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New Emmerdale farmhand Alex - the scouse five o clock shadow!!!

Discussion in 'UK Soaps & Drama' started by Hardraw Force, Apr 21, 2011.

  1. Hardraw Force

    Hardraw Force New Member

    So, this new johnny come lately is supposed to be setting all hearts a-flutter amongst the female devotees (and, if it's to be believed, some male ones too)?

    You could have fooled me. He looks ridiculous. Was that shaved head a suggestion from the producers or summat? Because it sure as hell looks really unconvincing..... it could not be more ill-suited. For a start, everybody knows you have to have the right sort of face to go with a shaved head, and in this case he has completely the wrong features - it just looks like a giant five o clock shadow on his head lol You get this with a lot of lads sometimes - the way they shave their heads and then the stubbled area on top is grey or pale white. It just looks sooooo crap! Well, that is exactly what Alex looks like. His brow is so low it makes his eyebrows resemble thin caterpillars perched directly over his eyes. lol

    Could be though he was deliberately cast to act as a foil to Sam Dingle - whom he unintentionally resembles! lol At least Sam's character makes no secret of the fact of his bonehead dorkishness.

    An own goal I'm afraid, Emmerdale producers.
  2. alexis

    alexis Well-Known Member

    I think hes more than a little bit attractive..... He was my reason for watching the other night. Hes gorgeous :) To use a totally common belfast phrase "hes a mad buck" lmfao
  3. Hardraw Force

    Hardraw Force New Member

    Well, I think Danny Miller is the handsome lad in the Dale! He makes being a scally look almost..... you know.... sexy. Ha ha ha ha ha!! lol

    Five o' clock shadow, on the other hand..... naaaaaaaaaaah. Needs to grow his hair back me thinks.
  4. Hardraw Force

    Hardraw Force New Member

    God - just been watching this Alex guy in action again - those black caterpillars stuck on top of his eyes.....he is so UUUUUUGGLEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! Makes Sam Dingle look handsome by comparison!

    Besides, what the frig is he doing in Emmerdale with that Scouse accent anyway??? Did he get confused with his directions or summat? Hollyoaks is THAT-a-way, mate!!!!
  5. layla

    layla New Member

    I could not understand what a scouser was doing in Emmerdale. They usually come from Newcastle normally.
    He going to get in big trouble if he dose not stop messing around with the young girls. John would kill him if he knew about Hannah.
  6. Hardraw Force

    Hardraw Force New Member

    I hope John DOES kill Alex. lol We already have one dozy shaven-headed farmhand - and his name is Sam Dingle. Alex is too obviously intended to be cast as a bit of a 'better-looking' version just for the girls. But in my eyes he is just as unsightly as daft old Sam. Those skinny caterpillars perched directly above his eyes just crack me up every time.....oh, and his Hollyoaks accent.

    You know what to do Alex - the A658 and M62 westwards awaits you!!! lol
  7. alexis

    alexis Well-Known Member

    lmao!!! well he can mess about with me anytime he wants :)
  8. Hardraw Force

    Hardraw Force New Member

    Besides, what I wanna know is this.....why are all male scousers (especially when they are regional outsiders like in this case in the Dales) portrayed on TV in such a stereotypical manner? As in c.o.c.k[y]sure, full of themselves, promiscuous, overly confident, swaggering, etc etc......

    Alex the five o' clock shadow is just the latest in such a lineage and as such I am beginning to find it more than a little irritating. Plus, I've revised my earlier view of him being a more 'girl-friendly' version of gormless Sam Dingle. In fact imho he actually - with that shaven head - looks uglier than Sam Dingle! lol

    P.S. I am a scouser by birth, but have none of the stereotypical traits that most of these 'TV scousers' seem to always exhibit.
  9. alexis

    alexis Well-Known Member

    OHHH i love this thread... it makes me laugh lol

  10. layla

    layla New Member

    P.S. I am a scouser by birth, but have none of the stereotypical traits that most of these 'TV scousers' seem to always exhibit.[/QUOTE]

    I also want to know why they think all Mancunions are like the Gallaghers (Oasis and Shamless):eek: Because they are not.(6)
  11. Hardraw Force

    Hardraw Force New Member

    I also want to know why they think all Mancunions are like the Gallaghers (Oasis and Shamless):eek: Because they are not.(6)[/QUOTE]

    Quite - and walk with a swagger like apes lol lol lol
  12. Hardraw Force

    Hardraw Force New Member

    Quite.... and walk with a swagger like apes. lol lol Funny also to relate how in Shameless, the family name is also Gallagher....... ;)

    Ignore post#11 because the quote bit has gone haywire, rendering things meaningless!!!
  13. Hardraw Force

    Hardraw Force New Member

    Oh god..... why do some scousers - such as Mr Promiscuous Shag Machine 5'o Clock Shadow Sex Bomb In His Own Dreams always have the same face? His mouth - gob - is typical Scouser. This is absolutely true - all you need to do is look at some famous scousers - be they musicians, poets, actors/actresses, or just ordinary members of joe public - and a good percentage of them have a mouth exactly like Alex - it's almost as if they're all descended from the same person. To cite some examples - if any of you remember the actor George Christopher who played Ziggy (the token Scouser) in Grange Hill (and then later ended up also in another Phil Redmond show - Brookie - as Little Jimmy Corkhill the druggie), you can then see what I'm getting at when I say there really is such a thing as a "Scouse Gob". I am not making this up. Two more examples: Lee Mavers and John Power from the band The La's (of course, John Power also ended up fronting his own band Cast). Scouse Gobs, both of them!!! lol lol lol.

    What's even more incredible is that it's not just males either - but females too also possess this unique and extremely characteristic feature, such that you can tell almost immediately at a glance if somebody comes from Merseyside simply by looking carefully at their mouth and the way the lips are.

    I'm glad to say that, even though I am myself a scouser, I do not have a Scouse Gob! lol
  14. Hardraw Force

    Hardraw Force New Member

    Oh Alex, why don't you just go and disappear??? Case you didn't notice, Sam Dingle has come back now, so we don't need a tenth rate impersonator!:)

    How reassuring to see him now finally start to show his TRUE colours (raising voice, being intimidating, gobby and insinuating - like yer usually stereotypical confrontational TV Scouser)...I was wondering how long his fake Mister Smarmy Charmer persona was gonna last....



  15. Hardraw Force

    Hardraw Force New Member

    This guy - and his stereotypical slack-jawed GOB - is actually giving scousers a bad name. He is one of the worst characters I have seen on the Dale.... what the hell is his function? Apart from being an excuse to ogle and seduce every single member of the opposite sex he claps eyes on.

    His presence just really winds me up...definitely one of the producer's biggest mistakes to have this NON-character in the soap in the first place.

    He should be in Hollyoaks - NOT Emmerdale, FFS!!!!
  16. Hardraw Force

    Hardraw Force New Member

    Just a few words for you Alex:


    Truly he is one of THE WORST EVER characters to grace Emmerdale - without any exceptions. He is an insult to Scousers as well (the ones that aren't like the stereotype that he represents that is)

    I challenge ANYBODY to name me one person who was more completely and utterly worthless.....
  17. Hardraw Force

    Hardraw Force New Member

  18. Hardraw Force

    Hardraw Force New Member

    For some reason I find this comment hilarious.

    Only cos it is SO not true......

    I'd most certainly use two words that rhyme with 'mad buck', but the initial consonants are slightly different...... ;)

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