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Original cast photo 1992

Discussion in '90210 & Melrose Place' started by agacs, Mar 17, 2009.

  1. agacs

    agacs Active Member

  2. JROG

    JROG Well-Known Member

    Oh, dear Lord, a true, never-before-seen-pic! I am so excited!

    And, nope, definitely not Andrew Shue... I didn't know he wasn't the original choice!

  3. agacs

    agacs Active Member

    Unless this was just a publicity shot, maybe there is another unaired pilot?
  4. Marika

    Marika Member

    Stephen Fanning was the original Billy Campbell. He was replaced by Andrew Shue shortly before the series premiered. You can also spot Fanning's face in the snooker scene during the first opening credits.
  5. The Ewings Rules

    The Ewings Rules New Member

    I never knew this, but I'm glad they put Andrew Shue on the show.
  6. dazzle

    dazzle Active Member

    brings back a lot of memories...i used to have a big crush on grant show..i actually wrote to him and got a signed picture :)
  7. jessianjel

    jessianjel New Member

    Wow everyone looks so young LOL I knew Andrew Shue wasn't the original choice for Billy but I never had seen a picture of the original actor. Thanks for sharing with us =)
  8. ManiaHus73

    ManiaHus73 New Member

    thinking about it, I am more interested in the OLCR just because I want to see it in London, and chances are better Ill see it there even if none of the original cast is still there ;D

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