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Prepaid Mastercard Gold! Aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!! shit!

Discussion in 'Rant Room' started by alexis, Feb 23, 2012.

  1. alexis

    alexis Well-Known Member

    I recenttly got a new prepay mastercard because my old one had expired. I topped it up today for the first time at the post office and got home and sat and picked out a few movies and cds and stuff I want from Amazon. I took ages to do this. Placed my order and it wont go through. So I cancelled all my stuff and tried again. Didn't work.
    Then I logged on to the mastercard web site and checked my balance. Its £0.00

    I want to kill dead things! My brother says it maybe wont credit to my balance for 24 hours? If so that sucks. And my other card I could use instantly after topping it up.

    Does anyone have one of these cards? Know whats up with it?
  2. Olivia Benson

    Olivia Benson Well-Known Member

    Did you save the receipt? Go back to the post office. Someone may not have activated it correctly at the register.
  3. alexis

    alexis Well-Known Member

    Yes I have the receipt. If its not on tomorrow Ill go and ask them to check it at the post office.
  4. alexis

    alexis Well-Known Member

    I just checked mastercard online and entered my receipt details. My payment went through but it wont be processed till tomorrow. Something about it being done to late in the work day. :) I can shop tomorrow.
  5. Olivia Benson

    Olivia Benson Well-Known Member

    Ahhhh. Yes, here if I make a credit card payment after 5pm it doesn't get processed until the next day. So, never do it at 5pm on the day it's due or you'll get whacked with a late fee. lol
  6. alexis

    alexis Well-Known Member

    I didn't think of that because my last prepay card was an 02 money card and I could use it as soon as I had put money on it. At least I know now if I want to buy something using the card I should top it up the day before.
  7. minx

    minx Well-Known Member

    Whenever my credit card doesn't work, I assume the Visa Gods are trying to tell me that I've been spending too much money. :)
  8. alexis

    alexis Well-Known Member

    Thats why I only have a prepay card. I have no self control. :)

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