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The mansion steps -- did it bother you .... ?

Discussion in 'Falcon Crest' started by Snarky's Ghost, Jul 8, 2017.


What bothered you most about the mansion stairwell?

  1. That the top part of the stairs suddenly stopped in mid-air illogically during the first 5 years

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  2. The top part of the stairs no longer even existed after the earthquake

  3. I never noticed and/or never cared and anyone who did is obviously still a virgin --- loser!!!

  1. Snarky's Ghost

    Snarky's Ghost Soap Chat TV Fanatic 15 Years on Soap Chat 10 Years on Soap Chat 5 Years on Soap Chat

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    Haunting that cozy basement under Falcon Crest
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    September 2000
    ... that during the first 5 seasons, the upper part of the stairwell just stopped -- which the camera and audience could easily see -- in midair because it was the top of the studio set piece?

    ... or that after the earthquake, even that upper part of the stairwell suddenly no longer existed at all?

    Neither of which made even the slightest bit of basic architectural sense.

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  2. Arlene Halloran

    Arlene Halloran Soap Chat Member

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    Both stair designs were a bit strange to say the least but after a while I wasn't really bothered. Most of the action happened in the study anyhow.
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  3. Jock Og

    Jock Og Soap Chat Active Member 15 Years on Soap Chat 10 Years on Soap Chat 5 Years on Soap Chat

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    18th November 2000
    Snarky I never paid much attention to the steps but I do see were you are coming from. It was rather peculiar that the second flight of steps just disappeared mid series. However if that is the way it was then I accepted the architecture.

    It is night, in the Tuscany Valley. Emma goes for a walk, through the Falcon Crest vines. It is very eerie. She hears a person saying Emma repeatedly but continues walking, (scenes from season 4, 1984-’85):

    There are footsteps and then they stop. Emma is frightened, as she looks into a thick vine.

    Emma: “Julia!”

    The closing credits start, the scene fades to black and the theme music begins.

    The next episode commences, with Emma going back into the mansion. Angela comes back in from the outside, after being on the veranda.

    Angela: “Emma tell me what exactly did you see?”

    Emma: “It was Julia. She is still alive. She was just standing there. I called to her but she just ran away. Mother we have to find her.”

    Angela: “Chao-Li will you get Emma some brandy please.”

    Chao-Li: “Yes Mrs. Channing!”

    Emma: “I don’t need any brandy. Mother didn’t you hear what I said. Julia is out there.”

    Angela: “We will look for her in the morning darling.”

    Emma: “You don’t believe me, do you?”

    Angela: “Well of course……..”

    Emma: “Mother I know what I saw. Now Julia needs us. She’s out there. She’s frightened.”

    Chao-Li: “Here you are Emma.”

    Emma: “No thank you Chao-Li! I don’t need any brandy. Mother Julia is alive we’re you believe it or not.”

    Angela: “Yes yes darling. You go on upstairs.”

    Chao-Li takes a very reluctant Emma upstairs.

    Emma: “No I’m not going upstairs. I’ve got to find Julia.” She asks Chao-Li to help her.
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  4. Gioberti84

    Gioberti84 Soap Chat Member

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    Ya right. Could be something to do with the three storeys and the basement. The basement was cool and only on TV in memory when season 6 and 7 episodes aired.

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