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The Alternative - NEW THREAD! UPDATED APRIL 22!

Discussion in 'Dallas Writers Room' started by Sarah, Feb 17, 2012.

  1. Sarah

    Sarah Moderator Staff Member

    Hey - I remember a while ago we had a little thing going whereby we posted the ending to scenes, in a different way than they were aired. I really enjoyed it, so I thought I'd start it up again with a new one. Please do add to the thread with your own ideas. Remember, it's the original scene, plus your own ending. It can be as brief or as long as you wish ;)

    "My cousin used to have a friend that knew the girl who did her nails...", the waitress said to Sue Ellen, as she looked over her shoulder to the magazine she was reading.

    "Well I hear her next movie is gonna be a....a scorcher....".

    The waitress noticed that the glamorous lady that she was serving had seemed to become slightly less alert than she had been previously. She thought it was maybe the Texan heat, coupled with the coffee that her guest was drinking, that was making her seem.....sleepy.

    "What they get away with today....." the waitress said laughing, as she murmured her shock at the lack of clothes on the cheap looking model in the magazine, and busied herself with other customers.

    Sue Ellen continued to master over her grand plan as she looked at the magazine. Everything was....falling into place.....

    But why was she feeling so strange? She had been perfectly fine upon entering the restaurant, so why was her head starting to spin? Was it the excitement of her new business? The adrenaline?

    She tried to focus on the pages, but Mandy's picture started to blur, and soon, she was starting to see two of her.

    The waitress approached again and once more asked Sue Ellen was there anything she could do for her. Sue Ellen quietly yet politely shook her head and said 'No...no thank you...'

    The waitress hadn't left more than a minute when a thundering crash rang out over the small vicinity.

    "Miss! Can I help you Miss?" the older lady exclaimed as she ran to Sue Ellen's aid. Seeing that the younger woman had collapsed, sending her coffee cup crashing to the ground, shattering it into pieces. Sue Ellen's head and shoulders rested on the small table, her eyes closed.

    As the waitress placed her arms gently around Sue Ellen, attempting to rouse her, a tall man appeared. Blonde, charming - nothing to arouse any sort of suspicion.

    "M'am?" came the voice. "I'll take care of her. I'm a friend of hers..."

    The waitress for some reason didn't think to question it, as the tall blonde man first let Sue Ellen rest against his shoulder, then lifted her into his arms, picking up her purse as he exited the restaurant with her.

    "M'am, is there a charge for the damage?"

    "Eh..no sir, no...please go ahead..." the waitress flustered, urging the tall blonde man on his way.

    He continued to carry Sue Ellen, past the gaze of curious onlookers, as her head hung over his arm, her auburn hair catching the wind.

    His plan was falling into place. The car was in sight. He was just about to round the corner towards the lot, when he walked square into the chest of a much taller man, Stetson a-top his head.

    The Stetson-clad man looked into the arms of the blonde man as he looked for a way to escape. He felt the taller man's arms slip under his own, removing Sue Ellen from him, holding her tight against his own body and saying,

    "I think this belongs to me Calhoun..."

    As JR Ewing smiled and held Sue Ellen safely tight against him as she slept, he walked away in time to see Harry McSween, his special agent in the Dallas PD, and several of his 'colleagues' lead BD Calhoun to the warmth and high security of a waiting police car.....

  2. zephiey

    zephiey Well-Known Member

    Now that is how I would have enjoyed that scene ending.
  3. GoldSovereign

    GoldSovereign Well-Known Member

    Awesome idea and awesome new ending, Sarah! So glad you're writing again. Yay! :) Love the way you always come up with new, fresh ideas for the characters.

    Calhoun really bugged me because he had J.R. running scared until the very end. Calling in Harry is a much more J.R.-like move. And *swoon* that he showed up to save his wife.
  4. Scarlett

    Scarlett Well-Known Member

    Wow, that was amazing. :)

    If only you could post what happens when she wakes up. ;)
  5. i love jr ewing

    i love jr ewing Well-Known Member

    That was great Sarah.
  6. Joanna~H

    Joanna~H New Member

    A much better ending Sarah :)
  7. MrsSuperman93

    MrsSuperman93 Well-Known Member

    Yaaay! JR was Sue Ellen's hero :)
  8. Sarah

    Sarah Moderator Staff Member


    Sue Ellen stirred, her vision blurry and dazed in the warm sunlight which tried it's best to creep through the curtains. It took her a few minutes to ascertain where she was, let alone what she was feeling.

    As her eyesight began to return to normal, she started to make out a shape sitting upon what looked to be a chair. Adjusting her eyes to the new light, thinking it first to be a black cat, she soon realised it wasn't a cat - but a hat. A stetson to be exact. A stetson that could only belong to one man.

    What was it doing sitting there? As she lifted her head from the pillow, she felt her legs brushing along the silk of the sheets. Where was her skirt? Why was she only wearing her underclothes and camisole top?

    Her eyes moved again from the bed, to the chair, to the stetson and then to the bedroom door which was slightly ajar. She realised she was at home. At Southfork. On her own bed. But why couldn't she remember getting there and why was JR's stetson on the chair?

    Attempting to move, she groaned. Her head throbbed. She accidentally knocked the picture of her and John Ross off the night stand, sending it crashing to the floor.

    A couple of seconds later, JR appeared in the doorway. Pushing it slowly open so he could fit the frame, he softly said,

    "How you feelin'?"

    "Awful...what happened?", Sue Ellen asked, genuinely bewildered.

    JR came right inside the room, leaning against it as it closed.

    "You don't remember anything?" he said, standing at first, then moving to sit beside her on the bed. His tie was loosened, his jacket missing.

    Sue Ellen shook her head, then closed her eyes tightly at the shooting pain that ran through it.

    "Darlin....?" JR said with concern, reaching for the glass of water that sat by her bed. He handed it to her and she drank it thirstily.

    "What happened to me JR?" she asked again.

    "Well..." he began. "You were in a coffee house downtown, and you fainted..."

    Sue Ellen's expression reflected what she was trying to recall, as small snippets seemed to come back to her. "I was having coffee and reading a magazine....."

    "Yes?" JR said as he gently tried to push her to remember more. "Do you remember the man who was with you?"

    "Man?" Sue Ellen said, looking at him, confused.

    "What were you doing with him?"

    As tired as she was, Sue Ellen could feel her defences going up. "Why is that your business JR?"

    JR stood up, "It's my business because when you fainted, I ran straight into him carrying you to his car!" he exclaimed angrily, pouting as he raised his eyebrows at her.

    Sue Ellen tucked her long legs under her as she raised herself up to a sitting position. "I am NOT having an affair if that's what you mean!" Sue Ellen stated firmly.

    "Then what were you doing with him? Where was he taking you?"

    "After all your dirty little affairs, I'd love to tell you about mine! Only this isn't one of them!" Sue Ellen persisted.

    "Alright alright..." JR said. He took a moment to put the fallen picture back on the nightstand before sitting back down on the bed beside her, and asked,

    "How do you know him?"

    Sue Ellen sighed, relieved JR's mood had softened. "He says he knows us...knows you...from the Oil Barons..."

    After a brief pause, JR said, "Sue Ellen you have got to be more careful. Just because some guy rolls up and says he knows me doesn't mean you should be sitting down and havin' coffee with him Darlin'..."

    "I didn't 'sit down and have coffee with him'....I remember now...he came in while I was having coffee..."

    "And did anything strange happen?"

    Sue Ellen struggled to think. "No....well...at least I don't think so...He came in, he said hello and then he left..."

    "And then?"

    "I just got on with what I was doing...I drank my coffee and...."

    JR waited, trying to be patient with her.

    "...I started to feel strange...dizzy.....and after that I don't remember anything..."

    JR stood again, this time right in front of her.

    "Is your head sore?"


    "I think he drugged you."

    "What?" Sue Ellen said in disbelief. "But why?"

    Not wanting to make the situation worse, JR said, "Because of who you are...because you're married to me."

    "I don't understand any of this!" Sue Ellen said.

    "Look...I'll know more when Harry gets back to me....He was taken into custody when I found you.."

    "JR...what if he....what if he raped me?" Sue Ellen said softly, her voice slightly faltering.

    JR felt sick at the thought of it, but said, "He didn't. I promise. He didn't have time to do anything....."

    "Are you sure?"

    "He walked straight outta that coffee house, and straight into me."

    Sue Ellen looked down, touched by the protectiveness in her husband's voice.

    Looking up at him, she said, "What happened to my clothes?"


    She smiled slightly.

    "Well c'mon Darlin' ", JR said as he struggled for words. "It's not like there's anythin' I haven't seen before.."

    A couple of moments passed between them as they looked at one another. Eventually he said, "Please try to be more careful, ok? If I hadn't of been there today, God knows what would've happened.."

    Sue Ellen shivered. Both at the thought of JR rescuing her and that 'man' taking her in such a way.

    "I'll leave you to rest..."

    As he went to leave Sue Ellen said, "JR?"

    JR turned back from the door, as she said, "Thank you...thanks for being there..."

    JR pouted again and nodded. "I'm your husband..." he said, and went back in the direction of his room.


  9. zephiey

    zephiey Well-Known Member

    Yes he is and I think Sue Ellen should thank him in her own unique wifely way.
  10. GoldSovereign

    GoldSovereign Well-Known Member

    Really top-rate writing and idea. So glad you're continuing it.
    • Like Like x 1
  11. Scarlett

    Scarlett Well-Known Member

    Sarah you are a rockstar for giving us that nice little bonus scene to close off the story - if only CBS had done it your way. lol
  12. Rosie

    Rosie Well-Known Member

    Wow! Brilliant writing, Sarah! I'm honored, humbled and touched that you would dedicate such exquisite writing to me! I am proud to know you and to call you "my friend"!


    Your Rosie x (l)
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  13. Sarah

    Sarah Moderator Staff Member

    Well ya know, I love you to pieces too - but like my back is broke carrying this forum ;) Would anyone else care to lighten my load (by writing something!!!) lol
  14. i love jr ewing

    i love jr ewing Well-Known Member

    That was great Sarah.
  15. MrsSuperman93

    MrsSuperman93 Well-Known Member

    I had planned to but I have no inspiration at the moment :p

    I think you should carry this on to be your own story, tbh! :)
  16. Joanna~H

    Joanna~H New Member

    I agree with the above post, you should carry on and make it your own :)
  17. Sarah

    Sarah Moderator Staff Member

    Hi Guys this is just a little idea that has been in my head for a while. Just wanted to roll with it.

    My Shadow

    "This is the stupidest idea I've ever heard!" JR Ewing exclaimed. "No! No, I won't allow it!"

    "You won't allow it?" came the firm reply from the female standing just opposite him in the hotel suite.

    "You expect me to stand by and watch this??"

    "You haven't been given any choice!!" Sue Ellen exclaimed in a frustrated retort.

    "The hell I haven't!" JR bit back.

    "Come on you two!" Bobby said, intervening. "This isn't helping anyone at all!"

    "Bobby if you think I'm gonna go and let Sue Ellen try to rescue John Ross by herself against a mad man you've got another thing coming!"

    "You 'forbid' me to go and we may not get John Ross back at all!" Sue Ellen spat in defiance.

    JR took a few long strides towards her, the closeness momentarily blocking out anyone else in the room. Pam shifted uncomfortably on the sofa and Ray moved towards the large windows, looking out, trying to clear his mind.

    "And what happens if he's too strong for you Sue Ellen?" JR said, his voice now in a hushed, almost sinister whisper. "What if he outsmarts you?"

    "Are you suggesting I'm stupid?" Sue Ellen angrily exclaimed, not really caring who heard her.

    "I'm not saying anything of the sort and you damn well know it! He's a man, Sue Ellen! A dangerous man, who will be armed! God dammit!!" JR said, his arms lifting up and then down again in frustration at her. "Think of the logic!"

    Her voice now in a whisper, she said, "You think of the logic, we don't have a choice. It's this...or nothing."

    JR made a noise of loud frustration and shouted at her, making her jump, "You do this and I might lose you both!"

    "And you go and the same thing might happen to me!" she shouted back, still not comprehending that the odds of her survival compared to JR's - a man who had been taught by the US army how to survive and had been taught by his father how to use a gun - were slim.

    "Oh my GOD Sue Ellen!" JR said, his anger reaching it's pinnacle.

    "JR she doesn't have a choice!" Pam suddenly exclaimed, standing up. The tension was obviously getting to her too as she said, "I'd do the same thing for Christopher!"

    Sue Ellen sighed, as Ray and Bobby pulled JR back to try to talk to him. They took him out of the women's earshot as Pam did her best to calm Sue Ellen down.

    Sue Ellen's emotions were all over the place. What the hell did she know? An ex beauty queen, with a skill for fashion, she was the first to admit that she was terrifed. At least admit it to herself. All she knew was that she had to follow a course that Calhoun would have laid out for her in a map, to be collected at reception, with no one else around.

    JR turned away from Bobby and Ray saying, "I'm only going to let her go if we can find her a bullet proof vest."

    Sue Ellen's near tears turned to almost laughter as she said, "Where the hell are you going to find that?"

    A silence fell over the room as JR started to give in to the inevitable.

    "I need to..." Sue Ellen said as she walked towards the bedroom of the suite she and John Ross had been staying in.

    The Ewings braced themselves for the atmosphere they were used to with the couple. JR would no doubt pour himself a drink and leave Sue Ellen alone, as they had witnessed him doing so many times. Instead, Pam spoke up.

    "Whatever problems you two have had, you need to pull together at this moment...for John Ross' sake. Nothing, and I mean nothing else matters."

    She seemed quite abrupt, but JR in an uncharacteristic move said, "She's right, Bobby" and asked his brothers for another chat, as Pam left the suite. She needed to cool off before she said something she would regret. She made her excuses and went to check on her own son who was sleeping in the bedroom next door, under the strict supervision of a bodyguard.

    "So that's what has to happen", JR said firmly towards the end of the discussion with Bobby and Ray. "We see one move being made to either one of them, and we fire. No questions asked."

    "Now hold on JR..." Ray said. "I don't think it's a good idea you come with us..."

    "What the hell Ray?" JR started.

    "I'm with Ray on this one", Bobby said. "You're much too close to the situation not to react at the first sign of something going wrong.."

    "Oh well wonderful, Bob", JR said. "You mean to tell me that I could not only lose my wife and my son, but I have to sit here wondering what the hell is going on while you're all out there? No. No way".

    "I'm not giving you a choice" Bobby said.

    "Neither am I", said Ray. "Plus all it takes is for Calhoun to see you and it's over. He'll kill her".

    "And John Ross" Bobby said, the impact of his two brothers words chilling JR to the core.

    JR was silent. He put his head in his hands in defeat, knowing full well that Bobby and Ray were right, but too proud to admit it.

    Too proud too to admit that it was his actions that had put his family in this mess in the first place.


    Later that evening and without knocking, JR opened the door to the bedroom Sue Ellen was staying in.

    Although wide awake, she didn't turn to acknowledge him and stayed staring out the window, resting on a chair with her legs tucked up under her chin, like she was comforting herself.

    He moved to in front of her and sat on the edge of the bed. She still didn't look at him.

    After a moment or two of silence, he said, "I'm sorry, Sue Ellen.."

    His words hit her like a ton of bricks. She didn't know what to think. She wanted him to be so sorry, to grovel even, but more than that she wanted him to hold her in his arms and tell her everything would be ok. Now was not the time to argue. She didn't have the energy for that and she knew more than anyone else in the world, that no matter how low JR was capable of going, that he'd never endanger his son.

    When she still didn't look at him, he urged, "Please, Sue Ellen....I didn't mean for any of this to happen...!"

    "I'm not angry with you JR.." said, almost monotone, almost so silently he could barely hear her. "I'm just so frightened..." she said, bearing her true thoughts to him for the first time in a long time. As strong and as together as Sue Ellen had been over the past few months, JR knew she was fragile but he couldn't fault her at this moment. Who the hell wouldn't be, given the circumstances?

    Instinctively wanting to comfort her, really comfort her, JR kneeled at her feet, forcing her to look at him. When she did, all he could see was how beautiful she was despite the fear. This was Sue Ellen stripped bare. No glamour, no make up, no guards against him. Just Sue Ellen, fragile, beautiful, complex, fascinating Sue Ellen. Large tears sat on the edge of her eyelids, just waiting to fall. JR knew that he was the one man, the one person in the world who had always made her feel safe. But now even he felt like he couldn't protect her.

    "I'm sorry I doubted you..." he said, kissing one of her hands. "I know you can do this....and I need you to know I'd go in your place in a heartbeat.."

    One tear fell from her eyes quickly followed by another one. "I know..." she whispered, attempting a half hearted smile.

    "In a heartbeat.." he repeated, this time burying his face in her lap. She didn't think twice about it, but softly stroked the top of his head, her fingers moving through the silvery grey strands that made up his hair.

    After a few moments, in which Sue Ellen could've sworn JR was crying too, she lightly tapped his shoulder and said,

    "Look at me..." when he didn't move, confirming her suspicions, she said again, "Look at me JR.."

    He raised his head and from the redness of his normal steel blue eyes, she could tell he was as distraught as she was.

    She grasped his hands in her own and said, "I need you to know, that whatever problems we've had in our lives....that I have loved you..."

    JR stood up, his demeanour and mood suddenly changing. She felt her heart skip several beats. Had she said the wrong thing? Was this not the right time? Didn't he..?

    "Don't you do that Sue Ellen!" JR said, almost lapsing into a panic. He saw her eyes widen in shock as he said, "Don't you talk to me like you're never coming back!"

    Sue Ellen felt her heart starting to melt and the tears forming in her eyes again as she observed him. He was just like John Ross when he was frightened. Like a frightened little boy as she was sure her son was at this moment and now her husband, a grown man of over 6 feet in height, was experiencing the same muddled and confusing emotions.

    She stood up and went to him, her presence silencing him and immediately converting his attention back to her, back to the situation.

    "I know that you love me", JR said, almost sobbing. "You love me more than I deserve......"

    Sue Ellen didn't argue with him but laughed quickly and silently to herself. She wasn't really expecting anything, but JR closed the gap between them and said,

    "And I have loved you...."

    "I know that.." she said.

    "Be careful...." he whispered, as he stood within an inch of her. "Please be careful..."

    "Don't worry about me", Sue Ellen said, "John Ross is the important one...and I'm gonna bring him back, I swear it..."

    "You both come back..." JR said, almost pleading. "I am nowhere near ready to let you go...."

    With that, JR cusped Sue Ellen's face in his hands and, bringing his lips to hers, softly kissed her. Both their hearts were breaking, but despite her tears, Sue Ellen held the kiss for as long as she could. For all she knew, it was the last time she'd ever feel JR's lips on hers.


    The next morning at 0530, Sue Ellen made her way to the hotel reception lobby. Here she was given a strict list of instructions to follow which she wasn't to deviate from for any reason. Nor was she to bring any company.

    As she collected the envelope, she heard a voice over her shoulder saying, "Toon Town....that's a kids amusement park...got a lot of old trains and stuff..."

    "What are you doing here?" she said in surprise as she turned around to see Bobby and Ray standing behind her.

    "We're coming with you?"

    "Oh no you're not" Sue Ellen said firmly. "I want my son back alive and Calhoun has said, no tricks, nothing...now I'm not leaving here until you two get back on the elevator. Now go!"

    After a couple of minutes hesitation Bobby kissed Sue Ellen on the cheek while Ray tipped his hat. Both men told her to be careful and left.

    She felt truly alone, but her love for John Ross moved her forward.


    Upon reaching the site, Sue Ellen followed the instructions to the last tee. Dressed in brown combats with hiking boots and a matching brown denim jacket, she only had a white vest underneath as any sort of shield from a bullet. Her heart racing, she got out of the hired car that the Ewings had borrowed and walked towards what she had been told was the first point of contact. The dusty ground, coupled with the California heat and the Santa Ana winds lightly blowing made for a strange and eerie atmosphere.

    Determined to be strong, she came to the first train and looked around for the next clue. A piece of paper with a note that said, 'Keep coming, Sue Ellen!' and a cartoon smile tried to make light of the situation, but Sue Ellen didn't find it amusing in any sense and screwed the paper up, throwing it on the ground. She walked a few more paces into what seemed like a maze of trains, climbing equipment and basic abandoned ground.

    Just as she was starting to wonder what would happen next, a shot rang out and made her jump. A yelp escaped her mouth as she began to run. The bullet had landed only inches from her left foot. Running was automatic, even though she was unsure if it was the correct instinct.

    She managed to take cover inside one of the abandoned trains, and braced her back against the wall, looking over both shoulders in turn to see out of the small windows. Where was he? She couldn't see anything at all!

    She heard a noise and then realised it was her own heartbeat pounding in her ears. She swallowed deeply, then moved through the carriage when she thought it safe. Wrong! Another gunshot ricocheted off the side of the carriage, through the open window. She ducked and moved along until she was sure there was nowhere for a bullet to penetrate.

    The maze and the intermittent spread of bullets seemed to go on forever, until Sue Ellen finally reached what looked to be the end of the park. One huge train, with it's engine apparently turned on, omitted mist, which struck her as strange considering the park was empty for her and Calhoun.

    As she neared what she was guessing to be the next part of her task, the engine stopped, the last puffs of mist rising up and soaking into the atmosphere. Silence fell, but for footsteps that she could hear approaching against hard wood. The muffled cries of a young child rang out.

    Sue Ellen gasped as she looked to see her son tied up against the inside of the opposite train. John Ross had spotted her and now was frantically trying to warn his mother that danger was approaching. His cries, despite his mouth being covered, became louder, his eyes signalling to her where she should look.

    She spun round. Calhoun was behind her, leering down on her from his watchpoint, a good 20 feet above her head.

    "Well well well, Mrs Ewing...fancy seeing you here", came his sarcastic welcome.

    "Mr Duncan" came Sue Ellen's response.

    He laughed. "Say we're havin' fun arent' we? How'd you like to play the next part of our little game?"

    "Just let my son go", Sue Ellen said as calmly as she could muster.

    She started to feel hope that the ordeal would soon be over, when Calhoun said, "Not quite yet Mrs Ewing. First off, don't ya wish JR was here?"

    'More than you'll ever know...' Sue Ellen thought to herself as he went on in a voice so loud it frightened her,

    "He's gonna miss the best part of the game!!"

    "And what is that?" Sue Ellen shouted back at him.

    "This part!"

    With one move faster than lightning, Calhoun shot Sue Ellen with one bullet and she fell to the ground.

    John Ross became erratic, kicking and making as much noise as he possibly could.

    Sue Ellen was hurt, badly, but as she looked up at Calhoun, the dust gathering around her from where she'd fallen, she managed to plead,

    "OK, if you're going to do this, go ahead, but please...please let my son go first. I'm his mother! Please don't let him see me die! PLEASE!" she cried.

    Calhoun laughed out loud and said, "Kill you? Oh Mrs Ewing, I'm not gonna kill you...."

    Sue Ellen felt temporary relief as he went on, "What I'm gonna do is, kill him...and let YOU watch him die!"

    "NOOOOOOOOOO!" Sue Ellen screamed.

    Calhoun began walking to a part of the train where he could in his mind take up the best aim and said, "I read the Bible, Mrs Ewing...remember how the sins of the father shall be visited upon their son? Well it's your lucky day. The sins of the father, SHALL be visited upon the son and YOU get to watch!" Calhoun said gleefully and took his aim.

    Sue Ellen screamed in terror, unable to move with the pain inflicted upon her, but trying her hardest to stop this, even if it meant getting in the way of Calhoun's bullets herself.

    Just as she reached out to try to stand up, another ray of gunfire sounded and suddenly, unexpectedly, Calhoun fell to the ground from where he stood with a massive thud. Dust enclosed him and blood soon enveloped his body.

    Sue Ellen was shocked when Ray appeared at her side as Bobby went to rescue John Ross.

    "Are you ok Sue Ellen?" Ray asked with concern as he tended to her. Sue Ellen thought Ray was the most beautiful thing she'd seen in a long time as she said, "I'm ok....get John Ross...please Ray..."

    "MOMMA!" John Ross exclaimed as he ran to her side, burying his face in her neck.

    "It's over John Ross...it's over.....Thank you both so much.....where did you come from??" Sue Ellen said in surprise.

    The two men looked at each other as Bobby pulled out his cell phone to call an ambulance. Sue Ellen embraced John Ross as best she could but she was starting to bleed heavily.

    "And please hurry..." Bobby said into the cell. "This is an emergency.."


    "JR....JR.....J..........", Bobby said out of earshot of the ambulance and police crew who had arrived at the scene.

    "John Ross will you calm down!" Bobby eventually exclaimed. Getting his eldest brother's attention, Bobby said, "She is going to be okay...it's in her side...We weren't fast enough to stop him doing that....we didn't expect him to do that.....she's in the ambulance now......John Ross is fine...he hasn't left her side.....no, no he isn't hurt...."

    Sue Ellen was loaded on a stretcher into the ambulance and John Ross declared he was going too. The young boy sweetly held her hand, not letting go. The paramedics determined that Sue Ellen's wound was superficial, just in her side and that it wouldn't do any permanent damage.

    "Is he ok?" Ray asked, as Bobby approached after a stressful phonecall to JR.

    "I think I calmed him down, he's on his way though to the hospital. Probably be there before the ambulance..."

    Ray smiled, but his smile faded as he saw the police cover up the dead body of BD Calhoun. He looked away from the policeman's intense gaze.

    The brothers followed behind as the ambulance squealed towards St John's hospital, a short distance away.


    Just as predicted, as soon as Bobby and Ray entered the emergency room, they were met by their eldest brother.

    "Where are they?" came JR's plea.

    "DADDY!" John Ross shouted as he ran towards him. JR thought he'd never seen anything so wonderful as John Ross running towards him. He opened his arms as the young boy jumped into them and immediately started to give him a run down on what had happened.

    "Slow down, son..." JR said softly laughing. "Is your momma ok?"

    "Momma was shot Daddy.." John Ross said.

    For once in his life, JR Ewing felt immense guilt. Sue Ellen, his wife, his delicate, beautiful wife had been shot, on account of him, and he had no idea how bad.

    "Where is she Bob?" JR asked.

    "They have taken her to the emergency room for surgery", Bobby said.

    Not wanting to release John Ross, but knowing it for the best, JR sat him back down and went to his brothers, saying softly, "I can't thank you both enough for today..."

    Bobby and Ray reserved the temptation to lecture JR, thinking it could wait until later. Instead they both assured him they were glad it had all turned out in their favour, and agreed to take John Ross back to the hotel for a much needed sleep. Despite the boy's protests to the contrary, JR could tell he was exhausted.

    After what seemed like hours of waiting, the doctor attending to Sue Ellen came out and called,

    "Mr Ewing?"

    "Yes?" JR said, springing to his feet.

    "Mrs Ewing is out of surgery. She's going to be fine...but her wound will take some time to heal. She needs a lot of bed rest. The wound was superficial, no internal damage.."

    JR had stopped listening at 'going to be fine...' but he found himself staring at the doctor blankly, saying 'thank you' over and over. He asked for permission to see Sue Ellen and the doctor said he could, but only for a short while.

    As soon as he saw her, the relief started again to give way to guilt. When was he ever going to learn? Seeing her lying in the hospital bed, so pale, he made a vow to himself that this was it. That the words he had whispered to her upon her leaving had to be put into real practice now. He thanked God, and Jock if he was even listening to him after this, for keeping his family safe and chastised himself for being so damn stupid and putting everything at risk.

    He sat beside her as she slept, and took her hand, kissing it and holding his face against her skin. He brushed some dust off of her diamond ring.

    His head down, he breathed a deep sigh of relief that she was safe. Getting John Ross back was joyous enough, getting them both back was his final signal that they were to be a family. That this was his final chance and that he dare not mess it up one more time.

    Lost in his thoughts, he was broken from his thoughts by a voice saying quietly,

    "So you knew all along you were sending Bobby and Ray? You didn't trust me at all...."

    The words weren't said in anger but in mock jest. Words from someone who understood him, understood how he was and how he thought and loved him anyway.

    Raising his head with a smile, he entered into her banter with her by saying, "Not about trust...about playing the enemy and protecting what I love..."

    Without opening her eyes, Sue Ellen said softly, "Well Bobby and Ray sure were my heroes today..."

    Her words stinging him as only she ever could, JR whispered, "Darlin, I couldn't come...if he'd seen me it would have been a risk that was just too much to take...."

    She of course knew and understood that too but said, "Nothing to do with Bobby and Ray telling you what to do?"

    "What the hell? I don't take orders from my younger brother let alone a half breed!" JR joked, holding her hand against his cheek once more.

    Sue Ellen started to laugh but winced in pain. JR stroked the top of her head saying, "I'd have taken that bullet for you, you know..."

    Sue Ellen opened her eyes and looked into his for the first time since late the last night.

    "I do know..." she said, as he kissed her hand once more, his lips touching the side of her face as he whispered into her ear,

    "I love you..."

    "My shadow..." she said. "I love you too..."


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