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Susan Sullivan: the 70 year old woman who looks 40.

Discussion in 'Falcon Crest Official Forum' started by SnarkyOracle!, Oct 19, 2010.

  1. SnarkyOracle!

    SnarkyOracle! Well-Known Member

    What gives?

    I just saw her last night, briefly, in something new, playing one of those predatorily snobbish society women she's trademarked in her later career, and she looks about six weeks older than she was in FALCON CREST. And she'll be 68 in month.

    Can plastic surgery do that?

    She seems the absolute definition of graceful aging.

  2. dynastyfalcon

    dynastyfalcon New Member

    I saw more recent pictures of her in the Falcon Crest reunion and I agree she looks great, I don't think however thatshe has had plastic surgery because if you look at her face, ven if she does look great she has lots of wrinkles around her eyes. Nevertheless, she looks great!
    This makes me wish even more that Linda looked better.....sigh
  3. James from London

    James from London Well-Known Member

    You can have plastic surgery and still have wrinkles. Surely the best kind of plastic surgery makes you look as if you haven't had anything done.
  4. Franko

    Franko New Member

    She's lookin' really good! The red hair's a nice touch.

    P.S. -- the show's "Castle." Haven't seen it, but my mom and roommate say good things about it.
  5. MagRich

    MagRich New Member

    Susan has aged incredibly well!!! ...as has David Selby (white hair apart). Susan has the chiselled, porcelain look and I daresay has looked after herself through the years.
    I haven't seen her in Castle albeit I'm not a fan of the red hair that much as it can be draining but suffice to say in FC she was the most elegant and graceful of them all, always!!
    I hope she remains in good health and aesthetically so well preserved. Bravo Susan au natural:)
  6. Chloe-Fusco

    Chloe-Fusco Well-Known Member

    Susan looks fabulous and a credit, for her age. If I look as good aged 68 I will be over the moon.

    Melissa is considering separating from Lance and returns to the Agretti mansion. Falcon Crest 1984:

    Angela says sarcastically: “It won’t be the same without you.”
    Melissa: “Oh, I be available for family gatherings: funerals, shootings, divorces and of course the reading of wills!”
  7. Jock Og

    Jock Og Well-Known Member

    Susan certainly looks well, for her age. She is right up there with Linda Gray of Dallas, Joan Collins of Dynasty and Donna Mills from Knots Landing.

    Angela visits Maggie and Richard, after Chase’s death, (a scene from season 7, 1987 – ‘88):

    Angela: “What a terrible tragedy, for all of us.”

    Maggie: “I don’t think this is a tragedy for you Angela. I think it’s a triumph!”

    Angela: “Now, I understand your upset but…”

    Maggie: “Of course I’m upset. What do you think this is? A party!”

    Angela: “I think you should be sedated. Have you talked to the doctor?” she asks Richard.

    Richard: “You better shut up and get out of here, before I put you in intensive care!”

    Angela: “Chase and I didn’t see eye to eye Maggie but believe me I didn’t want him dead.”

    Maggie: “After everything that has happened, you come in here and expect me to embrace you?

    Look at you! Look at you! The matriarch all dressed in black, paying condolence calls, laughing all the way to the…..

    You turned your back on Chase, a long time ago. Don’t you think I’m ever going to forget that!”
  8. SnarkyOracle!

    SnarkyOracle! Well-Known Member

    Oh, I think Sullivan looks better than all of them, agewise, except perhaps Donna Mills.

    Gray looks nice and seemed to know when to stop with the surgery. Collins was a good, natural ager into her fifties, but now, even though her surgeries have been more successful than Linda Evans', Collins has that yucky aging cortesan look (which probably has more to do with her personality than anything else).
  9. willie oleson

    willie oleson Well-Known Member

    In that picture she looks a little bit like Shirley McClaine
  10. Falcon Crest I

    Falcon Crest I Active Member

    Susan is still very radiant and as good looking now as in 1981.
  11. Angela Channing

    Angela Channing Well-Known Member

    Susan looks great and is a credit to her cosmetic surgeon, and there is no shame in the fact that she has had work done,
  12. stavrogin

    stavrogin New Member

    Her eyes look a little tight, but other than that, whatever she did looks good.

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