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Sasha Mitchell Gets Married

Discussion in 'Dallas original TV Series official forum' started by garry, Dec 7, 2010.

  1. garry

    garry Well-Known Member

    Few pics from the recent wedding of former Dallas actor Sasha Mitchell and his new wife, Rachel.


  2. Luke

    Luke Well Known Member

    Time can be a cruel mistress
  3. Cliff Barnes

    Cliff Barnes Well-Known Member

    That's excellent for him, I hope they're very happy-hopefully it will be much more successful than his first marriage.
  4. Jessie

    Jessie Well-Known Member

    Wish him and his new wife alll the best.
    Thanks for posting the pictures Garry.
  5. i love jr ewing

    i love jr ewing Well-Known Member

    I hope Sasha and his new wife will be happy together.
  6. ChrisEwing2003

    ChrisEwing2003 Well-Known Member

    Congrats Sasha, I wish you both happiness
  7. Ray_Krebbs

    Ray_Krebbs Active Member

    Congrats to them! :)
  8. James II

    James II Active Member

    Holy Molely Sasha and Rachel,
    Two Good Lookers and Sasha has not lost his touch.
  9. Tina Ewing

    Tina Ewing Active Member

    Well, he looks nothing like that Sasha in the Step by Step days. However, I wish them the long, happy life together (l)
  10. Sid Fairgate

    Sid Fairgate Well-Known Member

    Everybody looks thrilled, don't they? The look on the face of the woman next to the bride in pic #2 is particularly funny! lol

    By the way, Sasha looks huge now!
  11. jrs

    jrs Active Member

    i think he looks better now...more rugged
  12. Barbara Fan

    Barbara Fan Moderator Staff Member

    I didnt recognise him at all

    Thanks Garry for posting!!

    Hope they will be happy
  13. Lola C

    Lola C New Member

    What a relief! His new wife is much less good-looking than me.
    So I still have a chance! :D

    TBS, he lost his looks. He looks average now, but was a hottie. Shame... :(
  14. jrs

    jrs Active Member

    He was until he opened his mouth with than annoying accent
  15. jrs

    jrs Active Member

    does he still act ?????
  16. jrs

    jrs Active Member

    I think the way he is looking at her in the top photo is so sweet
  17. Lola C

    Lola C New Member

    .. but I LOVED his accent! Made me think he was Italian-American.
    Had no idea he had Russian-Jewish heritage.
  18. jrs

    jrs Active Member

    mmmmmmmmmm made me think he was dopey big twat
  19. Swami

    Swami Well-Known Member

    I didn't know he could!

  20. jrs

    jrs Active Member


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