe he takes the women hostage somehow IF he's still alive.

    Now all that would make for a great finale, with the Mob guy, Alejandro, and Jane getting killed off, all in self defense.

    I really hope it ends with Tom and Lynnette back together. So sad that Susan is now all alone.

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