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Priscilla to join NEW DALLAS ??

Discussion in 'Dallas original TV Series official forum' started by MarcJ, Jan 31, 2011.

  1. MarcJ

    MarcJ New Member

    Here in Australia our Newspaper 'The Sunday Telegraph' had a small article in regards to Larry joining the new show, even quoting what I have read online in these boards ~

    'I havent signed a contract, but I gave them my commitment verbally ... and my words good'

    Then it said Prisicilla Presley will also return as Jenna Wade. Linda Gray and Patrick Duffy have reportedly been approached for the brand new venture

    Do you think she would really return ??
  2. stavrogin

    stavrogin New Member

    The teaser said Jenna, Ray and Donna were scripted to appear in the first episode. I think there is a wedding so several will make an appearance, I doubt it will be for more than one episode though since it seems only Linda, Patrick and Larry have been asked to be supporting continuing characters. I don't see why Charlene, Priscilla, Steve and Susan would not be asked to be in the first episode to play their characters- of course if they stayed, there would not be much room for any new characters so i expect we will only see them at the wedding.

    Working title - Dallas – Changing of the guard
    Characters – (scripted to appear)
    ELENA RAMOS (John Ross’s love interest)
    CARMEN RAMOS (Ewing cook)
    JACK EWING (unless a recast takes place this is going to change)
  3. v2david

    v2david Member

    There was an interesting recent interview with Victoria Principal on the Dallas fanzine website, and she was aware of the new series. Her biggest concern seemed to be how they would write Pam back in the series as she was "dead". This scene would have been the perfect opportunity to bring her back for...
  4. Karin Schill

    Karin Schill Moderator Staff Member

    I hope Cilla will make an appearance as Jenna. :)
  5. ProdicalSon

    ProdicalSon Well-Known Member

    I'm in favor of as many of the original cast as allowable to make cameo appearances. Just flavors the show and ties it in to its roots while moving it forward.
  6. Bobby'sgirl

    Bobby'sgirl New Member

    I'd much rather see Morgan Fairchild play Jenna instead.
  7. stavrogin

    stavrogin New Member

    From what I understand, they are going to re-emphasize that Pam is dead in the first episode.
  8. Joanna~H

    Joanna~H New Member

    I second that!
  9. stavrogin

    stavrogin New Member

    you know, on Dallas Fanzine, one of the teasers for the premiere episode is

    A Ewing Family video with faces from the past

    so it seems to me more likely Donna, Lucy, Jenna, Ray will just be on that video and not any sort of extended cameo in the first episode so I would not get my hopes up.
  10. ProdicalSon

    ProdicalSon Well-Known Member

    There's also supposedly a wedding that brings back people from the past. So it could be either of those. We'll see...:)
  11. Bobby'sgirl

    Bobby'sgirl New Member

    Where are you getting that information from? I really don't think that Garry would have asked Victoria about Pam coming back for the new show if he had seen something in the pilot script that indicated that "they are going to re-emphasize that Pam is dead", and nobody else who has supposedly read the script has mentioned it either.
  12. ProdicalSon

    ProdicalSon Well-Known Member

    Seems like a throw off. There are probably references to past characters. They could think she's dead and in reality since she was never "seen" dead, she can still come back. Look at what happened with Miss Ellie's brother Garrison (although he actually came back home to die.).
  13. Bobby'sgirl

    Bobby'sgirl New Member

    Right, I believe that Garry told us only that Pam is "mentioned". That could mean a whole lot of things, not necessarily that she's dead. Like Bobby saying to Christopher, "I still remember when your mama and I used to go to your little league games, and now look at you, she'd be so proud of you son." or maybe he tells Christopher he's sorry that his mama isn't there for his wedding. Who knows? The possibilities are endless.
  14. Mel O'Drama

    Mel O'Drama Well-Known Member

    She could have added "unlike my acting ability."
  15. Clubsoda

    Clubsoda Active Member

    With Priscilla looking the way she does now she'd look more like Michael Jackson's zombie than Jenna Wade.

    So I hope not.

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