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Racism on the forums

Discussion in 'Politics, philosophy and religion' started by Pamela Kenobi, Nov 15, 2007.

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  1. Pamela Kenobi

    Pamela Kenobi Administrator Soap Chat Staff 18 Years on Soap Chat

    Oct 24, 1997
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    New York
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    SoapChat is committed to the elimination of racial discrimination – including direct and indirect racism, racial vilification and harassment – in its administarion,discussion and membership.

    No member or viewer member experience racism within the the threads on SoapChat.net

    This includes attributes as culture, history, language and religion.

    Some of the comments made on threads are racist in content. These posts will be removed without ANY discussion.

    Some comments made , looking for evidence to portray a whole culture in a certain way is danerous, and harks back to Nazi Germany.

    If you can't see that then I suggest you educate yourself.

    You can not be selective in which groups get oppressed. In one thread it was inexcusable to attack gay people but quite ok to put down every single muslim as vile and evil.

    That is total hipocrisy.

    If you want an adult debate on issues, then please have one. But anything condoneing hate and vilification of a group is not acceptable, its racist and ILLEGAL.
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