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Soap Relations

Discussion in 'UK Soaps & Drama' started by Englishboy, Jun 19, 2011.

  1. Englishboy

    Englishboy World Cup Champion

    Soap actors who are related to each other in REAL LIFE

    JAMIE LOMAS who plays soap 'bad boy' Warren Fox in Hollyoaks is the BROTHER of CHARLEY WEBB who plays Debbie Dingle in Emmerdale

    JEFF HORDLEY who plays villain, Cain Dingle in Emmerdale is the real life HUSBAND of actress, Zoe Henry who is currently playing Rhona Goskirk in the SAME soap. Zoe had previously appeared as Casey Carwell the child abducting 'friend' and tormentor of the Peacocks in Coronation Street and as DC Cunningham in Eastenders.

    DEBBIE RUSH is known to millions of viewers for her portrayal of the homely Anna Windass in Coronation Street. Her actor SON William plays the part of Josh Stevenson in BBC soap, Waterloo Road.

    SUE JENKINS who appeared as Gloria Todd in Coronation Street and, later as Jackie Corkhill in Brookside is the MOTHER of RICHARD FLEESHMAN who played Craig Harris in the SAME ITV soap.

    RYAN THOMAS who plays builder Jason Grimshaw in Coronation Street is the BROTHER of ADAM THOMAS who is currently playing Adam Barton in rival ITV1 soap, Emmerdale. Adam had previously played the role of Donte Charles in the BBC soap, Waterloo Road.

    WILLIAM ROACHE who has played Coronation Street's Ken Barlow for more than 50 years is the FATHER of actor, JAMES ROACHE currently appearing in Corrie as Ken's long lost grandson, James.

    LYN JAMES who played Brian Denham's ever faithful secretary in TV's The Young Doctors is the MOTHER of actress SALLY TAYLER who appeared as Dr Vicki Daniels in the SAME soap. Sally was later reincarnated as Samantha Morrell in Sons and Daughters.

    Any more?
  2. Barbara Fan

    Barbara Fan Moderator Staff Member

    Lucy-Jo Hudson, who played Katy Harris and Alan Halsall (Tyrone Dobbs) married in real life
  3. Englishboy

    Englishboy World Cup Champion

    ANNE TENNEY who played Molly Jones in A Country Practice is married to SHANE WITHINGTON who currently plays John Palmer in Home and Away. They had originally met on the set of the Wandin Valley soap when Withington played her screen husband, Brendan.

    ANNE HADDY who played Helen Daniels in Neighbours was married to JAMES CONDON who played Douglas Blake and Reuben White in Neighbours and Sir Thomas Kendall in The Young Doctors
  4. Hardraw Force

    Hardraw Force New Member

    Until not too long ago there were two more brothers (twins?) in Emmerdale and Shameless (LUKE and ELLIOT TITTENSOR respectively). Luke, who played mechanic DAZ EDEN (the role that Aaron Livesy now occupies), was fired after getting convicted of some criminal affray off-set. Elliot plays CARL GALLAGHER in the scuzzy Manc-based comedy drama.....
  5. Englishboy

    Englishboy World Cup Champion

    ABIGAIL who had been an early star of raunchy 1970s soap, Number 96 and who later appeared in Sons and Daughters as Caroline Morrell was at one point the live in girl friend of MARK HASHFIELD who played pop star, Georgie Saint's manager, Milt Baxter in The Young Doctors. They acted opposite one another when Abigail played Hilary Templeton in the medical soap.

    JAN HARVEY who played Jan Howard in 1980s soap Howards Way is married to STEPHEN YARDLEY who appeared as 'medallion man' Ken Masters in the SAME soap. They also both later went on to appear in Family Affairs
  6. Englishboy

    Englishboy World Cup Champion

    ALAN BROWNING who played Alan Howard in Coronation Street was married to PAT PHOENIX who was also his screen wife, Elsie in the Manchester soap.

    SUE NICHOLLS who plays Corrie crimper, Audrey Roberts is married to MARK EDEN who played STREET bad boy, Alan Bradley in the ITV soap.
  7. TonyUKsoapfan

    TonyUKsoapfan Active Member

    If you want to go right back there was MORRIS PARSONS who played Wilf Harvey in Crossroads, who was married to the actress who played Alice Loomis in the same soap.

    And also BRIAN KENT who played Dick Jarvis in that show was married to an actress who played Hilda Duvan (the original Amy Turtle type gossip).

    JANE ROSSINGTON's real-life daughter played her on-screen daughter and the same happened with LYNETTE MCMORROUGH.

    And actually while I'm on CAROLYN JONES who was Sharon Metcalfe was married to JEREMY MASON who played Richard Lord.

    Oh and of course NOELE GORDON and JOAN GORDON (her mother) appeared in Crossroads a couple of times, although Joan was just an extra so isn't major the same can be said of JOHN BENTLEY and his wife PATRICA BENTLEY.
  8. Maria - Noele Gordon Fan

    Maria - Noele Gordon Fan Active Member

    I know who you mean Tony, the actress who played Hilda Duvene was indeed Margery Field, married to Brian Kent.

    Yes, Jane Rossington's real life daughter Sorrell played Sarah-Jane and Lynette McMorrough's daughter Emily played Katy-Louise. John Bentley's future wife Patricia Smith was an extra.

    There are lots in Crossroads isnt there.
  9. Canon

    Canon Well-Known Member


    The late great Clive Hornby who played Jack Sugden was married to Helen Weir who played his onscreen wife Pat Sugden.

    Claire King who played the infamous Kim Tate was married to Peter Amory who played her onscreen stepson Chris Tate.

    Mark & Rachel Hughes were played by real life brother & sister Craig & Glenda McKay.

    Stuart Wade who played Biff Fowler was married to Tonicha Jeronimo who played his onscreen wife Linda Glover.

    Of the current cast, Matthew Wolfenden (David) & Charley Webb (Debbie) are a couple and have a baby together.

    Chris Chittell (Pollard) & Lesley Dunlop (Brenda) are also an item.
  10. Barbara Fan

    Barbara Fan Moderator Staff Member

    Jennifer James and Lee Boardman from Corrie

    bad boy Jez and Gina the barmaid married in real life

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