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The Knots Landing soundtrack album

Discussion in 'Fantasy Knots Landing' started by Michael Fairgate, Mar 5, 2002.

  1. Michael Fairgate

    Michael Fairgate New Member

    If there were a soundtrack album made to accompany our favourite series then what songs from the show would you include on it? Here are my suggeations.

    1. The Knots Landing official theme - by the Frank Barber orchestra in 1980.

    2. Laura's Lament - the music used during the scenes which showed Laura's death which was actually first used when Sid died in 1981.

    3. Dancing In the Street - by Lisa Hartman.

    4. How Am I supposed to live without you - by Lisa Hartman.

    5. Val's theme - the one they used for Val when she was reunited with her babies in S6. Used many times after that.

    6. Dedicated to the one I love - used durinf the 60's flashback scenes with young Anne and Mack.

    7. Birds do it, Bees do it - used during the episode of the same title.

    8. The middle of the night - the song they sang in the S11 finale where all the characters couldn't sleep.

    9. God Will - by Joey Gian

    10. KL Variation - the final piece of music to accompany the final scene in 1993.
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  2. AnaliseNYC

    AnaliseNYC Guest

  3. mikeintoronto

    mikeintoronto Active Member

    Abby's theme.
  4. jennifervalene

    jennifervalene Well-Known Member

    i don't think i know Abby's theme?
  5. mikeintoronto

    mikeintoronto Active Member

    It's a little upbeat tune...


    The scene where Abby walks into Ben's office and finds out about Gary being the father of Val's twins...the computer monitor scene is just one of many examples...
  6. mikeintoronto

    mikeintoronto Active Member

    Found it!! Right at the beginning.

    This is so typically Knots; so well done. Love this scene.
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  7. MacandKarenfan

    MacandKarenfan Active Member

    I like Ginger's song also.
  8. jennifervalene

    jennifervalene Well-Known Member

    thanks!! :)
  9. JR Sumner

    JR Sumner Well-Known Member

    Don't you just love Abby's expression at 1:05 when she reads the mushy stuff in Ben's letter? :D Of course that expression changes toward the end of the letter ...

    I also love the music, and the scenery at the office suites in the evening at Lotus Point in this clip.
  10. BritishKnots

    BritishKnots New Member

    There's this lovely song which played many times during seasons 12 and 13 during the 'let's feel sorry for Anne' scenes. It was generally used when Anne was being sad, wandering the streets and other stuff like that. It was a quite emotional track, and it really did help me to feel sorry for Anne. That and Michelle Phillips' acting. There were two variations, and piano version and a more synth-y version. Both were later used in Back to the Cul-de-Sac for some Gary/Val emotion scenes.

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