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The main problem with the Walking Dead

Discussion in 'Cult, Fantasy and Sci Fi TV' started by Pam BE, Mar 18, 2012.

  1. Pam BE

    Pam BE Administrator Staff Member

    I enjoy the Walking Dead but it occurred to me that I would only need to watch the last 5-10 minutes of every show to understand whats going on. The middle parts seem to be packed out with tedious and pointless dialogue which doesn't add to character development at all. It's just lots of people walking around talking about how crap the world is and who should lead them.

    If you only watched the last five minutes of every show you would not loose anything.
  2. Ome

    Ome Moderator Staff Member

    I see your logic in what you're saying and I've noticed in a few shows that everything happens in the last 10 mins. Saying that, you would miss the how and why leading up to what may occur at the end.

    Take Dale's death for example, it could be viewed that he was careless and a Walker got to him, resulting in the shocking end of his life. But what we saw prior to that was that 'little shit' Carl playing the big 'I am' with the Walker and therefore bringing this walker back to the farm. Dale could have lived if it wasn't for that little....!

    I have enjoyed this second season, but there has been times in each episode where I have felt it isn't going anywhere, there does appear to be talk just for the sake of it.

    I thought the search for Sophia dragged on during the first half of the season, but then when it was revealed she was in the barn, it made that long and drawn out search worth it.
  3. Pam BE

    Pam BE Administrator Staff Member

    ROFL That made me laugh. God that kid is annoying, so is the mother. I'm hoping her baby turns out to be a zombie and eats her.

    I hear what you are saying but Dale was such a dull character, infact most of them are pretty dull. For a while I thought their glumness added to the show now I find it slightly irritating. I know life is crap for them but you would think at times they may get drunk, dance around a fire, whatever lol :D I would kill myself if I hung around them even if there were no zombies.
  4. Ome

    Ome Moderator Staff Member

    You're right about Dale, but then I think the same can be said for the majority of the characters, nearly all of them have annoyed or bored me at some point. I think Hershel has to be one of the more interesting characters. Right from his first appearance when he was protecting his farm to the dark revelation that he was keeping some walkers alive in the barn.

    I think Dale's death had some impact on me, but more a case that died because of Carl. One of those characters you think more of once they're dead, than you did when they were alive.

    Ha ha! I had thought about that unborn baby turning out to be a walker when it's born too.
  5. Pam BE

    Pam BE Administrator Staff Member

    Yeah well after yesterdays revelation I think that will happen. If I was writing it I would have her loose the baby in a fall when she is about 6 months pregnant, as they are all infected the dead baby would be a walker inside her. That's so horrible lol Obviously it would not have teeth. Or they could have it that they don't even know the baby died until it's born. She would feel it moving. There could be a time when she doesn't feel it and is worried but then feels it kick again and thinks everything is ok..............
  6. Christine

    Christine Moderator Staff Member

    Glad you are agreeing with me now. This is what I said from day one. These characters are all so dull, totally lifeless. The only interesting character in season 2 was Shane, he was a real person with real emotions. And they killed him off, great. :rolleyes:
  7. vaughnleland

    vaughnleland Well-Known Member

    Dale was one of the only interesting characters on the show..along with Herschel
  8. Christine

    Christine Moderator Staff Member

    Are you really talking about DALE? He was the most boring character. lol

    Maybe you are thinking of Shane?

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