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See the FC actors in Hotel & on DVD.

Discussion in 'Falcon Crest Official Forum' started by Jock Og, Apr 7, 2012.

  1. Jock Og

    Jock Og Well-Known Member

    There were a plethora of Falcon Crest actors in Spelling’s / ABC’s show Hotel and the 1st season made it to DVD (from 2009). Have you seen the show on DVD, set in San Fran’s St. Gregory Hotel, with Anne Baxter, Connie Selleca and James Brolin as the leads?

    The show ran from September 1983, to May 1988. Some of the Falcon Crest actors who appeared are as follows:

    Robert Stack
    Morgan Fairchild
    Roy Thinnes
    Lorenzo Lamas
    Margaret Ladd
    Mel Ferrer
    Abby Dalton
    Parker Stevenson
    John Callahan

    Lance is trying to convince Angela that he wasn’t involved in the ‘hit and run’, (a scene from season 4, 1984 – ‘85):

    Lance: “Grandmother I have no idea who it was. I never saw his face. The guy took my jacket and my car, tried to make it look as if I forced you off the road.”

    Angela: “You did force me off the road.”

    Emma: “Lance would never hurt you mother.”

    Lance: “Thank you Emma! I didn’t. I couldn’t have. I wasn’t there.”

    Greg: “Then who was it? Angela didn’t dream this up. The deputies even saw it, happen to her.”

    Lance: “Come on! I have enemies. Anyone could have tried to frame me. It could have been Richard, Chase, Cole, Melissa. She’s not that happy that you set up that trust fund.”

    Angela: “Well she’s going to be happy, when she finds that it is un set up, by Greg.”

    Greg: “Yes as far as you being beneficiary…”

    Lance: “You see her plan has worked. Right! I’m out and she’s in.”

    Emma: “Now that makes sense to me.”

    Lorraine: “Terri Ranson would like to see Lance hurt too. She was angry because….”

    Angela: “If you have anything important to say don’t!”

    Lance: “Grandmother take it easy with her.”

    Angela: “The fight we had over her started this all thing.”

    Lance: “That’s not true and I didn’t try to kill you.”

    Greg: “Angela wants you out of here and good.”

    Greg and Lance are about to start a fight. Chao-Li separates them.

    Emma: “Mother stop them!”

    Angela: “No one who wants to kill me can stay in this house.”

    Greg: “Let us know where you want to send, your personal affects.”

    Lance strikes out at Greg.

    Chao-Li: “Please no trouble Lance.”

    Lance leaves with Lorraine.

    Emma: “Lance,” she hugs her nephew.

    Angela: “Thank you Chao-Li! I know that wasn’t easy.”

    Emma: “It wasn’t easy for any of us mother and I know that you’re sure that Lance did it but I also know that you haven’t had your eyes tested, in a very very very long time.”

    Angela: “Oh Emma!”

    Emma: “Oh mother!”

    Angela: “Sharper than a serpent’s tooth it is to have an ungrateful child.”

    Greg: “Thankless. I think Shakespeare had King Lear say thankless child.”

    Angela: “Oh what does he know?”
  2. Chloe-Fusco

    Chloe-Fusco Well-Known Member

    Yes I have watched Hotel. While not as good entertainment as FC the show is not complete thrash. Did Hotel follow Dynasty, in America when first shown, much like Dallas and Falcon Crest?

    Maggie and Richard have one of their classic moments. Falcon Crest 1987:

    Richard: “What are you doing?”
    Maggie is in a tamper and begins throwing various objects, into a box: “Seeing as how giving up my baby was so easy, I thought I would just get rid of the rest of my past while I was at it! Good-bye Chase! Good-bye Vickie! Good-bye Cole!”
    Richard picks up another object: “You missed one.”
    Maggie throws Richard’s object in the box’s direction: “Richard I'm not in the mood for cute okay?”
    Richard mutters: “Missed it again!”
  3. jej2252

    jej2252 Well-Known Member

    Shame season 1 of HOTEL on DVD was so overpriced. Sure it would've sold more had it been cheaper and there would've been further releases.
  4. Jock Og

    Jock Og Well-Known Member

    The show did follow Dynasty, when originally screened. However unlike the CBS duo of DALLAS and Falcon Crest the effect was less appealing for ABC, despite the duration of almost 5 years. There was a movie made in 2003, with a new cast but that is as far as it went.

    Emma, Angela and Dwayne are in the mansion’s sunroom. Shortly before this Angela tried to buy Dwayne off, by suggesting she help start a truck business and for him to leave the valley, (a scene from season 5, 1985-’86):

    Dwayne: “I told her what you tried to do Mrs. Channing. I thought Emma had a right to know.”

    Emma: “I know your business scruples leave something to be desired mother but your own daughter. Have you no shame?”

    Angela: “I’d do the whole thing all over again if I had to. It’s a mother’s duty to protect her daughter’s welfare. I’m just happy that Dwayne came through my little test.”

    Emma: “Test?”

    Angela: “Yes! I gave him the opportunity to approve his character and he came through with flying colours. He is totally honourable.”

    Emma: “Now wait a minute, let us get this straight. Are you gonna let us get married, you’re not gonna stop us.”

    Angela: “Of course I’m for it 1000%.”

    Dwayne looks bewildered at both Emma and Angela.

    Emma: “Oh mother this is amazing! Thank you! I can’t believe it!”

    Emma hugs her mother and then Angela says, “After, after Dwayne sells his truck and stops wandering all over the country and provides you with a stable home darling.”
  5. jej2252

    jej2252 Well-Known Member

    Didn't know about the movie
  6. adora

    adora Member

    I think I remember the origional movie Hotel was based on starred Rod Taylor as James Brolins character; correct me if I'm wrong?
  7. Jock Og

    Jock Og Well-Known Member

    Adora you are correct! The movie of 1967 had Rod Taylor (Frank Agretti, from Falcon Crest) playing Peter McDermott. The hotel was set in New Orleans though. The 2003 Spelling movie had Michael Jai White and Christina Vidal, in the top billing parts.

    Cassandra, her mother Anna, Greg, Fr. Chris and Angela are all in the mansion’s living room, discussing Fr. Chris’ parentage, (a scene from season 5, 1985 – ‘86):

    Cassandra: “That’s ridiculous!”

    Greg: “Yeah but none the less true!”

    Anna: “Dominic never had an affair with anyone. He was devoted to me.”

    Greg: “And one other.”

    Angela: “My daughter Julia.”

    Greg: “A very pregnant Julia.”

    Angela: “Who insisted on carrying Dominic’s child. They even made arrangements to run away together.”

    Anna: “Well that’s quite a bedtime story and pure hypothesis and having your priest here doesn’t add credibility to it one bit.”

    Greg: “Christopher.”

    Fr. Christopher: “Mrs. Rossini I’m the son of Julia and Dominic. Cassandra I’m your half brother.”

    Cassandra puts her head down, as Angela looks over at her. Anna speaks again, “It is well known that Julia was very generous with her favours. Your father could have been anyone of several men in the valley.”

    Fr. Christopher: “I have no reason to lie.”

    Anna with her piercing eyes, says, “Perhaps not but Angela is not adverse to it, nor is this high priced flunky of hers,” as she glances at Greg Reardon.

    Cassandra: “I think this is all a hoax, to drive a wedge between my mother and me. And it is not going to work!”

    Greg: “No, no, this is no hoax and we have a birth certificate, testimonies and even blood tests to prove it.”

    Angela: “Why don’t you give up Anna? You know that Dominic told you that Julia was carrying his child. And you set the fire that killed him!”

    “That’s a lie! I’ll have you in court for slander”, says Anna, very angrily.

    Greg: “Not as fast as I’ll have you there for murder. We have evidence Mrs. Rossini.”

    Anna: “Well you’re bluffing. The Sheriff’s report made it quite clear that Dominic set the fire.”

    Greg: “Yeah but the Sheriff was your cousin. I doubt it took too many dollars to protect the family name.”

    Anna: “You can’t prove that!”

    Greg shouts at her, saying, “We can and we will.”

    Anna laughs it off and states, “I’ve heard enough fantasies for one evening.” Walking lame with the assistance of her stick she continues, “Come Cassandra. I said let’s go!”

    Two scenes later everybody is asleep in the Falcon Crest mansion. Anna clothed in black forces entry. A sequence of events follows with her eventually finding her rival’s bedroom. She locks Angela in and begins to torch the corresponding wall of her room, along the hall. She then says rather menacingly, “Pleasant dreams Angela!”

    Fade to black, theme music & the credits appear.
  8. I think it's a disgrace that they never released HOTEL seasons 2+. Do the producers think no-one is waiting for it? Then they are very much mistaken!

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