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paddy from BB in a fight -

Discussion in 'Reality Television' started by freekin, Feb 18, 2012.

  1. freekin

    freekin New Member

    Feb 18, 2012
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    message board user
    untied kingdom
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    a paddy in the traffic

    this is old news,
    but i have only just seen,
    watching his on the internet,
    made me so green.
    did i no paddy,
    why am i so distraught,
    how do i judge things like this,
    why is my approval 10 fold under naught.
    it was vile,
    of both i am ashamed,
    what ever you gained from big brother,
    has been lost as you have been framed.
    2 grown men scrapping,
    it was brutality,
    i do understand its a different culture,
    but in public its not a correct reality.
    no consideration for others,
    lady's , boys or minors,
    the poor people caught in the traffic,
    must have been grounded like one of the Concordia liners.
    it was wrong,
    disgraceful, disgusting, terrifying and tragic,
    how ever much i loved you in big brother,
    all respect has been lost from seeing a paddy in the traffic.

    look this fight up on google - its so shocking -

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