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The disappointing end of J.R. vs. Bobby battle for Ewing Oil

Discussion in 'Dallas original TV Series official forum' started by Visitor, May 26, 2005.

  1. Visitor

    Visitor New Member

    Just a few moments ago I finished watching the episode "Check and mate". I find the end of the Ewing oil war to be too much cartoon like. For twenty episodes we were watching Bobby desperately hoping for money to start pouring in from the Canada deal, and on the final day of battle the Canadian brings him a check for 26 million?! That's ridiculous!
    BTW, since I'm watching in German, and it's my second foreign language, I didn't really understand everything what the Canadian said in the last scene. If I understood correctly, he said that they sold their share of those Canadian oil fields. So, Ewing Oil no longer owns those fields? But if that's the case, then the Canadian guy lied when he said that was arranged from the very beginning - it wasn't, as far as I can remember. Could anyone help me clear this?
  2. JR-Fan #1

    JR-Fan #1 Well-Known Member

    That ending was crap!

    I watched that episode, too. This morning! That was so odd! JR, DA MAN according to buisiness deal loses with a $ 26 MIO difference to little brother Bobby! What? AND BEGGING LITTLE BABY BROTHER BOBBY TO LEAVE HIM HIS 50% SHARE OF THE COMPANY! That was such a humilation to the character of JR! If he loses with 3/4 mio, ok, but not with that 26! I understand, that it is important for following storylines, to let Bobby win the contest,because JR acctually intended to breake the agreement and take all the company for himself! It was important for setting the stage for the brother working together again, BUT I STILL DON T LIKE IT AND THE WAY THEY DID THAT! JR losing with a 26 MIO difference IS A JOKE!

    early this season, when things weren t looking that good for BOB winning the contest, the Canadian came to his office and asked Bob to sell his shares, if JR would win the contest. The Canadians deperately DID NOT want to work with JR!!!!!
    And maybe, when they heared that JR (in my mind, still the MAN according to deals!) and Bob in the future are working together as executives of Ewing OIL in the future , they decided to sell their shares of the Canadian Deal, because UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES they wanted to get involved with rough Buisiness man JR Ewing! I think Bob still has his shares of the deal and of course uses them now for the whole company.......

    I definitely did not like the end of the battle for Ewing Oil, not because I don t like little Bobby winning, but just because it seemed totally odd and unbelievable to me!!!!!!!!
  3. Visitor

    Visitor New Member

    I still don't understand. The Canadian brought Bobby a check for 26 million dollars. Those 26 million are the payment for what? If the Canadians sold their own shares, what does it have to do with Bobby?
    Bobby had to sell something to get that money, so what did he sell? Oil? But they just came to oil in the last few days, so it can't be it! His shares? What?
  4. Colbyco

    Colbyco Well-Known Member

    I was even surprised seeing that on TV today...
    I read that Bobby will win and I knew that JR will break the agreement, but I didn´t know how Bobby will win...
  5. Visitor

    Visitor New Member

    Colbyco, do you understand how Bobby got that money?
    Was wurde ihm damit bezahlt???????
    PLEASE, someone answer me this!!!!!!
  6. JR-Fan #1

    JR-Fan #1 Well-Known Member

    I don t understand it either............

    Yeah, you re right! The fields were only providing oil for a very short time, since the drilling really had started. So Bob can t have gotten that 26 MIO from selling the oil! He had to sell Ewing Oils shares of the Canadian Deal to get 26 Mio bucks! But Bobby always stick to that field, and always said: "Oh, these oil fields are gonna make me rich, rich, rich! They are so good for Ewing Oil!" Why should he sell his shares !NOW! that he gets all the profit out of it after all that hard work drilling it???? Only to win this damn contest and to let JR don t have his shares of the profit of that deal????
    When Bobby once got a phone call from Thornton, after he and JR signed their truce over the Battle for Ewing Oil, he seemed disappointed, because the field still didn’t t gave any profit! JR asked: "Something wrong in Canada?" and BOB said: "Yeah, the field s still frozen, but now that we re working together in the future it doesn’t t matter anymore, WHEN we find the oil, it s enough, when we find it in a couple of months!"
    After saying that, and after all the sweat and hard work why should he sell now, and leave the whole profit and money to the new owners????? ONLY TO WIN AGAINST JR? Thats stupid, he always said to JR: "You only see your fast profits and not the future of the company, you re destroying Ewing Oil bla, bla,bla,bla........"
    As the Ewing Oil experts recently said, the company needs new oil fields, why should he sell that Canadian Money Maker by now????? Bobby himself could have secured the company’s future by not selling it!


    (Maybe the American Fans can help!?)
  7. Visitor

    Visitor New Member

    JR-Fan, I assume that German is your mother language, so you definitely understood what was said today better then I did. Do you remember, exactly, what the Canadian guy said?
    Somehow I get the feeling that the American fans aren't too interested in this topic...
  8. JR-Fan #1

    JR-Fan #1 Well-Known Member

    Wir haben Glück, ich habe die Folge heute aufgezeichnet, da ich arbeiten musste. Dadurch bin ich in der Lage den tatsächlichen Wortlaut der dt. Übersetzung wiederzugeben. Ich schreib es genauso, wie es in der dt. Version gesagt wurde:

    Thornton McLeash:

    „Als Bobby investierte, waren wir sicher, dass die Felder Ertrag bringen und zwar ziemlich viel. Was wir nicht wussten, war der genaue Zeitpunkt, aber der war für Bobby entscheidend, wegen dieses Wettstreits mit seinem Bruder.
    Anfangs sah es gar nicht gut für uns aus, doch Bobby hat nicht nur durchgehalten, sondern auch aktiv dazu beigetragen eine andere Firma, Barnes-Wentworth, zu überzeugen, uns ihr neu-entwickeltes Bohrgerät zu überlassen.

    J. R.: „Ich nehme an, sie wollen auf etwas hinaus.......“


    „Oh, Entschuldigung J. R., ich werde es kurz machen. Ich wollte Bobby nur seinen Check geben, über 26 Mio. Dollar.
    Es ist sein Gewinnanteil an den kanadischen Feldern. Dieser Bohrer funktioniert, es wird gefördert und wir konnten unsere Anteile verkaufen, das war die ursprüngliche Abmachung.“

    Das war Alles, was er in dieser Szene gesagt hat, aber so richtig verstehe ich das Ganze immer noch nicht. Es sieht so aus, als ob die McLeash-Brüder UND Bobby, beide ihre Anteile an den Feldern verkauft haben.
    Ich denke die Felder wurden ganzheitlich verkauft, und die 26 Mio. Dollar sind Bobbys Anteil am Verkaufserlös.

    So verstehe ich das jedenfalls........
  9. Visitor

    Visitor New Member

    Danke vielmals, J.R.-Fan!
    Das einzige Wort die ich nicht verstand und du geschrieben hast ist "ganzheitlich", und dieses Wort gibt es auch nicht in meinem Woerterbuch, aber ich nehme an, dass es etwas wie "as a whole" bedeutet.
    Wenn es tatzaechlich so ist, das sie alle ihre Anteile verkauft haben, dann hat Thornton gelogen wann er sagte:"das war die ursprüngliche Abmachung." Bevor diese heutige Folge, gab es keine Rede davon.
    Na ja, wir koennen jetzt nur spekulieren, aber das hat kein Sinn mehr, meine ich. Das ist einfach "Dallas", eine Serie die zum Fergnuegung da ist, und kein ernstes Drama.
  10. JR-Fan #1

    JR-Fan #1 Well-Known Member

    Gern geschehen!

    Ja, genau, "gannzheitlich" bedeutet, dass sie ALLE Felder verkauft haben.

    Als sie Bob das geschäft angeboten haben, dachte ich auch, dass sie die Felder erschließen, um dann auch das ganze Öl selbst raufzuholen! Und nicht, dass sie die ganze Arbeit machen, und ihre Anteile dann verkaufen, wenn die ganze Sache profitabel wird! das find ich komisch, aber...............

  11. SnarkyOracle!

    SnarkyOracle! Well-Known Member

    I believe the intention was that once they struck oil, the quality if the oil could be tested "and then we can sell-out to the majors" and leave the trouble to somebody else. So once they struck, Bobby was able to sell his share in the fields to one of the (then) "seven sisters" big oil companies, and got his $26 million check, presto...

    It actually makes reasonable sense.

    What I DIDN'T like was once Bobby won the contest after Jock's letter was read, and Bobby complied with Jock's wishes (after it was evident that JR was about to do otherwise when HE thought HE was going to win), there should have been at least five or six seconds of a pause... close-ups of Bobby staring down over his shoulder at JR, as JR sweats, Bobby assessing JR's lack-of-worthiness and the catastrophes that had occured over the previous 12 months.... before agreeing to share the company 50/50 with JR.

    The scene would have had far more effect with those few additonal moments of pensive reflection than the perfunctory 'yeah-we'll-do-it' with which they handled the scene.
  12. Visitor

    Visitor New Member

    Thanks Marky, it makes sense what you say.
  13. Tatianna

    Tatianna Well-Known Member

    Great comments, Marky!!! :hello:
  14. snuggletiger

    snuggletiger New Member

    To me Bobby winning the contest was far fetched, I mean before the Canadian Deal, JR was beating Bobby's ass into the ground in the contest.
  15. OmnisValidus

    OmnisValidus Member

    Its a long time since I saw this episode but as I remember Bobby got the money because the field finally came in becuase of the Tundra Torque drill bit that they used from Barnes-Wentworth. I don't know what happened in the german translation though. Maybe they mistranslated it or deliberately changed it. But I'm fairly certain that the original English version is very clear on where the money came from...they struck oil.
  16. Obi-Wan McCartney

    Obi-Wan McCartney New Member

    I think Bobby just liked to say Tundra Tork because he said it every episode for no reason.
  17. Dynastie c'est riche

    Dynastie c'est riche Active Member

    I also think that the end of this plot was very bad. The fact that Jock wrote a letter to said that he didn't want his two sons being foes made some sense but it was very badly done.
    But the rest of the story was great so it's not too much important I think. :)
  18. Jock Ewing Senior

    Jock Ewing Senior Active Member

    One thing I didn't like about it is that Bobby never held it over J.R.'s head. I would have every time he got out of line, telling him "Look here, bro. You're only here out of the generous spirit I have towards Daddy. If I were you, I would stop talking shit right now."

    Also, The Canadians sold out to the major oil companies, which could go on drilling because the had the resourses to do it. The Canadians and Bobby just had to show that oil was there, and after theys old out, he got his share of the buyout to the majors. It was very far-fetched that he got his check 5 seconds before J.R. was going to be declared the victor, but, that's soap opera land for you.
  19. snuggletiger

    snuggletiger New Member

    I would have liked to seen how the storyline would have worked had JR won the contest. and how JR might have finally gotten some closure on being the 2nd best son. Maybe JR would have been more responsible now that he felt he had proven himself worthy in Jock's eyes.

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