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Scenes that made you laugh out loud

Discussion in 'Dallas original TV Series official forum' started by Swellin', Mar 30, 2013.

  1. Swellin'

    Swellin' Active Member

    In 'Shattered Dreams' (Season 8 DVD) when Cliff offers Jamie a job at Barnes Wentworth and she turns him down but agrees to dinner, then turns around and says "I have a hankering for oriental food, would you mind if we went to a Chinese restaurant?". The look on Cliff's face is HILARIOUS!!! He lights up like a kid in a candy store. Real laugh-out-loud stuff! Gotta love Cliff...
  2. ronald mascot

    ronald mascot Well-Known Member

    Season 10-When Cliff steals Jamie's idea to start a Washington lobby is pretty funny, she just fumes while he takes all the credit. Even when she calls him on it, "You're idea was nothing like mine, it was dumb and wouldn't have worked", though it was the same idea.Also, When JR tells Jack Ewing it's his last dinner at Southfork because he was tired of him sponging off of them.

    This is funny, when Sue Ellen says about Mandy- "she doesn't look nearly as trashy in person as she does in those pictures"


    Season 7 is really funny because both JR and Sue Ellen pretend they are "concerned" for Lucy regarding Peter Richards when neither gave a crap about Lucy and it was both about themselves, and of course JR is funny acting concerned for Peter when he was the one who set him up. That's a very "fun" season although it is careful never to stray into outright comedy.
  3. Swami

    Swami Well-Known Member

    So many scenes where JR revels in others' misfortune - when Wally Hampton says to JR, when we've finished with your Mr Barnes, he may never work again; JR responds, laughing heartily, "I'll drink to that!" - brilliant.

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  4. Sassy

    Sassy New Member

    LOL had to be when JR and Sue Ellen remarried and that whole fight that happened at their reception. I thought it was so funny and watched it over and over to get my chuckles out.

    And my goodness JR had such one liners where he got zings into people that I couldn't help but burst out on some of them.
  5. Swami

    Swami Well-Known Member

    JR complaining about Cliff biting him at the Oil Baron's Ball.

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  6. JRandSueEllenForever

    JRandSueEllenForever Well-Known Member

    I always laughed at JR taunting the impotent Dusty Farlow that time they met at the Cotton Bowl: "I've seen your Daddy. Maybe she's staying with you because she's not going without it. There's only one person man enough to keep that woman happy and on the Southern Cross, and that sure as hell ain't you!"
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  7. Swami

    Swami Well-Known Member

    When Jamie confronts Cliff at the Ewing BBQ season 10 and says he is the most sorry excuse for a man she's ever met, JR strolls along saying "I'll second that!".

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  8. Slick's Widow

    Slick's Widow Well-Known Member

    Anytime J.R. grinned that rogue's grin of his after decimating Cliff was a laugh out loud moment for me.

    And, how could I possibly forget old drunken Digger entertaining the guests at the Ewing Barbecue with his rendition of "Yellow Rose of Texas?"
  9. Brianws

    Brianws New Member

    The funniest scene has to be when Pam hit the truck and blew up
  10. Luv4Cliff

    Luv4Cliff Active Member

    The episode "Wedding Belle Blues", JR's wedding to Cally had some great zinger dialogue for SueEllen and Lucy. A bright spot in a somewhat dismal season.
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  11. MsTexas73

    MsTexas73 Well-Known Member

    Like when she comments on how quickly he finished with Cally and she pops the balloon. lol
  12. MsTexas73

    MsTexas73 Well-Known Member

    Even though the rest of the ep is not funny... I always giggle at the part in Winds of Vengeance when Miss Ellie hears all the noose downstairs and comes down and Payton points the gun at her and says, "Stay right there, mama!". The way he says it and the look on Miss Ellie's face is gold!

    The end of season 2 after JR makes the crack about Pam cracking up and Bobby belts him right in the stomach. JR was funny, Jock was even funnier. He was like any other parent who is tired of his kids constant fighting.

    In season 7, when Sue Ellen knows that JR thinks she is seeing Cliff again, she runs with it making him think she is and he tries to force himself on her, until she knees him in the cajones.

    JR: I know what you like.

    Sue Ellen: And I know what you like. And I'm sure that wasn't it.
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  13. vaughnleland

    vaughnleland Well-Known Member

    when michelle goes to sit in Ellies chair and J.R. tells her no..she asks where she should sit... "how about there? thats used to be Pam's chair..never coiuld stand her either."
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  14. I-<3-Clayton

    I-<3-Clayton Active Member

    Basically anything that JR said makes me laugh out loud. Along with the others mentioned here, I liked the scene where he is at the sheriff's office (I think it was after Kristin drowned) and the sheriff said "what do you take in our coffee?" and JR said "Bourbon."
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  15. Swami

    Swami Well-Known Member

    Describing Cliff as a termite and upon Pam's query, JR asks "Anyone else here got a termite for a brother?".

  16. Jessie

    Jessie Well-Known Member

    JR complaining about being bitten by Cliff. :) lol

    Also the scene where Sue Ellen was banging drawers, and making lots of noise waking JR up. He got out of bed in his boxing obviously hung over. :) lol :D

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  17. I-<3-Clayton

    I-<3-Clayton Active Member

    And Pam said "Only Bobby..." :D
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  18. braddockbro

    braddockbro New Member

    Season 11 - Jenna slaps Charlie in the face.

    Season 10 - Sue Ellen asks JR what job Mandy is doing - "is there a convention or is the fleet in town?"
  19. Nearly everytime Peter Richards graced the screen. There was one scene in the Southfork pool with John Ross, it sounded really weird, he was going on to John Ross about being a shark and how he was going to get him. Peter goes, 'Get out of the water!' His voice sounded so pubescent and the way he said it cracks me up every time!
  20. Swami

    Swami Well-Known Member

    In "Paternity Suit", where JR and Sue Ellen go to the doctors to give blood samples and JR sits down beside a guy who is sniffing and coughing - the way JR looks at him is priceless. And she says to Sue Ellen, "You'd think we could have gone private for this!" - or words to that effect!

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