NY NY (new york new york) Final Season Continuing from Eps 139-147.

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    Nancy Blake Show
    On Air Cam Show
    New York City

    Host Nancy Blake (played by Serinda Swan), is hosting Live coverage in front of a live audience and to millions across the country. Her Guests are Sharon Taylor, left, Deloris King, Centre, and Matt Graison, right. Deloris is holding missing posters of her mother, Charlotte King, who unbeknown to her had been murdered by the Francis Bay Killer, orchestrated by Bethany, weeks earlier.

    Nancy Blake looks to the Camera, as she sits left Deloris in Camera view.

    "Welcome to the Nancy Blake show. Hi I'm Nancy Blake and here with me today is Deloris King, who runs a coffee shop, in the small town of Francis Bay on the far east coast of Long Island. Am I correct?"

    Blake puts the microphone to Deloris mouth.

    "Uh, yeah, but......."- Deloris

    "That's very interesting, must get chilly this time of year, but of course you have plenty of hot drinks to warm yourself up with huh, keep the colds at bay. Get it at Bay? Ha haha haha."

    "Uh....Uh yeah. Listen I'm looking for my mother......"

    "I hope you're not nervous, which is perfectly normal, because this is my fifth show and I'm still nervous. In fact is there anyone here who is not nervous, Sharon? Matt?"

    Blake puts the microphone back to Deloris lips.

    "Listen I'm in search of my mother, her name is Charlotte King, she disappeared around a month and half ago......"

    Blake interrupts her.

    "This wonderful. Because I love coffee. My favourite is Latte. It's bad I know because of the caffeine. But, the energy surge just sends chills down my spine. Can't beat a Latte or Cappuccino, with a Cream Pie."

    Blake feels momentarily awkward and coughs, before placing the Microphone back to Deloris.

    "Listen, I'm trying to find my mother, her name is Charlotte King and........"

    Blake interrupts again.

    "This is wonderful, Uh......how did it come about that you became to run your own coffee shop?."

    "Look, I'm trying......"

    "Do you recommend this line of work. Do you make a lot of money doing this?"

    "Her name is Charlotte King, she's forty three......"

    "This is a little off the subject, but that is a beautiful bracelet, can I ask you where you got that?"

    "She's forty three years old, I'm trying to find her."

    "Great, lets say you do find her. What would you say to her, what would be the first thing that would pop into your head?"

    "She's Forty Three years old, her name is Charlotte King...."

    "Thank you so much Deloris."......Blake turns to guest Sharon. "Hello, there Sharon, now you are an interesting character. Now you are twenty one and you have slept with a hundred men over seventy years old."

    "And they've me so rich!!"- Sharon

    "Who can blame you?"- Blake

    A seething Deloris snatches the microphone away from Blakes hand.

    "Yeah, rich bitch can my kiss my boring ass. Listen I'm trying my mother OK. Her name is Charlotte King, she was last seen in Francis Bay Long Island, on January 12th, and if you have any information....."

    "Thank you, Deloris....- Blake.

    "No f*** off Blake, and if you have any information to this wonderful lady, I'd appreciate it if you contact the Kings Café of Francis Bay, I have a five thousand dollar reward to offer. Hey, asshole, leave the camera on me, I'll knee your balls right to the roof of your mouth. Charlotte King, Kings café, Francis Bay, Long Island. Now you can talk about, skanky Sharon and her geriatric perverts and whatever, excuse me."

    "Thank you, that was Deloris King."

    Deloris walks off set. Blake has the microphone and points it to Matt Graison's lips

    "Now where were we. Oh yes, you have slept with over a hundred men and they are all over seventy."- Blake.

    "Actually no, that was Sharon."- Matt.

    "Oh yes.......Blake looks to the camera awkwardly. ......."We'll be right back after this commercial break."

    Cue Commercial Break music.

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    Awesome update, you have so many fascinating characters, and storylines in your amazing story. I really hope you update again soon.
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    :hugs:Thank You for reading Jessie. Will be updating soon.
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    Final 8 Episodes Teasers/Spoilers.

    Episode 140: Mind Impact

    "I know all about it. "
    R: "What are you talking about Daddy?"
    H: "You even actually believe that I am, but the truth is I'm not aren't I?"
    R: "......Not what?"
    H: "I think it's about time we got everything off our chest, Abigail.......Don't you?"

    Episode 141: Murder Most Horrid

    O: "Then who killed the Wilsons?"
    Fed: "Beats the shit out of me. The evidence is fucked up. With what we've got, it could take a long, long, long time before we find out who did it. "
    O: "Have you found Jeff Wilson, their eldest son?"
    Fed: "His alibi checked out. He wouldn't have any reason to murder his own parents. And as far we're concerned his youngest sibling is clean as a whistle. Whoever committed this horrible slaughter, had an incredible knack of covering their tracks.

    Episode 142: Fathers son. Mothers Daughter.

    J: Oh shit.
    B: What the f*** is your problem? That had all my livelihood in that truck and now it's in the fuckin drink, because you can't drive to save your ass!
    J: Sorry man, the clutch must have slipped.
    B: Yeah so did my fuckin truck, you dumbass!
    J: Look I was just doing this guy a favour.
    B: Oh good for you. Well I hope that favour was worth your while, because it proved to be fuckin useless now!
    J: Sorry.
    B: Sorry won't be bring the goddamn thing back now will it. Jesus Christ man your amateur. I've trod in shits with more brains!

    Episode 143: Dressed To Kill.

    R: Linda it's you. You're alive.
    B: Yes my love. My soul is yours to take. C'mon lets hit the shower.

    B: Plot thickens.

    J: Get outta there! Behind you!!

    Episode 144: The Rise And Odyssey Of Mrs Wilson.

    T: Who are you?
    E.L. I'm your only hope and vice versa.
    T: Hope for what?
    E.L. Vengeance and Redemption.
    T: You know who I am?"
    E.L. How could I not know. I loved you, but you loved him instead. And I'm here to take you to him......eventually.

    Episode 145: Penultimate Showdown.

    C: She really doesn't know does she Harry?
    T: I don't know what your you're talking about you crazy Bitch.
    C: Now that's no way to talk to the mother of your child.
    H: ................what are you talking about?
    T: She nuts.
    C: Need a second opinion Harry. Ask your psychiatrist.
    T: Harry what is she getting at?
    C: No matter how much he will deny himself, he can't deny he's the true father of the child, you mothered in my absence.

    Episode 146: Series Finale Part I. Reunion

    D.H. I know who did it. And why William Mcquire was murdered.
    D.M. What do you mean?
    D.H. How could have been so stupid it's been a cover up along. It was a cover up back in '79' and these recent killings have been a cover up to stop the truth from finally unveiling.
    D.M. Melanie what are you saying.
    D.H: Greg Mcquire is not our suspect. Just in the wrong place at the wrong time. But I know who did it and who's been committing the recent murders.

    Episode 147: Series Final Part II. Revelations.

    T: Where do we go from here?
    H: That's up to you. Do you love me?
    T: I've always loved you.... and always will.....but
    H: But what?
    T: Everything's changed.
    H: ................Yeah. No thanks to Gloria Lang. If it hadn't been for that Bitch. I wouldn't have remembered. But the one thing I never forgot was always you. What a waste of fuckin time.

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    Harry and Rebecca are sat on a bench eating a burger, opposite each other.

    Rebecca what is it that you're scared for me to find out? The visions are becoming more occurring too. Did these ever happen before I lost my memory, or are they part of a new phase in my life? I wish the whole truth could just open up completely, just for some closure. Looks like I may have to learn the hard way.

    "I've had a certain memory pop up, where I'm cradling a dying woman in my arms. Felt like a very long time ago."

    Rebecca- "I'm not sure on that one."

    "Or maybe you're worried how I might take the truth, if I were to find out. Is it the sort of memory that nobody may want me to find out?"

    "It is painful. I don't think it would be my place to tell you."

    "But, you may know whom I'm referring to right?"

    "You really wanna know?"

    "I can take it."

    "It was probably your mother, my grandmother.......your parents were murdered twenty four years ago, shortly after you left High School."

    Holy shit, I shouldn't have asked. That is too much more than I can handle, with all the other stuff.

    I'm sorry, you wanted me to be honest."

    "Don't blame yourself, I'm OK......wow. Why? I mean who would do such an evil thing. Who killed them?"

    "Nobody knows. Whoever did it, is still free today. For something to go unsolved for so long, it must have had a major cover up."

    "You mean the police, the Fed's, they just gave up? No justice has been done."

    "Before you lost your memory, you told me, that the evidence the police had was so inconclusive, it would have taken a long, long, long, long, long time before they could even tell what the circumstances were, let alone make an arrest."

    "Sounds like my parents murder was premeditated. If it wasn't, a cover up like this wouldn't have lasted this long."

    "Sorry Dad, but the only people that knew of your parents death, was your parents and you found them."

    "Before we return home to Long Island, I want you to take me to the archives."

    "Daddy c'mon I don't want you to stress yourself out more, than you already have."

    "Please, if we get home late, I won't let you take the blame, I promise.....I'm just desperate."

    "I'll give you an hour no more."

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