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People saying donna mills is a lesbian.

Discussion in 'Knots Landing Official Discussion Forum' started by knotsfan61618, Jan 10, 2007.

  1. knotsfan61618

    knotsfan61618 Well-Known Member

    I was looking at different message boads and I kept hearing people say that donna mills is gay.I don't think that is true and I don't really care I love donna,but I just think these people are starting rumors.Someone said they were at a party and with donna and asked her if she had ever been married and were told by a friend of donna's "I thought you knew she was gay".They are also saying her boyfriend is gay,that she lives with a woman,and since she has no kids she is gay.I think this is outrageous.

    Anyway I hope this okay to be talking about here,There are some pretty extreme threads on other boards,like donna is gay,and someone said they had never seen a more beautiful woman in thier life as joan van ark and that it was unbelieveable how hot she was.Anyway this message board is by far the best board around!Anyone have any thoughts on the donna subject?
  2. OnTheMarkTexas

    OnTheMarkTexas Active Member

    Whether she's gay or not, who cares?

    As KnotsFan61618 pointed out, that does not make her any less of a phenominal actress. She does have an adopted child and she (and still might be) in a LTR with the same guy for almost 2 decades.

    Jodie Foster has been in a decade long LTR with a woman and they've adopted kids. None of that has kept her from being one of the most versitile actresses/producers/directors to come out of Hollywood in a long time. The fact that she lives her life like her LTR is just like anyone else's is commendable.

    Ya gotta love how the press goes for the gay angle anytime a celebrity does not fit the "mold" of what a person should or should not be doing with his or her life.

    One thing I've always loved about celebrities like Donna Mills, is that they keep their private lives out of the public eye as much as possible. The same can not be said of other KNOTS stars who air their dysfunctional relationships openly in the press -- Nicollette Sheridan seems to be the worse.

    In this day and age, we're so used to the likes of Britney and Paris strutting their trashy business in the public eye that our values are topsy turvy and we actually look down on celebrities who chose to remain private.
  3. Daniel James Clarke

    Daniel James Clarke New Member

    I heard she was gay years ago. Its supposed to be one of those 'open secrets' in Hollywood. Glad to have you as one of us, Donna. A stunningly beautiful woman and truly great actress who played one of the greatest soap characters ever with awesome conviction and diversity!!
  4. knotsfan61618

    knotsfan61618 Well-Known Member

    Nicollette does have her relationships in the publics face alot,kissing bolton in public for the camera's and everything.What other knots stars were you talking about who air their relationships in the press,Alec Baldwin does who else?

    Also am I the only one who never heard donna way gay,like I said I don't care I just thought it was a rumor,but have people heard this alot and I was out of the loop?I thought it was just an outrageos rumor.
  5. naldoderevko

    naldoderevko New Member

    Honey, if she's a lesbian...she's a damn gorgeous lesbian, and any woman should be proud to be her partner!
    ........dont'cha think people spend way too much time putting 'lables' on people to make themselves feel superior for some reason, I just don't get it!
  6. knotsfan61618

    knotsfan61618 Well-Known Member


    I was just curious because I thought some people were just making up rumors that were not even true,but i did say it was outrageous,what people were saying and that they were obsessing about it.
  7. FSJD

    FSJD New Member

    This is totally untrue, Donna is in a long term relationship with Richard Holland.
  8. knotsfan61618

    knotsfan61618 Well-Known Member

    That is what I thought.
  9. Benny JR

    Benny JR Well-Known Member

    I don't think she is a lesbian, she doesn't seem it, I've often seen her kissing some guy, could be that guy Richard whatshisface.
  10. FSJD

    FSJD New Member

    She has a long term Boyfriend so can we just forget about 'The Rumours'.
  11. naldoderevko

    naldoderevko New Member

    The reality of this situation, like many others in Hollywood, is that whether it's true or untrue...and it does not matter....is that, if she were a lesbian, it would instantly tarnish her image in the 'small' minds of some people and would effectively cost her work and a loss of fans due to that simple fact.
    It's amazing how far we've come in womens rights and gay/lesbian rights...but it's the same old thing still....don't ask, don't tell.
    For me personally it's about the acting, not the personal life, if an actor is good then he/she can make you forget who they are in reality and strictly focus on the character they're playing....which is their job.
    lesbian/schmezbian...who cares!!?
  12. SnarkyOracle!

    SnarkyOracle! Well-Known Member

    A good reason to have Abby kidnap Valene: 'you were just usin' Gary to get to me!'

    And just watch the jealousy unleashed in Karen.

    And the sense of sexual inadequacy (again) in Gary.
  13. Mayor Gregory

    Mayor Gregory Soap Chat's Real 007

    it doesn't matter a jot, she'll always be "Blondie" :wiggle:
  14. Jean-Louis

    Jean-Louis New Member

    Lesbian ou straight, we don't care
  15. Curt344

    Curt344 New Member

    LOL, Amen, Naldo!

    And the odd thing is that every time celebrites come out of the closet now (since Ellen did 10 years ago, roughly) there's always that talk of "oh they'll lose fans and get drummed out" but what ends up happening is that they become even more popular and add new fans on top of the old ones. I think it boils down to people appreciating honesty and openness above all else.

    As for this rumor, yeah I'd heard it a zillion times before myself. I have some friends in the industry who swear its true and only a couple of them can prove they actually have ever had contact with her. So ultimately, if it is true and she continues to keep it to herself, who cares.

    On this topic, however, I recently rewatched the scene where Paige and Abby face off over Peter's death (in her Lotus Point office, when Paige was supposed to be apologizing), and there's a moment at the end of that scene where Abby appears to almost blow a kiss at Paige.

    Or maybe I'm imagining things again...
  16. klrecaps

    klrecaps New Member

    While I don't consider it a slur because I don't see anything wrong with being gay, the claims that Donna Mills is a lesbian (based upon her unmarried status and adoption of a child) are typical reactions to any actress or woman who exists outside of established bulls*t notions of femininity. It's like the whole "Eileen Davidson" is really a man" story. It's because the fact that a beautiful and intelligent woman such as Donna has not married or reproduced in the biological sense produces anxiety in some and in order to alleviate said anxiety, rumors are started and sometimes, these rumors can have a malicious slant expressing the anger that often accompanies anxiety over gender roles. Hopefully this kind of thing will go away as people accept that women (and men) who do not marry are not necessarily gay. Or necessarily straight. The choice not to marry will cease to be seen as a sign of "shocking difference" or failure/lack of options.

    End lesson.

    Viva la Donna.
  17. martypower

    martypower New Member

    Again, who the *#$@ cares!

    All I can say is that if she is...lucky lesbians!!!:eek:
  18. Afton Cooper

    Afton Cooper Member

    I can't believe that in this day and age we are still discussinh such things. Donna is a great woman who is active about things that matter, the environment, civil liberties, etc and this is what really is important. What she does in her bedroom is between her and her partner. Keep goin' Donna!
  19. Wicked Abby

    Wicked Abby New Member

    i couldnt care one way or another whether or not Donna is gay.

    I suppose it is only to be expected that some people might think she is gay because she has never been married or given birth, thats just the way some peoples minds work.

    Maybe the reason Donna never got married or gave birth was because she never found the right person, and didnt want to settle for second best, just because marriage is expected of her by some narrow minded individuals.

    If she was gay it wouldnt bother me, I just personally think that it is unlikely as we have never heard of an actual relationship with a woman. Surely if she were gay, after all these years atleast one name would have slipped out.

    Anyway the main thing is that Donna is happy with her life who ever she cares to share or not share it with. Her private life is just that (private) as far as I am concerned.
  20. knotsfan61618

    knotsfan61618 Well-Known Member

    I don't think donna is gay and I never did I knew about her boyfriend and everything.It wouldn't bother me one bit if she was though I was just annoyed at people on other sites saying they knew she was because didn't think she was and I wouldn't like it if people were spouting that about me if it wasn't true,but if she is I don't care and she is one of my favorite actresses.

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