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The Mint - TV gone very bad

Discussion in 'TV Shows Central' started by Pam BE, Apr 16, 2006.

  1. Pam BE

    Pam BE Administrator Staff Member

    What is going on with ITV ?

    The station is starting to look like a bad cabale channel. Whats with this 3 hour awful quiz show 'The Mint'. Really sad. Bad career move for Brian Dowling, unless its his only option.

    They charge you 60p even if you dont get through and it must be raking in a fortune. I feel sorry for people without cabale (even though thats not great either).
  2. QuizMania was better than The Mint, atleast QuizMania knew it was tacky and it was supposed to be. The Mint is still tacky but it's just been given a facelift to try and look more professional. QuizMania was a small hit for ITV but their channel was facing criticism that QuizMania made it look too tacky so what do they go and do? Bring in this crock of shit!

    Both QuizMania and The Mint are overall rubbish though and I can't believe that ITV would sink so low. They must have been desperate for some extra cash though so it was probably either this or they'd sink, I know what I'd have preferred them to do, just sink!

    Get the dross that has been ITV since the mid 90s off our television screens for good.

    I can remember the glory days of ITV with the soaps being on 3 nights a week, ITV was the king of gameshows much like the BBC is the king of comedy. ITV was fabulous before the merger came in when it was all the different regions and idents and things. Oh for the good old days of ITV when I watched more of it than the BBC.

    I think that it's a real shame and I can defininitely see an end in sight for ITV, not necessarily very soon but certainly in my lifetime. If you'd asked me this back in the 90s I'd have probably said it will be broadcasting once I'm dead and gone but now I'm not so sure.

    All I can say is thankyou for the BBC otherwise all us television viewers would have is chav's paradise (parasite) ITV and all the nonsense satellite channels that broadcast nothing but repeats, repeats oh and more repeats! Imagine the state of our brains, they would be cabbaged.

    ITV - R.I.P
  3. Pam BE

    Pam BE Administrator Staff Member

    I agree with the fact we are lucky to have the BBC and personally I am glad they have shifted away from reality TV. Bleak House was amazing, and Planet Earth. So they can do good TV - just need more of it.
  4. Yep the BBC is far from perfect and they've also dished out some trash TV over the years but they do come up trumps every now and again with some excellent series that will blow ITV out of the water.

    That is why the license fee is so important but people still fail to understand that it's for the good of everybody.
  5. Sarah

    Sarah Moderator Staff Member

    I actually stayed up late one night and watched Quizmania. Oh my God. Don't they have a script? It's like that girl runs out of things to say and just stares at the camera lol
  6. QuizMania is supposed to be tacky and it knows it, The Mint is just the same format but dressed up to be a bit more respectable for ITV1, unfortunately it isn't and everybody who I have spoken to who can't get ITV2 want to see QuizMania back on ITV1, atleast it was fun and not like that crock of old shit, The Mint!

    Both are quite bad though but I admit to watching QuizMania in the small hours when there's nothing else on.
  7. Canon

    Canon Well-Known Member

    I too have to admit to watching Quizmania, I have come in from many a night out to watch that lovely blonde girl. Sadly she's gone now and all is left is some bronze guy with blonde hair shudders
  8. Debbie King? She's one of my favourite presenters, not because I find her sexy or anything but because she's genuinely one of the better presenters. Has she left for good then or has she just not presented any of the shows recently?
  9. Canon

    Canon Well-Known Member

    Oh I meant she's not on ITV1 anymore but the show is on ITV2 now right? Which I dont receive.
  10. Oh yeah the show is still going on ITV2, I still tune in when I'm bored and there's nothing else to watch. It can be quite good to watch if there's nothing else on, it's almost horribly entertaining in a bad way lol.

    The Mint is just the same cheap format but dull and boring which is a shame.
  11. Pam BE

    Pam BE Administrator Staff Member

    But its sad that we are tuneing into it. This is what I mean, a partly meant with my comments on the soaps forum. We have become like TV zombies - we sit there watching any old crap on the TV. Infact I spend more time surfing with the remote and then will watch Avagoballs or BidupTV, whatever its called. Its really sad. In the rest of Europe and in other Countries the TV is crap but at least some of these places have better weather. Here we are stuck inside. Thank god for DVD's and the BBC. My brain sometimes yearns for something decent to watch.
  12. Canon

    Canon Well-Known Member

    I suppose it could be worse, we could actually be ringing in!
  13. Pam BE

    Pam BE Administrator Staff Member


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