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NINE The Musical

Discussion in 'Movie discussion forum' started by alexis, Mar 21, 2012.

  1. alexis

    alexis Well-Known Member

    Anyone watched this? I did last night and I was disapointed by it. On paper it seems wonderful, the cast is perfect. And its marked as big budget musical. Though the director Rob Marshal appears to have been making two films. One is a slighty indie but still Hollywood film about a troubled film director who isnt very likeable. And the other is a an old fashioned song and dance show. And thats how it feels when you watch it. Two different things going on at once. The cast because of this is wasted. The musical numbers all take place in Daniel Day Lewis' head. They are all dream or fantasy sequences. And this weakens the film. The director fails to make scenes seamlessly segway into song and it feels like the dissection of a musical.
    Had he have just told the story in a noraml theatrical musical style it would have been better. All the cast members who sing do a pretty great job. Marion Cotillard is a wonderful actress and singer. And gives a great performance. As does Nicole Kidman, also Penelope Cruz and Kate Hudson are quite good and can actually sing. Kate in particular was great in her big number. I only wish that these big numbers had have been for real. I mean the character singing to the director to get his attention. Instead of a stupid fantasy sequence.
    Daniel Day Lewis surpirsed me with his singing. I really enjoyed it. His Italian accent was less enjoyable. Sophia Loren was basically wasted.
    Over all I think the director failed. He was uncomfortable with directing a musical and it shows. He did not understand that in musicals its ok for people to sing instead of speak. That it is an acceptable way to convey thoughts and emotions. He had to box all the songs up and keep them seperate. Mistake.
  2. Scarlett

    Scarlett Well-Known Member


    I feel asleep three times trying to watch this film and I eventually did finish it. It was very long and I found it very dull and confusing. The jumping back and forth between dream and reality was confusing for me. I have no intention of ever watching this film again, and I don't even know if I can stomach the stage musical that the movie was based on after watching this monstrosity. lol
  3. alexis

    alexis Well-Known Member

    I must admit that I considered switching it off about 3 times. I also found it confusing in the begining and annoying. It was only when Day Lewis' wife Cotillard shows up that I was able to continue watching. Honestly I would not recomend this film to anyone but a die hard musical lover and even then I would advise them that it may disapoint. It was a waste of the cast, and a shame. It could have been a great film. But it just lacked any sort or creativity. Then song and dance numers just looked like standard music videos. There was no acting in the singing. It wasn't always clear who the song was about or directed at. Interestingly the film has made me want to see the stage version so much more. I think it would be much better. I haven't read much about it but I would imagine it would have more of a natural flow to it as the songs would not be "dreams" every time they occur. It, I imagine would play out more like a real musical. I have decided to rename the film -9
  4. vaughnleland

    vaughnleland Well-Known Member

    Actualy I really enjoyed the film. I think Marshall got rid of alot of the junk and confusion that makes the stage musical less than stellar and turned it into a tight, well paced film.
  5. alexis

    alexis Well-Known Member

    As I say I haven't watched the stage musical. But I thought the film was over complicated and confusing. So the stage version must be even worse. I also hated the movie version of RENT. I thought it was very boring and have never watched it again and never will.
  6. MrsSuperman93

    MrsSuperman93 Well-Known Member

    I remember when this came out and I really wanted to see it but then I forgot about it...
    Is it really that bad that I should forget about it completely?
  7. vaughnleland

    vaughnleland Well-Known Member

    no..its not bad at all..its enjoyable for an adaptation of a less than stellar musical.
  8. Scarlett

    Scarlett Well-Known Member

    Oh yes, Marion Cotillard, as the cheated on wife was lovely in her role. I think she was my favorite character.
  9. vaughnleland

    vaughnleland Well-Known Member

    Marion was amazing..my favorite in the film as well..followed closely by Dame Judi.

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